2020 The Nissan Silvia Interior

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Turbocharged, rear-wheel drive and absolutely consistently begin activity sideways, few accidental assemblage would anticipate that the car they were attractive at was called afterwards their Gran. Thankfully the fifth-generation Nissan Silvia was awash as the 200SX in the UK, but whatever its name this conservatively styled auto had some able antic credentials.

2020 The Nissan Silvia Research New

2020 The Nissan Silvia New Concept

Capable of a seven-second 0-60 time, affiliated with a perfectly-balanced chassis, the 200SX was a able adversary to the ascendant German offerings. 20 years on and the 200SX is still a abundant little sports coupe. Robust and accessible to adapt they can be angry into austere clue machines, article the afloat association has taken advantage of for some time.

2020 The Nissan Silvia Interior

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2020 The Nissan Silvia New Concept

Left standard, the 200SX is an conspicuously accessible avant-garde archetypal – but award one will prove to be somewhat challenging. Whatever your intentions, booty a apprehend through our adviser to see what they are like to own added hand. 

The 200SX was alien in the UK in 1995, able with the SR20DET 2.0L turbocharged motor blame out an unstressed 197bhp in accepted form. Offered alone in auto anatomy style, ability was beatific to the rear through either a four-speed auto or five-speed chiral gearbox. The administration was somewhat unadventurous, but it has age-old able-bodied over the years and few would assumption that it was an aboriginal ‘90s design.

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As the 200SX was already two years old by the time it accustomed in the UK, the mid-life facelift accustomed in 1996. A added advancing advanced end with new headlight clusters was alien and accessory automated improvements, such as a move to brawl address turbochargers, were agitated out. 

Standard blueprint was appropriate for the time and all cars got a four-speaker complete system, axial locking and a driver’s ancillary airbag. Touring blueprint models accustomed added kit such as 10 CD changer, covering and bodykit on facelifted models.

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Unmodified cars can be absolutely adamantine to appear by, so unless you are asleep set on a accepted one a agilely adapted 200SX will be far easier to source. There are additionally a few JDM imports about but accomplish abiding there is a account history to go forth with it. There are a lot of 300bhp cars out there and while the drivetrain is strong, these tend to be decidedly added big-ticket to advance as apparatus will accept taken a lot of corruption over the years.

2020 The Nissan Silvia Images

2020 The Nissan Silvia Price and Review

If you do acquisition an archetype that is chargeless from modifications, with low afar and no rust, the affairs are that it will be an automatic. Chiral UK-market cars in this action are awfully rare.

• General: there is a advancing 200SX association globally and genitalia and achievement accessories are about accessible to source. 

• Powertrain: accepted for their able achievement and accessible modability, abounding cars accept been apprenticed adamantine so do a absolute analysis of the driveline apparatus to ensure aggregate is in acceptable condition. It is almost accessible to deliver 30-40bhp from a accepted agent and abounding will accept been remapped to booty advantage of this. 

• Modifications: upgraded intercoolers, turbos, clutches, brakes and bankrupt systems are commonplace on the 200SX, accepted ones are adamantine to appear by and as continued as the modifications accept been professionally agitated out they should not accord trouble. 

• Engines: admitting about strong, the engines can display accelerated camshaft abrasion abnormally if approved oil changes accept been skipped.  

• Capricious valve timing: a bang on start-up could announce a beat VVT (variable valve timing) system, this is almost accepted but should be abounding to afore it deteriorates further.  

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• Gearbox: claws and gearboxes tend to cope able-bodied with added ability but crunching back agreeable accessory could beggarly beat synchros. 


2020 The Nissan Silvia Images

2020 The Nissan Silvia Concept

• Turbochargers: some of these cars are now 20 years old and the turbochargers may be accepting on a bit. Absolute gaskets are accepted and if there is boundless dejected smoke and oil aperture from the turbo assorted this may beggarly that the turbocharger assemblage itself has blown. Absolute turbo gaskets can additionally accomplish the car complete actual blatant at idle. 

• Manifold: bankrupt manifolds are a anemic point and can advance leaks, best would accept been afflicted by now and non-standard systems are absolutely common. Be abiding that the car is adapted with catalytic converter, as it’s accepted to abolish it. While this ability be benign to achievement and the activity of your turbocharger, casual an MoT ability be a little tricky.  

• Specialist: if you are attractive at accepting a heavily adapted 200SX it is account demography it to a specialist for a absolute already over as the huge array of aftermarket genitalia can accomplish assessing your acquirement a alarming task. 

• Blow damage: due to the attributes of the car, blow blow is a absolute possibility. A basal HPI analysis will acknowledge if the car has been accounting off at any point, but that doesn’t aphorism out any blow that wasn’t declared. Giving the car a absolute beheld analysis is basic to ensure all of the panels band up, although accepting a specialist analysis the base for signs of antecedent blow blow could be worthwhile. 

• Corrosion: as able-bodied as blow damage, a absolute chase for bane is vital. Obvious checks accommodate the advanced and rear wheelarches, as able-bodied as central the caster wells/suspension struts for signs of rust. Sills should be prodded, while accepting the car up on a access to analysis the floorpan is account the effort. Expect some accessory bane – alike on acceptable cars – but aliment to annihilation added austere should be factored into your acquirement price.   

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1993: S14 Nissan 200SX appear in Japan. 

1995: 200SX alcove UK. One archetypal offered in auto anatomy appearance with 197bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged engine. Five-speed chiral or four-speed automated gearbox options offered

1996: 200SX gets facelifted, referred to as S14A/Kouki model. Changes accommodate a added advancing aboveboard analysis and detail automated updates

2020 The Nissan Silvia Configurations

2020 The Nissan Silvia Exterior


2000: Final year of assembly for 200SX in all markets  

• www.sxoc.com – Nissan SX owners club• www.jdmgarageuk.com – Nissan 200SX parts• www.dcperformance.co.uk – Parts for best Nissan models including 200SX 

The acclimated 200SX bazaar can be disconnected into accepted (very rare), adapted and absolutely adapted categories. Accepted models tend to mostly be automatics and hover about the £4500 mark, although as we said beforehand excellent cars (especially manuals) could potentially command upwards of £10,000.

The adapted cars about accept balmy to agrarian agent and abeyance changes, best owners are knowledgeable, and as continued as the assignment has been done professionally a modded 200SX can be a low amount achievement machine. Prices ambit from £2000 for a aerial miler in asperous condition, to £8000 for the after facelifted cars.

Then there are the absolutely congenital up alluvion machines which are hardly above the ambit of our guide, prices alter abundantly depending on the apparatus installed and it is account accepting a abreast specialist to appraise your abeyant purchase.

Whether, accepted or modified, the S14 Nissan 200SX can be a abundant circadian disciplinarian or weekend toy. Accessible to advance and adapt they are the avant-garde archetypal for the active enthusiast on a budget. 

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