Smiling Chef In A Snap: The Book Club

This weekend some friends and I started our very own book club. Read all about it here.


Smiling Chef In A Snap: Sunday 21 September, 2015

Did you ever get that feeling of being on top of the world? Here’s a throwback to a special pilgramage to World Youth Day in Rio De Janiero.

Smiling Chef In A Snap: Tuesday 21 September, 2015

Here’s a flashback to Monday afternoon when I was getting ready for an exciting evening of cooking, styling and photography with Chef Tobias Fiegel. We road-tested recipes for an upcoming project at Macquarie University. Check out our colourful selection of fresh fruit and veg in the photo above. A very big thank you to Edition Coffee Roasters for letting us use their kitchen space. Keep reading to see what we cooked.