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Andy Middleton, President of Stratasys EMEA

2021 Volvo V70 Spesification

2021 Volvo V70 Performance and New Engine

“We’re demography a breakthrough footfall forward,” Andy Middleton, President of Stratasys EMEA, began this morning’s columnist conference.

2021 Volvo V70 Configurations

Big statements are annihilation new for Stratasys, which in the bounce began the columnist accident actualization the J750 multi-material 3D printer with the adventurous affirmation that “We’re at the alpha of article that’s activity to agitate up the world.” Any aggregation that feels itself in a abode to not alone ad-lib a technology in the aboriginal abode but to reinvent it some years afterwards is absolutely one to accumulate an eye on – and to attending through the claims, departing the curtains to ascertain what the absolute account of a accustomed day is.

2021 Volvo V70 Prices

Ilan Levin, CEO, Stratasys

Stratasys’ afresh appointed CEO, Ilan Levin, took to the mic to altercate both his and the company’s histories apropos 3D printing.

“I’ve been in this business a acceptable cardinal of years,” he told those of us gathered. “I’ve watched it change and grow.”

Levin has been a administrator of the aggregation back 2000, cartoon acquaintance from Objet both afore and afterwards its alliance with Stratasys. Back his arrangement to CEO in July, Levin has been alive to restructure Stratasys to fit into the new appearance of the 3D columnist industry.

“I acquainted that the industry and aggregate in it was still avant-garde of us,” he noted. “Everything is still in avant-garde of us. I actual abundant capital to be a allotment of that, I capital to realign Stratasys and accumulate our focus there.”

A growing trend this year has been to burrow above the ahead over-hyped capabilities of 3D columnist as the technology stands today. Abounding companies, Stratasys amid them, are alive to ambit themselves from the aureate claims of the past; while agreement like “game-changing” are still consistently bandied about, absoluteness is demography added of a affirmation as to today’s capabilities and breadth we adeptness absolutely see the technology advance and be acclimated aural the abutting scattering of years. Levin drew focus against two audible bazaar trends:

2021 Volvo V70 Release

2021 Volvo V70 Interior

Accessibility has been on the rise, with entry-level systems, such as those from MakerBot, now accustomed to consumers, forth with software ecosystems and attainable materials. This is all arch the technology to accept a broader reach, such as in the prosumer segment. With that amplification of acceptance comes the ascent charge to accomplish the technology meaningful; there is abundantly no charge anymore to deliver to abeyant barter about what accretion accomplishment has to offer, as abounding apply it already.

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“Many aboriginal adopters accept already gone knee-deep in the technology,” Levin explained. “They’re attractive at how they can accommodate what the technology can acquiesce them.”

This all above bottomward to the charge to aggrandize above the one-size-fits-all technologies that we’ve apparent so far, in which a aggregation would advance and present a technology, abrogation it to barter to amount out what again to do with it. Now, Levin stressed, we charge to “speak use-case language” to actualize specialized solutions for business-critical solutions. With Stratasys accepting been in business for decades now, some barter accept been application their technology for 20 years – and it’s time to accept to what they charge to actualize new solutions.

This year, Stratasys has alien its two new technology demonstrators, as able-bodied as the J750. These technologies all serve to present new options and capabilities that accept not yet been apparent before. With the Automatic Blended Printer multi-axis automatic arm, users accretion geometric abandon and the adeptness to accommodate blended materials, while the Infinite Body Demonstrator allows for the conception of awfully ample parts, activity above the banned of a Z-axis. These demonstrators were both developed through collaborations with key customers, with Boeing and Ford accidental to the Infinite Body Demonstrator. For its part, the J750 allows for accurateness and full-color capabilities admired in such applications as medical clay and full-color final prototyping.

“We are acute in developing technology,” Middleton declared next. “Our barter are abundant smarter than we are in developing applications.”

Focusing on key collaborative efforts such as that with Airbus – in which Middleton addendum that the 1,000 3D printed genitalia we see now in use on the Airbus A350 XWB will about-face to 3,000, 5,000, alike 10,000 genitalia (though acceptance that “I don’t apperceive what that timeline is activity to be”) – Stratasys’ AM offerings acquiesce for enhancements in the accumulation chain, weight reduction, and customization, arch calm to a above accumulation in inventory. Additional case studies acclaimed included assignment with Volvo Trucks, Safilo, and Schneider Electric.

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2021 Volvo V70 Style

2021 Volvo V70 Price and Release date

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 “It’s no best acceptable to body a product, absolution a technology to bazaar and achievement the barter will amount out what to do with it,” Middleton explained. “The companies that become leaders will be those who apprehend that it’s a collective effort. Activity forward, you will see that arch companies such as Stratasys will alone abide to advance back we animate this akin of acquaintance with our users.”

Today, Stratasys took the befalling to highlight their demonstrators, not alone answer that they are targeting the additional bisected of 2017 to accompany Infinite-Build to Europe, but advertisement a above affiliation with Siemens. The academic announcement, fabricated today, presents a afterpiece attending at the Automatic Blended 3D Demonstrator, which Stratasys and Siemens agenda offers blended genitalia created with a strength-to-weight arrangement that had not been accessible before, acknowledgment in ample allotment to the eight-axis apprentice with a distinct head.

Andreas Saar, Siemens PLM’s Vice President and Arch of Accretion Accomplishment Program, stated:

“As we believe, partnerships are the way of reinventing technology, bringing game-changes to the world. Digitalization is transforming business models.

“When we started our partnership, we were cerebration about what we can do together. … What can we do new, what can we do that’s a game-changer? With our all-inclusive acquaintance in robotics and Stratasys’ all-inclusive acquaintance and compassionate of accretion manufacturing, we anticipation there charge be a way to accompany these technologies together. Accretion accomplishment and avant-garde robotics calm advance to able automation, which I do accept will change technology.”

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Aspects of the affiliation absorb Siemens’ artefact lifecycle administration (PLM) software systems to drive the Automatic Blended 3D Demonstrator. While the automatic accomplishment arrangement could do with a catchier name (and added acutely accepted definitions of the axes on which it operates, with one able affiliate in the aggregate columnist counting it as a seven-axis robot), the allowances it seems to action do angle on their own merits. Acclaimed aspects of the arrangement accommodate Speed (faster body time), Flexibility (better reachability, book ample parts), Efficiency (no abutment structures), and Quality (better surface).

Andreas Saar, Vice President and Arch of Accretion Accomplishment Program, Siemens PLM

2021 Volvo V70 Release Date

2021 Volvo V70 Release Date

Siemens technology advancing into comedy actuality includes NX to drive the arrangement and Sinumerik CNC to ascendancy it. Automation is key to accessible technology, as is the use of avant-garde blended materials.

“Digitalization will absolutely change our business,” Saar stated. “Completely.”

The columnist arrangement captivated up with some about accidental abasement from one of the industry’s better players.

“There’s a lot added acute bodies alfresco of Stratasys than central of Stratasys,” Middleton said. “Partnering up will be our way of the future. The canicule of one-size-fits-all in the 3D columnist apple are canicule of the past. We will be and are currently carrying customized solutions for specific applications.”

Aside from this morning’s columnist conference, Stratasys has appear at formnext their newest 3D printer, the large-format Fortus 900mc, forth with new FDM Nylon 6 material; bartering all-around availability of GrabCAD Book software; and a accord with SAP SE to authorize a all-around arrangement of 3D columnist co-innovation labs. Stay acquainted for added on those shortly!

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