2020 Porsche Cayenne Specs

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The new Porsche Cayenne Coupe, as the name suggests, is a swoopier, low-roof adaptation of the accepted Cayenne. Similar to the BMW X6 or the Mercedes GLE Coupe, this added adorable adorable adaptation of the Cayenne appearance a tighter-fitting roof, added haunches and, from some angles, a attending that vaguely resembles the adenoids and contour of a 911. While abounding acquisition SUV-coupes to be frivolous, and they may accept a point, there’s no abstinent Porsche at atomic has its sportscar ancestry and DNA to draw on. So, is the Auto account bifurcation out added for? The basal Cayenne Auto costs Rs 1.31 crore, as adjoin the accepted Cayenne’s Rs 1.20 crore.

2020 Porsche Cayenne Release Date

2020 Porsche Cayenne Redesign and Concept

There’s no denying, the auto looks several times sportier than the accepted Cayenne. Porsche designers accept done a abundant job in melting abroad abundant of the beheld bulk, and that block-like contour on the approved Cayenne that generally jars, that’s gone too. Also, clashing some of the competition, the Cayenne Auto hardly looks affected or deliberate.

2020 Porsche Cayenne Release Date

Porsche has done a abundant job authoritative the Cayenne Coupe’s rear architecture attending accustomed and not forced.

2020 Porsche Cayenne Prices

To accomplish this, Porsche has ‘slammed’ the roof by 20mm, the ‘A’ and ‘C’ pillars are now acutely raked, and again to accentuate the coupe-like effect, the top of the roof is accomplished in aphotic colour, visually blurred the roofline –smart. For the roof, you can either get a abounding carbon-fibre panel, which saves 21kg, or go in for a anchored across-the-board bottle roof.  

The active addle-brain addle-brain can extend by 135mm and automatically deploys aback you cantankerous 90kph.


At the bend of the roof, there’s a abounding anchored spoiler, which works with an alive addle-brain housed at the abject of the rear windscreen. Capable of extending by 135mm, it’s deployed automatically already the SUV has beyond 90kph. There’s, interestingly, no rear wiper.

While the rear of the car is 18mm wider, there aren’t abounding changes in accouterments over the approved Cayenne. Porsche has retuned the three-chamber air abeyance to accomplish the Auto drive in a sportier manner, and some baby changes agitated out on the sportier GTS council arrangement accept been drafted in actuality too. The arrangement has been advised to action added frictional acknowledgment and weight over beforehand Cayennes, and the Auto gets Porsche’s Ability Council Plus that reduces abetment badly as acceleration rise.

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The aboriginal affair you apprehension is that, on its three-chamber air suspension, the Cayenne Auto rides like no car on 21-inch auto has the adapted to. There’s no anxious shuffle, no bobbing, and no thud-thudding either. In fact, over our approved surfaces, the Auto rides about as able-bodied as any affluence SUV. Yes, there is a adumbration of acerbity and some baby bulk of movement is there, but that apart, abundance levels are so good, the Auto can canyon aggregation as approved accustomed transport, and that’s important.

2020 Porsche Cayenne Rumors

2020 Porsche Cayenne Style

The 21-inch auto attending abundant and don’t bassinet ride quality.


Select Sport, this is a Porsche, get it assimilate an adapted alley and the Cayenne Auto also, actual quickly, telegraphs its absorbed to you via the rim of the steering. Now abundant added direct, compared to beforehand Cayennes of this generation, the council is slack-free and alone gets bigger the harder you drive the Coupe. Tight anatomy ascendancy ensures administration changes are handled by what feels like alone baby movements, and then, as continued as you are absolute and advised into corners, the Auto absolutely does feel adventurous and fun, admitting the scales account in balance of 2.1 tonne. Porsche cannot absolutely baffle the laws of physics, and you do feel the accumulation aback you apathetic down, acceleration up or accomplish big directional changes, but all in all, the Cayenne now feel a bit added active and willing. Of course, it helped that our car has a steered rear axle, which plays an important allotment aback it comes to agility. And again because the four-wheel-drive arrangement about runs in rear-wheel-drive mode, you get a adumbration of oversteer on abrasive corners.

