2020 VW Bulli Configurations

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VW’s electric amateur is advancing for Elon’s cafeteria money eventually than you think.

2020 VW Bulli Redesign and Concept

2020 VW Bulli Engine

If there’s a agent able of breeding added smiles and affable after-effects by its actual attendance than a best Volkswagen Bus, I’m not abiding what it is. It helps that the 21-window 1967 VW Type 2 Microbus Custom Deluxe I’m aerodynamics is two-tone creamsicle orange, an acutely brilliant attending that artlessly can’t be ignored. But there’s added to it than that. From its angled bread-box appearance to its cartoonish, believing stare, the VW bus isn’t aloof whimsy on wheels; its actual angel is gilded with Bohemian iconography and complete accordance — annual power, chargeless adulation and peace. I’m not absolutely a hippie, but I’m an complete accoutrement for minimalist design, and I’ve consistently admired the accompanying bent and antic personality of VW’s Bus.

2020 VW Bulli Style

It’s absolutely this array of ageless, class-free action that has motivated the German automaker to serially revisit the abstraction of alms a new Bus. The aggregation has periodically dangled new abstraction cartage like the 2001 Microbus, 2011 Bulli and 2016 Budd-E to the athirst masses, abandoned for consecutive assembly rumors to bulk to nothing. But that’s assuredly changed. In the deathwatch of the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen has acutely accepted it will aftermath an all-electric Bus based on the show-stopping ID Buzz abstraction agent from 2017, congenital aloft the company’s new Modular Electric Drive Matrix platform. Not abandoned that, VW has partnered with an aftermarket electric-car-conversion firm, eClassics, to aftermath a alternation of reengineered archetypal VW vans that run on batteries.

2020 VW Bulli First Drive

In added words, it’s as acceptable a time as any to revisit Wolfsburg’s best Kombi van to see what it adeptness be able to acquaint us about Volkswagen’s battery-powered future. 

Even admitting I’ve apprenticed affluence of old VWs, this is my aboriginal time active a archetypal Microbus, and admitting actuality a scattering to operate, it’s an arrant joy. The thin-rimmed council caster is all-inclusive and army angular like a bartering bus, accouterment added automated advantage to account the abandoned steering. With a predictable-but-significant bulk of comedy in this 1967’s linkage, you aback accept why drivers in all those old movies consistently drag their auto aback and forth. Alike on interstates, this Transporter armament its disciplinarian to accept article amid a aberration and a shimmy at the caster aloof to accumulate things on the beeline and narrow.

Thanks to the VW’s abbreviate (albeit myriad) pillars and low-back seats, apparent afterimage is advantageous actuality in all directions. in particular, it helps that there’s no awning to get in the way of… well, anything. Having developed up in automobiles with crumple zones, bedlam dashboards, three-point seatbelts and windshield wipers that assignment after unclipping (really), it takes a bit of time to not feel caught and acclimatize to this awakening life. After all, you anon faculty that your legs accept aback become an basic allotment of the VW’s blast anatomy and the advanced end is so attenuate that bowl-shaped cutouts for the headlamp belly beetle into the footwells. 

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Vulnerabilities aside, the minimalist charms of this best VeeDub are ineffable. Frankly, you don’t apprehend how abundant you absence the cold, accurate blow and the agleam accomplishment of complete metal in car cabins until you’re presented with an old-school ride like this VW. The attractive brightwork accent the windows — abnormally the aerial sliders that angle accessible the breach windshield — allure you to fiddle. The abundantly continued gearstick capped with what appears to be a simple bakelite bulge is fun and decidedly accessible to achieve acknowledgment to affable clamp assurance (though about-face accessory — bottomward and to the larboard — occasionally goes missing, abnormally during algid starts). The roof-mounted air basin about-face on this Samba is decidedly able at speed, however, the pushbutton AM radio isn’t, so I tote forth a baby Bose Bluetooth apostle for an era-appropriate, Allman-Brothers-heavy abetment soundtrack during my drive days.

2020 VW Bulli Review and Release date

2020 VW Bulli Price and Release date

The Bus’ birr and gauges are minimalism defined. Note the split, tilt-out safari-style windshield.

Once the raucous, air-cooled agent warms through, it doesn’t booty continued afore I’m belting all 1.5 liters of the tiny rear-mounted collapsed four, attractive to abstract every one of its 53 application so as not to impede cartage aloft the bound of the VW’s goodwill. It takes a lot of backbone and runway, but the rear-wheel-drive Microbus will about administer avant-garde artery speeds, admitting it takes dead-flat alley or a favorable decline abruptness to abstain acceptable a affective artifice on Michigan’s fast-moving freeways. Others adeptness feel accessible in a agent with so little accelerative authority, but I’ve had a lot of acquaintance with underpowered, round-eyed throwbacks (my Nissan Pao Japanese acceptation abandoned came with 51 hp). As a result, the VW’s abridgement of action and its declared top acceleration of 65 mph doesn’t barrier my enthusiasm, admitting it’s acutely best to stick with country roads.

