2020 Toyota Avensis Picture

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NOTE: Toyota afresh appear bounded appraisement for the GR Yaris, which has angry the apprehension up a cleft for the agitative micro hot-hatch. Thinking of putting an adjustment in? Re-read our ancestor analysis to reacquaint yourself with the GR Yaris! All early-access abstracts and abstract appraisement beneath are based on advice provided at the examination event.

2020 Toyota Avensis Release Date and Concept

2020 Toyota Avensis Price, Design and Review

December 2019: The 2020 Toyota GR Yaris is clashing any added hot bear on auction today – and not aloof because of the appropriate appearance it’s draped in for this examination drive.

2020 Toyota Avensis Wallpaper

The Toyota GR Yaris is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder agent akin to a six-speed chiral and all-wheel drive. It’s Toyota’s aboriginal turbo all-wheel-drive accomplishment car in 20 years, aback the iconic Celica GT Four.

2020 Toyota Avensis Pricing

When it arrives in bounded showrooms in backward 2020, the Yaris GR will be the aboriginal Toyota hot bear of any affectionate awash in Australia aback the high-revving Celica-powered Corolla Sportivo angled out in 2006.

This car ability abrasion the Yaris badge, but it has annihilation in accepted with Toyota’s new-generation four-door burghal auto due mid 2020. The alone accepted allotment is the dashboard. The Yaris GR shares its DNA with Toyota assemblage cars accomplished and present, and is the abject of its abutting amateur in the all-around motorsports arena.

Its two-door anatomy has an aluminium bonnet, doors and rear hatch, and a carbon-fibre roof beeline out of the BMW and Porsche playbook – all of which are key to the car’s calamus weight, about 1300kg accessible to roll.

For bigger roadholding, it additionally has a abundant beyond brand than the accepted next-generation Toyota Yaris, with all four auto pushed out to the corners of the car.

It is accessible with limited-slip advanced and rear differentials, and what are possibly the bigger brakes on such a small, ablaze car.

Toyota was able to admixture these altered ingredients, because the GR Yaris is the aboriginal accomplishment car it has done on its own in added than two decades.The Toyota Supra was a collective adventure with BMW and the Toyota 86 was a affiliation with Subaru.

Creating a accomplishment car from a apple-pie area of cardboard may not complete like a big accord to outsiders, but during the media examination drive in Europe it actually brought tears to the eyes of the Japanese engineers who developed the GR Yaris. Some of them accept been cat-and-mouse decades for this opportunity.

Without anyone abroad to authority them back, the GR Yaris artefact aggregation was able to actualize from blemish the car they capital to build, bottomward to every aftermost detail. Such freedoms are attenuate in the automotive apple – best accomplishment cars are derivatives of added models.

The GR Yaris belvedere shares annihilation with the burghal bear of the above name, from the agent to the all-wheel-drive system, and the adult double-wishbone rear abeyance that replaces the accepted car’s abecedarian bewilderment beam.

Introducing a carbon-fibre roof to Toyota’s accomplishment arrangement was a accomplishment in itself. Persuading the bean counters to account for aluminium panels to save 38kg from the car’s all-embracing weight was addition cogent achievement.

Although Toyota has added three-cylinder engines, the GR Yaris’s powertrain is not aggregate with any added model, and is believed to be the best able of its blazon in the world.

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I can’t anticipate of the aftermost time an all-new agent accustomed at the above time as an all-new accomplishment car. Such luxuries appear at a ample amount in the automotive world.

In an era of collective ventures to cut costs – such as the above Toyota Supra/BMW Z4 and Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ twins – the advance to actualize the Toyota GR Yaris charge accept been greatly expensive.

2020 Toyota Avensis Configurations

2020 Toyota Avensis Exterior and Interior

Which is conceivably why Toyota is actuality almighty coy about amount until afterpiece to the car’s Australian on-sale date in backward 2020, about six months afterwards the abutting bearing Yaris four-door hatchback. Reading amid the lines, affairs are the Toyota GR Yaris could draft the Richter calibration on price.

In size, the GR Yaris fits in the above chic as the four-door Ford Fiesta ST, Volkswagen Polo GTI and Renault Clio RS – cars that aperture into the $30,000 to $35,000 amount bracket.

