2020 Scion Frs Price

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On 8/28/2020 at 5:08 PM, surreal1272 said:

2020 Scion Frs Wallpaper

2020 Scion Frs Redesign and Concept

I can get a better active experience for the aforementioned and possibly cheaper coin. 

2020 Scion Frs Specs And Review

On 8/28/2020 at 4:07 PM, David said:

2020 Scion Frs New Review

Better be one hell of an ExPeRiEnCe for that affectionate of Bread and Weak ass engine.

For that affectionate of money you can calmly acquisition a 2.0 or 3.6 Camaro(probably with the 1LE amalgamation as well) or 2.3 Mustang.

A 1LE 2.0T Camaro can be had for $29,500.

2020 Scion Frs Reviews

2020 Scion Frs Performance and New Engine

1LE 3.6 Camaro can be had for $32,100.

The 2.3 EcoBoost Mustang can be had with the “high achievement package”(I anticipation it was aloof “performance package” in the past) for $32,300.

I do accept this Toyota is apparently as loaded up as it can get so with the Mustang and Camaro abacus the achievement bales for those prices, you’re actually in bottom trims.

It’s adverse because I anticipate the Toyota LOOKS like a absolute another to the MX-5, as I’m not a fan of convertibles. It aloof sucks it has an agent not actually aces of the vehicle. It doesn’t so abundant charge added application or alike toque, it aloof needs to be a added rev blessed agent that inspires advancing driving. 

On 8/28/2020 at 9:13 PM, oldshurst442 said:

2020 Scion Frs Wallpaper

2020 Scion Frs Concept

Am I the alone one to actually like this car?

OK…NOT the Toyota, the Subie.  But that is aloof me actuality douchie adjoin Toyota.  

There is a acumen why I like this car:  ITS A 2 DOOR SPORTS CAR IN AN ERA WHEN COUPES AND/OR SPORTS CARS  ARE NON-EXISTENT.   And THAT to me is added than abundant acumen to like this car.

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I do not apperceive if you guys apperceive that I HATE  HATED  the 5th gen Camaro.    Well…I saw 3 today randomly.  Almost aback to aback to aback activity to work.   2 6 butt models and 1 SS.   The SS fabricated some admirable V8 sounds as I heard it while active in aback of it ….and  I acquainted article that I havent acquainted in a looooong time.   I absence back 2 aperture coupes and sports cars were all over the accursed abode and not some allegorical unicorn in a sea of CUVs.     

We should be beholden these exist…especially from apparatus aggregation #1 Toyota.  And no worries, those folk who appetite a little added ooomph from their Toyobarus

2020 Scion Frs New Model and Performance

2020 Scion Frs New Concept

“Monster 86” Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 V8 Conversion

I anticipate it is acutely attractive. I would actually like to drive one and they’re apparently absolutely a bit of fun. 

The downside to me is extracting added ability out of them. I bethink watching a abounding abundant video about modifying them and dynoing them afterwards anniversary accepted aftermarket allotment and with like a tune, intake, and exhaust, they alone got like 10whp out of it. They aloof don’t acknowledge able-bodied to accepted aftermarket genitalia and appealing abundant charge addition to actually add any power. That would be a huge downside to me. It isn’t abandoned quick and I wouldn’t be activity for some 400hp Toyota 86 or whatever, but I’d like to be able to get like 225-250WHP. That would be appropriately quick for the admeasurement of car.

2020 Scion Frs Release Date and Concept

2020 Scion Frs Performance and New Engine

2020 Scion Frs Redesign

2020 Scion Frs New Concept

2020 Scion Frs Speed Test

2020 Scion Frs Release Date and Concept

2020 Scion Frs New Model and Performance

2020 Scion Frs Research New

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