Thanks to abbreviate overhangs, attenuate panels and a space-efficient powertrain configuration, this 1967 Bus is a packaging marvel. This accurate example’s bank seats board no beneath than nine passengers. Nine. This, in a brand that’s aloof 168.5 inches continued — able-bodied over a bottom beneath than a avant-garde Honda Civic sedan. The closing additionally weighs a lot added — 2,762 pounds for a abject LX against aloof over 2,300 pounds for the VeeDub. No agnosticism with all those batteries to booty around, the assembly adaptation of the 2022 ID Buzz will be far added still, abnormally back it’s acceptable to be essentially larger.

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It’s consistently absorbing to address back a best agent drives “more modern” than you adeptness analytic apprehend — any cardinal of archetypal Mercedes-Benz models including the fabulous 300 SL Gullwing achieve this accomplishment startlingly well. I’m not action to lie and acquaint you that’s the case here. Alike with added adeptness to added calmly accumulate up with traffic, you wouldn’t appetite to circadian drive one of these based absolutely on their yestertech hydraulic boom brakes and crosswind-sensitivities alone. But that’s not what archetypal air-cooled VW buying is about, whether you’re talking Bus, Beetle, Thing or Karmann Ghia. And that’s aloof accomplished by me, because aerodynamics this one-box gem is an acquaintance whose abounding joys unfurl at their own, comfortable clip — a one-car array on demand. 

Just because you’re a single-car comedy doesn’t beggarly active is a comfortable task. Not back I briefly accumulating a Land Rover Alternation I has so abundant action and amenity resulted in so little acceleration and progress. With basal adeptness and such abundant wind attrition (even after the Samba bolt roof open), you, the driver, are consistently up to something. Aloof arising up to the acceleration of slower traffic, your anxiety are alleged to ball amid the baby pedals and absorb the gearshift far added frequently than in any avant-garde automobile. The council caster is consistently confused to amend asleep spots and gusts of wind. Mirrors charge be commonly arrested for approaching motorists. It’d be backbreaking if it weren’t so ceaselessly enjoyable.

This VW seats nine bodies in an aerial bodyshell that’s over a bottom beneath than a avant-garde Honda Civic.

2020 VW Bulli History

2020 VW Bulli Release

Nostalgia generally carries a jarringly aerial amount tag. Best first-gen 1950-1967 split-window VW Bus models are no different, and the prices go up acutely the added panes of bottle you acquisition in their greenhouses. A good, 21-window Bus can command $130,000 to $150,000 today. Admitting actuality allotment of VW’s clandestine collection, my disciplinarian isn’t perfect, but a VW official I batten with ballparked its amount similarly. That feels reasonable accustomed its ambrosial blush aggregate and the actuality that concours-condition examples can back tens of bags more. The best 23-window models accept absurd over $200,000 at auction. 

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Prices accept to accept plateaued somewhat of late, but it’s account canonizing that these actual aforementioned breadboxes acclimated to be $25K to $50K not continued ago. Sadly, monied Baby Boomers accept apprenticed prices out of sight, and Gen Xers including actor Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias are acrimonious up appropriate area they larboard off.

Fortunately, back the 2022 Volkswagen ID Buzz rolls into showrooms — hopefully with a added evocative name — VW will about absolutely ask for a lot beneath money. Details about the new bearing abide slim, but it seems acceptable that the automaker will put the model’s starting amount at $45,000 or so. Accustomed a absence of new van models — let abandoned electric ones — it seems reasonable to accept that the neo Bus will accept to carve out its own bazaar niche. However, if VW gets the tech right, I could alike see the Bus acceptable over some Tesla Model Y and Nissan Ariya intenders, as they would be priced similarly. Frankly, if Volkswagen is able to brainwash alike a tenth of the agreeableness of this 1967 Bus in its new EV, it should be an complete blockbuster.

A 1.5-liter air-cooled flat-four hides in a accommodation aloof aloft that rear bumper.

Most bodies who buy VW’s accessible electric Bus will never accept sat shotgun in a best archetype like this one, let abandoned slipped abaft its massive wheel. But in adjustment for the model’s awakening to feel authentic, I humbly abide that it’d be astute for VW designers to authority on to assertive virtues of the original. Chief amid them? Honest, bent design. Prioritize amplitude adeptness and acceptable visibility. Abstain amusing architecture touches for the account thereof — it’s accessible to architecture things that are both bent and accept a faculty of humor.

For a company betting billions on its adeptness to become a all-around EV powerhouse while accompanying arising from the caliginosity of above accumulated scandal, VW could absolutely angle to see a few added animated faces amid the world’s consumers. I can anticipate of no bigger way to accomplish that a absoluteness than to acquaint a clean, blooming new VW Bus for the future. 

2020 VW Bulli Engine

2020 VW Bulli Redesign and Concept

Make abundance creamsicle orange.

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2020 VW Bulli Engine

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2020 VW Bulli Redesign and Review

2020 VW Bulli Price and Release date

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2020 VW Bulli Style

2020 VW Bulli Style

2020 VW Bulli Redesign and Concept

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2020 VW Bulli Engine

2020 VW Bulli History

2020 VW Bulli Model


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