Jeep Grand Cherokee Ratings

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The Jeep Grand Wagoneer was advised the affluence acreage yacht of its time.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior

Jeep Grand Cherokee Configurations

While affluence SUVs may assume all-over on today’s roads, aback in the 1960s, Jeep took a accident back it alien the Wagoneer. The aggregation already had the band-aid CJ-5 and CJ-6 noncombatant Jeeps and it was attractive for a leg up on the beyond full-size offerings from Chevrolet and Dodge. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee New Concept

Built in 1962 as a 1963 model, the Wagoneer was meant to be a fancy-pants hauler that featured commuter car abundance and administration with the added account of four-wheel drive, although rear-wheel drive was accessible for the aboriginal few years. Regardless, the Wagoneer apparent the aboriginal time a four-wheel-drive agent was outfitted with absolute advanced abeyance and an automated transmission. However, solid axles and a chiral chiral were on the menu.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior

This aboriginal Wagoneer was accessible in two- or four-door models, powered by a 3.8-liter Tornado inline-six agent blame out 140 application and 210 pound-feet of torque. Ability went to the pavement through a three-speed automated or chiral transmission. A 5.4-liter Vigilante V8 came online in 1965 with 250 hp and 340 lb-ft.

The 1966 Cool Wagoneer had a altered grille and endless of autogenous niceties.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine

Jeep Grand Cherokee New Review

Two years afterwards the Wagoneer’s debut, Jeep went a footfall added introducing the Cool Wagoneer, or Cool Custom as it was sometimes called. Produced for the 1966 archetypal year, It included air conditioning, ability brakes and steering, an adjustable council wheel, ability tailgate, brave windows, pushbutton radio and added niceties. Beneath the awning was that aforementioned Vigilante V8, now with 270 hp and 340 lb-ft.

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Customers paid a appealing penny for the Cool Wagoneer. It amount $5,943, or about bifold the amount of the accepted Wagoneer. Considering the average assets in 1965 was $6,900, the Cool Wagoneer was cool expensive. It was put to bed in 1969.

American Motors Corporation took over Jeep in 1970 and kept the Wagoneer advanced through the decade. By 1972 it had alien a 4.2-liter straight-six agent as able-bodied as 360-cubic-inch and 401-cubic-inch V8s akin to a three- or four-speed chiral or a three-speed automated transmission. However, the aggregation added chiefly pioneered the Quadra-Trac four-wheel-drive arrangement in 1973. This full-time four-wheel-drive arrangement meant drivers no best had to get out and lock the hubs in adjustment to ability the advanced wheels. The Wagoneer did it all on its own. 

Woodgrain, baby!

Jeep Grand Cherokee Exterior and Interior

Jeep Grand Cherokee Pricing

1975 apparent the aboriginal time we see the copse atom exoteric applique that eventually became alike with the model, and it connected on to the Wagoneer Limited, alien in 1978. Meant to be a almsman to the Cool Wagoneer, the Limited was uber-fancy with covering upholstery, cruise control, disc brakes, as able-bodied as ability seats, council and windows. Heck, it alike had a accepted AM/FM/CB radio. Drivers could get a 5.9-liter V8 or go big with a 6.6-liter V8.

A administration change went into aftereffect in 1979 with the Wagoneer accident its annular headlights in favor of aboveboard lamps. The barbecue protruded out a bit from the center, giving the Wagoneer a beefy attending and was referred to as the “pig adenoids grille” until its annihilation in 1985.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Pictures

Jeep Grand Cherokee Speed Test

The Wagoneer remained adequately banausic until 1984, back things got a little weird. That’s back the small, unibody XJ Cherokee was introduced. Jeep confused the Wagoneer name to the abate XJ platform, area it became added of a trim band than a abstracted model. The Wagoneer followed the whims of the Cherokee until it was discontinued in 1991.

This larboard allowance for a new, beyond Grand Wagoneer in 1984, with such accepted niceties as air conditioning, a leather-wrapped angle council wheel, ability windows and aperture locks and a ability rear bear window. The Grand Wagoneer came accepted with a 4.2-liter I6 agent with 110 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque, admitting buyers could opt for a 5.9-liter V8 which added 30 added hp and 70 lb-ft of twist. Both engines were akin to a three-speed automated chiral accepting the ability bottomward to all four wheels. In 1987 the I6 was alone and the V8 was the alone powerplant on tap until the archetypal was discontinued in 1991. 

The Grand Wagoneer retained its administration throughout its life, admitting a few little changes were fabricated throughout the years. In 1986 the SUV got a awning ornament, a active grille and headlights as able-bodied as a revised dashboard and autogenous switchgear. There were incremental changes from 1987 to 1989, including a bigger stereo system, new aperture panels, keyless access and an alternative sunroof. 

By 1991 sales had accustomed up the apparition and the Grand Wagoneer was nixed. In 1993 the name appeared briefly as a absolutely loaded adaptation of the new Grand Cherokee, but it was gone by 1994.

Jeep Grand Cherokee New Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee Wallpaper

Now, added than two decades afterwards the Grand Wagoneer larboard Jeep’s lineup, the aggregation is accessible to breathe new activity into this iconic name. Jeep has apparent off a abstraction that previews the assembly archetypal of the Grand Wagoneer. The abstraction appearance absolute abeyance all the way around, Quadra-Lift air suspension, three rows of seats and your best of three four-wheel drive systems, all of which will accomplish it to the assembly model. We apperceive the abstraction appearance a constituent amalgam powertrain, but no chat has been said about what ability accomplish it beneath the awning of the assembly Grand Wagoneer. 

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Jeep has said that the Grand Wagoneer will alpha at about $60,000, activity all the way up to $100,000 for a absolutely loaded model. Expect to see it ancient abutting year. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Redesign

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Speed Test

Jeep Grand Cherokee New Concept

Jeep Grand Cherokee Pricing

Jeep Grand Cherokee Price and Review

Jeep Grand Cherokee Ratings

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Jeep Grand Cherokee History

Jeep Grand Cherokee Pricing

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