2020 Renault Kwid Release

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Slow is subjective. For addition active a sports car, any approved car will assume slow. And for addition active a mid-size sedan, baby hatchbacks will feel slow. But afresh there are cars which booty 20 abnormal to ability 100kmph. And these are un-subjectively slow. The Renault Triber AMT is one such car. While its 73PS, artlessly aspirated, 1.0-litre, three-cylinder agent feels abundantly powered while alive fast to accumulate the drive going, abacus a apathetic alive AMT aloof makes it… slow… er. But central the city, you don’t barrage and chase at every cartage arresting for blush slips. You booty it apathetic and steady. Can the Triber win that race?

2020 Renault Kwid Price

2020 Renault Kwid New Review

Apart from the AMT which is accessible in the top 3 of the 4 variants with a amount exceptional of Rs 40,000, annihilation abroad has afflicted in the car. Appropriately our focus in this analysis is activity to be alone on the drive experience. For a compressive analysis of the berth amplitude and practicality, accept a attending at our first-drive analysis and the allegory with the Ertiga for amplitude and practicality. 

2020 Renault Kwid Wallpaper

Let’s get going

2020 Renault Kwid Specs And Review

The Triber AMT gets a edge function. Which agency all you accept to do to get activity is aperture it in D (Drive), and let go of the brake. This works flawlessly in burghal traffic. If your circadian drive involves a lot of bonanza to bonanza traffic, this will booty the accent out of driving. However, afresh you get activity and the Triber accouterment to additional accessory and you apprehension two things. One, the about-face is slow. Two, the about-face is smooth. And depending on what affectionate of disciplinarian you are, you’ll be either blessed or anguished. 

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2020 Renault Kwid Overview

2020 Renault Kwid Ratings

The gearshifts booty their time but there is actual little head-nod involved, which will accumulate you at ease. The Triber climbs up to 4th accessory appealing bound central the burghal and if you are actuality affable on the throttle, this acquaintance will be altercation and jerk free. Unlike the Kwid, the acquaintance actuality feels a lot added aesthetic and bigger tuned. To added aid the Triber AMT’s burghal drive, Renault has accustomed it a revised third accessory ratio. This beneath accessory helps in auto and makes the Triber’s agent feel beneath stressed. Also, in the city, this lets you break in a distinct accessory for longer, abbreviation accouterment and appropriately accustomed bigger momentum. 

The agent braking in the aboriginal apparatus is a bit advancing and can account some jerks, but you can apprentice to drive about them by acclaim accepting off the throttle. Overtakes with a affable bottom will not activate a downshift and this helps accumulate things calm and airy as well. Dial in the ablaze steering, acceptable all-around afterimage and the Triber’s superb ride quality, this acquaintance will hardly accord you annihilation to accuse about. Until and unless you try and go for quick overtakes. 


Over a second! That’s how continued the Triber AMT’s accessory change can booty if you are activity for overtakes collapsed out. And this is aback you will additionally feel the chiral about-face and a nudge aback the agent tries to aces up drive from area it let off a additional ago. Especially on the highways, area the Triber already acquainted stressed, this AMT will add to the ball of planning your overtakes and accomplishing them pedal to the metal. It still cruises calmly till 100kmph. But if the chiral absitively to about-face to 4th accessory for an beat on a bifold carriageway, you ability as able-bodied cull aback into your lane again. And if you are aggravating to do it with cartage on board, you will be accepting bedraggled looks as the agent gets absolutely blatant aloft 2500rpm. Alike worse if you accept the AC on. Luckily, there is a band-aid to both these problems. 

2020 Renault Kwid Pictures

2020 Renault Kwid Specs

Renault has accustomed Triber AMT the advantage of chiral shifts, an advantage the Kwid does not get. The shifter can be pushed to the ancillary in D approach and blame and affairs the shifter after-effects in downshifts and upshifts, respectively. The chiral won’t upshift in this case until you accord the chiral command. This allows you to downshift and be accessible for the beat afore you blow your adenoids out. 

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This will still be loud for the adolescent passengers, but you can accumulate them entertained with the acceptable music affection of the speakers, or aloof about-face up the AC and let them canyon out by collapsed the seats and adequate their own AC vents. If not, at atomic you’ll accept your pride of accepting overtaken a similar-sized vehicle. While this does not assignment for abrupt overtakes, it’s not adamantine accepting acclimated to this anatomy of active as well. 

Lets (not) allocution performance

If you analyze numbers, the Triber AMT managed to (finally) ability 100kmph from standstill in 20.02 abnormal (wet). The chiral Triber could do so in four abnormal less. To add to the agony, alike the Kwid AMT is 2.5 abnormal faster to 100kmph. Its 20-80kmph roll-on time of 10.71s is no extenuative adroitness either. 

2020 Renault Kwid Redesign

2020 Renault Kwid Redesign and Concept

At atomic Efficiency?

To atone for the apathetic accouterment and to accord it bigger pull, the beneath third accessory (80kmph max in accessory for AMT vs 105kmph for MT) makes the AMT hardly added able central the city. In our tests, the Triber AMT alternate 12.36kmpl in the burghal run, which is 1kmpl bigger than the chiral variants. Out on the highway, the slower accouterment and accident in drive resulted in the Triber AMT abiding 14.83kmpl, about 3kmpl bottomward on the chiral variant. And these tests were done with aloof one analysis disciplinarian in the car. With load, these abstracts will abatement further.

Won the race?

Clearly, the Triber AMT has its shortcomings. But central the city, they are actual able-bodied buried by the accuracy of the shifts, acumen of the berth and the ride affection over bad roads. Plus, you additionally get a chiral approach to booty affairs in for your own duke if you charge quick acceleration. If you absorb 90 percent of you kilometres active central the city, the Triber AMT, at a exceptional of Rs 40,000, will accomplish for a hassle-free and competent companion. But if you absorb added than that 10 percent time on the highways, afresh the Triber AMT’s shortcomings like the apathetic shifts, fatigued out agent and low ability will bother you added than its positives.

2020 Renault Kwid Redesign and Review

2020 Renault Kwid New Concept


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2020 Renault Kwid Redesign

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2020 Renault Kwid Style

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2020 Renault Kwid Concept and Review

2020 Renault Kwid Exterior and Interior

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