2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Spy Shoot

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Big names arise in big cars. The aforementioned goes for best of the acclaimed Kenyan actuality artists and their cars. These celebrities are hitting the account circadian with their adulation and aftertaste for cars, abnormally big-ticket ones. And they abiding do adulation their cars classy, fast and costly. You will accede that gone are the canicule aback actuality artists had to arise apprehensive and bankrupt as a appearance of spirituality. Whether it is a appearance of acclaim or fortune, these artistes alive like kings and queens, bistro activity with a big spoon, acknowledgment to the immense changes in the ball industry.

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Redesign and Review

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl New Model and Performance

Image: Instagram.com, @daddyowen

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Price, Design And Review

Source: Instagram

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Release Date

Most bodies will accede that the earlier bearing actuality artists adopted artlessness and they were all about bulletin burdened lyrics of the chat of God. For them, it was added than aloof angle and cast on YouTube and Instagram. Over time, these celebrities were replaced with new bearing artists such as Willy Paul, Bahati, Jabidii, Timeless Noel, Size 8 and Guardian Angel. The newbie actuality artists do not shy abroad from the glam and acclaim that their music and money comes with.

New-generation actuality artists are bottomward bangers afterwards bangers about every added day and authoritative endless of money while at it. No admiration they are causing a fizz on the Kenyan streets with some of the best big-ticket and adult cars. This account sums up the new age Actuality celebrities with big-ticket cars.

Image: Instagram.com, @ringtoneapoko

Source: Instagram

The self-proclaimed administrator of the Actuality industry, Alex Apoko, bargain accepted as Ringtone, consistently hits the account as he brags about his riches. His acclaimed hits accommodate “Pamela” and the contempo “Zoea Mawe”.

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Ringtone claims that he is the richest artisan in the 254. In an account on Betty Kyalo’s Up Abutting show, the acclaimed Actuality celeb did not shy abroad from speaking of his abounding cars. Ringtone’s cars accommodate a Toyota V8, estimated to be about Kshs. 12 actor and a Range Rover Evoque that costs almost Kshs. 4.5 actor shillings.

Image: Tuko.co.ke

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Images

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Ratings

Source: Instagram

Famous Actuality singer, Gloria Muliro, aggregate her huge adulation for fast, sleek, turbocharged cars in a contempo account with tuko.co.ke. It is no admiration she went for an Australian machine- a Toyota Celica GT-S. This candied ride is estimated to set you aback a air-conditioned 3.4 actor shillings, and with modifications, it costs added hundreds of shillings.

Image: Instagram.com, @willy.paul.msafi

Source: Instagram

Contemporary Actuality artist, Willy Paul Msafi, aka Willy Pozee is yet addition new bearing celeb who does not shy abroad from affected his machines on amusing media.

He is accepted for the acclaimed hits such as “Sitolia”, “I do” and “Shado Mado”. Willy paul’s car is an big-ticket and chic Mercedes Benz S-Class, which he appear in an account by Milele Fm host Alex Mwakideu that it amount him a whooping Kshs. 6.5 million.

Image: Instagram.com, @bahatikenya

Source: Instagram

Kevin Mbuvi, abundantly accepted as Bahati, is a archetypal rag to abundance case. The 26-year old adept Actuality “Mama” accompanist has a acceptable eye aback it comes to machines and seems to angular added appear German toys, such as his latest one.

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Redesign and Concept

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Exterior and Interior

Bahati’s car, a Mercedez Benz E-Class, is admired at about 3.5 actor shillings. Bahati joins the accumulation of young, blatant Actuality artistes with big-ticket and adult cars.

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Are you wondering, “what car does Size 8 own?” The secular-turned Actuality artiste, Size 8 is on addition alliance aback it comes to machines. She appear that her dream car is a Ferrari. Size 8 endemic a Toyota Celica till as backward as 2017, which is a Ferrari’s look-alike.

The celeb acquired a fizz aback she upgraded from the Celica to a cast new aught breadth Jaguar XF, which she afterwards appear on amusing media that she had paid for it in cash. The “Mateke” accompanist paid a air-conditioned Kshs. 7 actor for this glassy and comfortable British midsize machine. It comes with a petrol-powered V6 agent that produces abutting to 380 horsepower.

Image: Facebook.com, @guardianglobal

Source: Facebook

“Nadeka” hit-maker, Guardian Angel, hit the streets of Kenya in his Dejected Mercedes Benz C200, which he appear is his dream car. The beautiful and blatant Actuality artisan has consistently boastful his toy beyond best amusing media facets.

Guardian angel’s car is believed to be about Kshs. 5million. However, the accompanist had to let go of his dream car to abutment Kariobangi Outreach children’s home.

Image: Instagram.com, @dennomusic

Source: Instagram

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl First Drive

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Interior

Dennis, bargain accepted as Denno, is the hit-maker abaft the acclaimed “Mbona” that was a collabo amid the artisan and Daddy Owen. Afterwards audition that the dark artisan had been disturbing on matatus, Bahati and three added business bodies afraid Denno with an big-ticket gift- a dejected Nissan March. Denno’s car is a allowance from the skies, and he flaunts this candied ride on his amusing media handles.

Image: Instagram.com, @jabidii_music

Source: Instagram

2018 and 2019 Groove Award Reggae Ragga Actuality Artist, Kevin Okoth, abundantly accepted as Jabidii, is yet addition artisan bistro activity on a big spoon. The artisan afresh bought himself a Jeep to bless his success in his music career. This acclaimed Actuality artisan is bargain accepted for his hit song, “Shoot Satan”.

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Multi-award acceptable Actuality artisan abutting the Mercedes Benz club in 2019 like his counterparts, Willy Paul and Bahati. Daddy Owen is accepted for accepted jams such as “Shilingi ya Kenya” and “Vanity”.

The glassy car is blatant and comfortable and apparel Daddy Owen’s celeb status, afterwards all, big names do charge big machines, right? The agent comes with comfortable beat seats, admixture wheels, brave windows and abundant more.

Gospel accompanist and hit-maker of “Kumbekumbe” is not larboard abaft in this appearance of motorcades. The artisan has a Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, which he does not shy abroad from flaunting.

This account of top Kenyan actuality celebrities and their cars shows how adamantine assignment can change your life. Best of the celebrities on the account blow about their rags to abundance adventure and why not! They started with little but their acceptance propelled them into immense wealth. The account of Kenya actuality artists and their cars is a massive adumbration of how abundant banking adherence exists in singing actuality music.

Tuko.co.ke appear an commodity on 9 Kenyan actuality musicians with blasphemous scandals that fabricated account a few months ago. This commodity depicts how abundant the Actuality industry has afflicted and additionally gives a glimpse of the actuality that no one, alike in the Actuality industry, is perfect.

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Overview

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Exterior and Interior

Some of the hasty names on the account accommodate Kevin Mbuvi aka Bahati, Ringtone Apoko, Eko Dydda, Size 8, Hope Kid, Mr Seed and DK Kwenye Beat. Some of these artists accept apologized for their accomplishments and contempo months accept apparent a huge change in the way they backpack themselves.

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2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Ratings

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Price and Release date

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Concept and Review

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Review and Release date

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Redesign and Concept

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Price, Design and Review

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Ratings

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Price and Review

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2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Release Date and Concept

2020 Range Rover Evoque Xl Exterior and Interior


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