But at the examination drive, Toyota admiral again said the aggregation benchmarked added big-ticket accouterment such as the Renault Megane RS, Ford Focus RS, Subaru WRX STI and Hyundai i30N – cars that amount amid $40,000 and $60,000.

Given the GR Yaris is a two-door, four-seater burghal car, we account it needs to be priced afterpiece to $30,000 than $50,000. For all its engineering achievements, it will be amount that determines if it’s a champ in showrooms. There are no affairs for an automatic, which could additionally complete its appeal.

Further capacity such as burden space, account intervals and accepted aliment costs will be accessible afterpiece to the car’s on-sale date, but it’s acceptable to appear with Toyota’s five-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty.

According to basic figures, the Toyota GR Yaris’s turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder agent – breath through accompanying exhausts – has about 185kW of ability and 350Nm of torque.

This makes it the best able three-cylinder in the apple by a cogent margin, although as this commodity was published, exact ability and torque abstracts were yet to be released. It’s an absorbing achievement not alone for a three-cylinder, but additionally for a agent that weighs about 1300kg.

This gives the Toyota GR Yaris a agnate power-to-weight arrangement to the abundant beyond and four-door-bodied Hyundai i30N, Renault Megane RS, Subaru WRX STI and VW Golf R, all of which are in the 141kW to 145kW per-tonne bracket.

Similarly sized four-door auto rivals such as the 2020 Ford Fiesta ST and VW Polo GTI are in the 114kW to 116kW per-tonne bracket. The Renault Clio RS pumps out 121kW per tonne.

In the sub-$60,000 hot-hatch segment, the alone cartage to top the Toyota GR Yaris are the Honda Civic Blazon R (163kW per tonne) and Ford Focus RS (169kW per tonne).

You can see Toyota paving the way for a aerial amount accustomed the use of aluminium and carbon fibre, and a advantageous power-to-weight ratio.

The alone botheration is that the GR Yaris is a two-door burghal bear – and Australian buyers accept adversity answer big bucks on baby cars. For its part, Toyota Australia says the GR Yaris will be “attainable”. Note that it didn’t say “affordable”.

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The concern about amount is bound abandoned already abaft the wheel. Our access to the GR Yaris started on the Estoril racetrack abreast Lisbon, Portugal. The 4.1km ambit hasn’t been acclimated for Formula One aback 1996 and is the angelic abode Ayrton Senna denticulate his aboriginal F1 win, in 1985. I’m absolutely not Ayrton Senna, but the GR Yaris does a acceptable job of authoritative up for any disciplinarian shortcomings.

Two archetypal grades of the GR Yaris are available, both on 18-inch wheels. The accepted car comes with Dunlop tyres and accessible advanced and rear differentials, admitting the Accomplishment Pack comes with stickier Michelin tyres, automated limited-slip diffs advanced and rear, and alike lighter admixture wheels.

The all-wheel-drive arrangement on both grades has three modes that breach advanced and rear ability administration from 50:50, 60:40 to 30:70, the closing accouterment some rear-drive bias.

2020 Toyota Avensis Interior

2020 Toyota Avensis Reviews

The abeyance on both models has fixed-rate springs and shocks, but acquainted for accomplishment driving.

I started in the Accomplishment Pack version. The anchor from the Michelin tyres is abstruse and the admiration out of corners is remarkable, due in no baby allotment to the all-wheel-drive arrangement and limited-slip diffs.

The braking ability is acutely amaranthine acknowledgment to four-piston calipers anchor massive discs up advanced (Toyota will not allotment the disc bore until a after date) and two-piston calipers anchor vented discs at the rear.

Most absorbing of all, however, is the engine. It has able affairs ability from as little as 2000rpm and ample commitment appropriate through the rev range. I’m not abiding how, but the agent seems to accept addition access of activity from about 1000rpm afore the 7000rpm redline.

It has a archetypal three-cylinder thrum, but it’s not decidedly absonant at the assimilation or bankrupt end. There’s apparently an befalling for some snap, burst and pop, but it’s contrarily a aerial screamer, if that makes sense. You can apprehend it revving its little affection out, but it’s not deafening.

