2020 VW Golf R USA New Review

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The eight-generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTi is by far the best so far, with 245 horsepower. It … [ ] will be the alone Golf in Volkswagen’s US ambit aback it arrives backward abutting year. Photo: Volkswagen Press.

2020 VW Golf R USA Pricing

2020 VW Golf R USA Picture

Test Drive: The automotive apple waits with baited animation for alone a baby scattering of new models, and the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTi is appropriate at the top of the list.

2020 VW Golf R USA New Model And Performance

Not too big, not too small, not too fast, not too blatant and not too expensive, the Volkswagen Golf GTi Mark 8 follows the aforementioned tried-and-tested blueprint as the Mk7, alone it works bigger this time around.

2020 VW Golf R USA Redesign And Concept

Instead of some of the baking hot, mid-priced hatches advancing from Renault, Hyundai and Ford, Volkswagen’s GTi holds the band at hot-chocolate warmth, active to 60mph in 6.3 abnormal and blame out 245hp (180kW) from its 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo motor.

While it’s already on auction in Europe, the Golf GTi won’t access actuality in the US until backward abutting year, about about the aforementioned $29,515 amount tag of the accepted Golf GTi Mk7. And that will accomplish it a bargain.

It will additionally accomplish it the alone adumbrative from the world’s biggest-selling commuter car brand to accomplish it stateside, at atomic until the even-faster, all-wheel drive, 330hp Golf R arrives in 2022.

The Golf GTi assets already from the Mk8 Golf upgrades, afresh assets afresh through some all-embracing engineering, decidedly at the GTi’s advanced end.

A new aluminum sub-frame beneath the agent reduces weight but stiffens the anatomy so abundant that it flits into aeroembolism with a akin of beatitude and attention its antecedent couldn’t match.

And it doesn’t aloof absorb its abundance and affluence during beneath agog driving, but it expands it. There is a 10.25-inch agenda apparatus cluster, a analogously sized multi-media touchscreen, tartan-trimmed sports seats and 380 liters of baggage accommodation abaft the three-person rear seat.

It loses none of the Golf’s versatility in the advancement to GTi status, but assets some upmarket touches (like red LED strips beyond the top of the headlights, 10 LED fog lights congenital in to the basal bisected of the grille and some GTi badges broadcast actuality and there).

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Two 10.15-inch screens beleaguer the Volkswagen Golf GTi driver, admitting it’s not yet absitively if the … [ ] US will booty the six-speed stick about-face photographed here. Most will be awash with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Photo: Volkswagen Press

How, and how fast

There’s an advancement – the fourth – to the Volkswagen EA888 four-cylinder gasoline motor.

It makes the emissions cleaner, via its chapped filter, new catalytic advocate and, in particular, the advancement from 200 bar of ammunition bang burden to 350 bar.

While the US will use the new catalytic advocate and ammunition bang system, it won’t get the chapped filter, so the agent agenda should be a little added agog than its European siblings.

A new turbo, too, helps to bear the aiguille of 273 lb/ft (370Nm) of torque from 1600 to 4300rpm, while the 245hp (180kW) ability aiguille is there from 5000 to 6500 revs.

The engine’s achievement drives the advanced auto through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, admitting Europeans can additionally ask for a adorable six-speed stick shift.

The fourth change of the Volkswagen EA888 four-cylinder gasoline turbo motor delivers 245 … [ ] application for the Golf GTi. Photo: Volkswagen Press

2020 VW Golf R USA Model

2020 VW Golf R USA Research New

It’s a strong, airy powertrain that partly makes up for its abridgement in articulate animation with an added alertness to rev and in the intuitiveness of its burke response.

But the absolute agreeableness actuality is the anatomy and the way it helps the Golf GTi about corners and delivers alarming levels of aplomb to its drivers.

Volkswagen has eradicated the Mk7 GTi’s “double bite” turn-in behaviour, alike admitting the amount anatomy is about the aforementioned MQB platform.

The ride is 15mm lower than the accepted Golf, but the new subframe and a new Vehicle Dynamics Manager (VDM) to accumulate all of the administration functions (from the drift ascendancy to the adaptive dampers) authoritative the bigger difference.

The VDM is so aciculate that it makes 200 shock cushion adjustments per second, so the administration accurateness is aberrant in this chic of car.

There acclimated to be a simple three-step active approach arrangement of Eco, Abundance and Sport settings. They are kept for simplicity’s sake, but Volkswagen additionally adds a 15-step sliding calibration for the Individual archetypal that now gives custom ascendancy of accomplish from Eco to Abundance to Sport and above. It can now dive three accomplish softer than the old Abundance approach and three accomplish firmer than Sport.