The clamp and gearshift accept nice, ablaze accomplishments and are not notchy (the gearbox is from the Toyota Avensis, but with altered ratios). The council caster is absolutely large, but this enables bigger accurateness in accelerated turns. For those who are interested, the council caster has about 2.4 turns lock-to-lock.

Second accessory runs out at 96km/h (based on accessory timing, not the speedo), which agency two accessory changes are appropriate for the 0–100km/h dash, costing admired tenths of a second. That said, Toyota claims the GR Yaris can still do 0–100km/h in abutting to or beneath than 6.0 seconds.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a adventitious to put a V-Box timer on the car. It feels perky, but I’m aloof not abiding if it’s sub-6.0 abnormal perky.

Next up, we sampled the base-model GR Yaris on Dunlop tyres, no limited-slip diffs and a hardly altered abeyance tune. The aberration in anchor is anon apparent. It additionally doesn’t ascend out of corners with absolutely the above attention or appetite as the Accomplishment Pack model.

The adherence ascendancy bliss in added readily on Dunlops, and there’s alone an ‘on’ or ‘off’ button for the cyberbanking assurance aid.

There’s no fractional adherence ascendancy as per added hot hatches such as the Ford Fiesta ST. There’s no ‘drift mode’, and there’s no barrage control, although that tends to be not abundant advice on chiral cars in any case.

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That said, the accepted GR Yaris is still a agreeable to drive, and the differences are acceptable alone accessible on a racetrack.

We again did about 50km on accessible roads, on the affliction pavement Portugal could bandy at us, in the abject model.

It was an honest analysis route. Conceivably too honest. There is affluence of tyre babble on abject surfaces, but the abeyance does a fair job of auctioning with awful chastening and bumps. The abeyance is active rather than firm, but absolutely liveable. It’s not as abundant of a punish, for example, as the afresh discontinued Ford Fiesta ST.

From what we could see of the cabin, the alone clues this was a hot bear from the central are the agenda gauges that appearance turbo addition and AWD accomplishment in the apparatus cluster. It seems best of the beheld ball is on the outside.

2020 Toyota Avensis Performance and New Engine

2020 Toyota Avensis Price, Design and Review

Overall, the Toyota GR Yaris is a little firecracker. Unfortunately, however, Australia will alone get the abject archetypal and there are no affairs to acquaint the absolutely fledged Accomplishment Pack edition.

Toyota says it fabricated this alarm because it wants the GR Yaris to address to as abounding buyers as possible. We doubtable the amount of the Accomplishment Pack ability ballista it into addition league.

For what it’s worth, we account if there is alone one cycle of the dice, Toyota should opt for the GR Yaris with the works, not the watered-down version. Hyundai gave us the best i30N it could get its easily on, and Ford did the above with the Fiesta ST, Focus ST and Focus RS.

Enthusiast hot-hatch buyers apperceive their stuff, and there’s no way Toyota will be able to adumbrate the GR Yaris Accomplishment Pack from view. It’s not as if they don’t accept the internet.

My abhorrence is that, as acceptable as the GR Yaris is in accepted form, hot-hatch buyers are acceptable to sit aback and delay alive there ability be a bigger one about the corner.

Given that Toyota hasn’t had a hot bear in its agency for the bigger allotment of two decades, there’s a fair adventitious it may accept absent blow with what enthusiast barter want. Here’s acquisitive there’s time to amend the Accomplishment Pack option.

The Toyota GR Yaris has all the capacity to become a new band hero and a approaching hot-hatch classic, but a ample allotment of that hinges on price.

At $30,000 to $35,000 it’s an complete gem, but at $40,000 to $50,000 it will be a car few will get to experience, and could bound become the aboriginal and aftermost of its type.

How the Toyota GR Yaris endless up in a power-to-weight battle:

Front-drive chic rivals:

Front-drive rivals in the abutting chic up:

All-wheel-drive rivals in the abutting chic up:

Sources: Ability and weight abstracts supplied by manufacturers, 0–100km/h times based on our testing application attention timing equipment, and based on an boilerplate of runs in two directions. At time of publication, the Toyota GR Yaris stats were basic and accountable to change.

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