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The chubby DSG accessory batten is belted by a brace of cupholders and the anterior charging base for … [ ] smartphones. Photo: Volkswagen press

Inside Story

Touchscreens aren’t for anybody and the back-up advantage is articulation control, which works analytic able-bodied in the Volkswagen Golf GTi.

There is a ambit of altered apparatus array views, which you can toggle through via the council wheel, and the multimedia awning controls the blow of the car’s functions.

There’s a short, chubby little manual lever, paddle shifters abaft the council wheel, aluminium pedal covers and sports seats with chip headrests that feel both close and supportive.

The autogenous accommodates both a brace of cupholders and an anterior charging pad for smartphones, and full-sized alcohol bottles can be calmly slotted into the aperture pockets if alike added hydration is needed.

New anatomy engineering for the advanced end makes the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTi bigger than anytime at … [ ] handling, while accident annihilation about town. Photo: Volkswagen Press

More speed, beneath haste

The dispatch the Volkswagen Golf GTi generates – aback the disciplinarian finds those added cursory moments of clear, ambagious alley – is so calm and aqueous that it’s accessible to balloon the volume-selling car it’s based on.

The ambush of the Golf GTi has consistently been that it rides well, handles well, goes bigger and retains the Golf’s versatility, and the Mark 8 doesn’t devious from that mantra.

It can cull added than 1.1g of cornering acceleration, rides bigger than anytime (even on the alternative 235/25 R19 tyres) acknowledgment to the faster damper acclimation and stops brilliantly.

2020 VW Golf R USA Release Date and Concept

2020 VW Golf R USA Speed Test

It’s slower than some of its rivals, but bigger in circadian life, decidedly in the bullwork of burghal commutes.

The agent is so able in the mid ambit that it can cull itself out of any bend or any bearings calmly and calmly, and that’s the GTi’s big trick.

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That calmness of character, the ability that it will aloof get things done and accept some fun accomplishing it, gives the disciplinarian astronomic aplomb in the accouterment beneath them.

It flows through ambagious roads, with that manual whipping seamlessly up and bottomward the apparatus and it carries antic amounts of dispatch into corners as well.

It’s not as burning as the Hyundai i30N or the Ford Focus ST, but it hardly affairs because its way aloof seems more… real.

There’s no ashen effort, no mouth-frothing agent scream, no council wheel-tugging torque beacon and no trace of any arrangement angry annihilation else. Every arrangement feels like it’s on the aforementioned page.

The seats are superb, abounding of abutment in cornering and abutment for cruising, and the council wheel, as ever, feels absolute in your hands.

Some of the touchscreen functions are conceivably too fiddly, demography your eyes off the alley for too long, but alone a best acclimatization will actuate if this is a botheration or not.

New badging for the GTi, aforementioned advantageous baggage breadth for the hot hatch. Photo: Volkswagen Press

Warm character, Warm hatch

Nope, the Volkswagen Golf GTi is not the fastest hot bear in the business.

It’s not alike the fastest hot bear at Volkswagen, with the Golf R on its way bottomward the Mk8 aqueduct as well.

It refuses to be abject into a go-fast war with its rivals and instead holds the warm-hatch band steadfastly.

The aesthetics of the Golf GTi was never to be the fastest. It was consistently aloof to be faster, after application any Golf versatility, and it charcoal that way today. 

It is alluringly accessible every day.

It rides well, it looks upmarket compared to a banal Golf, but not flashy.

It makes the addled activity interesting, and the absorbing anchorage entertaining.

2020 VW Golf R USA First Drive

2020 VW Golf R USA Spy Shoot

It’s a antic footfall advanced over the Mk 7 Golf GTi.

And it’s still a alert adult.

Tartan analysis sports seats apprehend aback to the aboriginal Mk1 Volkswagen Golf GTi. Photo: Volkswagen press

Volkswagen Golf GTi

Body:            five-door hatchback

Seats:   five

Drive:            front-wheel drive

Engine:         2.0-liter, turbocharged gasoline four

Power:          245hp (180kW) @ 5000-6500rpm

Torque:        273lb/ft (370Nm) @ 1600-4300rpm

Transmission: seven-speed dual-clutch / six-speed manual

Mass:           3220lb

0-62mph:     6.3 seconds

Top speed: 155mph (250km/h), limited

Mileage:      To be confirmed

Price:            Approximately $29,515

On sale:       Late 2021

2020 VW Golf R USA Pictures

2020 VW Golf R USA Review and Release date

2020 VW Golf R USA Release Date

2020 VW Golf R USA Research New

2020 VW Golf R USA Review and Release date

2020 VW Golf R USA Price

2020 VW Golf R USA Price

2020 VW Golf R USA New Concept


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