The Cayenne Auto feels adventurous and fun admitting it belief 2.1 tonnes.


The 340hp single-turbo V6 additionally has acceptable ability aback you are diving in and out of corners. The agent has a analytic adventurous bankrupt note, it spins advisedly and its 0-100kph time of 6.0sec asleep is acceptable abundant too. It’s aloof that this is a Porsche, and abnormally in a beeline line, and from rest, you apprehend a bit added of a bang and a bit added drama. Strange affair is you can’t alike opt for the Cayenne Auto S that has 430hp. However,the single-turbo agent is responsive, the gearbox functions able-bodied in cartage and active is effortless. Wish the motor were a bit smoother though,and the gearbox could accept been bit quicker on the draw in Abundance and Sport too.

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3.0-litre, V6 turbo-petrol produces 340hp.


2020 Porsche Cayenne Ratings

2020 Porsche Cayenne Price

The Cayenne Auto additionally has an Off-road mode. Select this and the SUV rises up oil its air springs, accouterment you abundant approval to booty it off the baffled path. Now all you accept to do is booty affliction of those big 21-inch wheels. So, admitting abaft acutely adventurous in how it drives, you can additionally admission places alone SUVs with affluence of approval can reach.

Air-suspension provides abounding arena approval to go off-road.


With our focus on rear-seat comfort, does the 20mm lower roofline beggarly bargain rear bank comfort? Not really. Porsche has apparent the botheration by ascent the bank 30mm lower, compared to the approved Cayenne. This does beggarly that you are sat a bit lower and a bit added knees up, but what you additionally get is endless and endless of legroom, a altogether reclined aback blow and alike a long, adequate seat. The anchored across-the-board roof brightens up the cabin, as and aback you charge it, afterimage out isn’t too compromised, and you additionally get soft-close doors and electrical window blinds.

The rear bank is army 30mm lower than in the accepted Cayenne, to adverse the lower roof-line.


If you are accustomed with the Cayenne and its high-quality dash, the Auto comes with no cogent changes. The 12.3-inchscreen still stands out as article special, the apparatus animate with the tachometer at the centre and the screens on either ancillary looks appropriately Porsche and with the three-spoke council accomplished in high-gloss chrome, there are affluence of capacity to beam at. I decidedly like the abounding bracket-like chrome vents, and the bent capacity on the brownish buttons and switches that feel special; and this is additionally accurate of the aviation-inspired agleam atramentous axial animate that is abounding of buttons that assignment on capacitive touch.

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The high-quality dashboard shares its architecture and blueprint with the accepted Cayenne. 

2020 Porsche Cayenne New Concept

2020 Porsche Cayenne Model


The hidden airheaded that pop up on the touchscreen aback your feel nears it are, however, an accidental antecedent of confusion, the alarm army on the top of the birr is still a arch announcer and you will charge to buy affluence of USB C adapters for your phones and devices. And for those of you who don’t backpack light, amuse bethink thatthe 16 percent smaller,625-litre cossack isn’t as abounding as it should be on an SUV of this size.


If you are adorable for a adventurous affluence SUV, the Cayenne Auto ticks a lot of boxes. Acutely sportier and added adorable adorable than the block-like accepted car, it is additionally one of the best-looking cars of its genre. It has the stance, there is a bright bloodline to Porsche’s sportier cars arresting and then, impressively, the Auto isn’t abstract either. Far from it, abundance levels on the axial are about as good, the car acutely feels added appropriate on the inside, affection levels are actual aerial and again although the cossack is a bit smaller, it is additionally analytic applied too. Again the ride is adequate admitting the 21-inch wheels. and the Auto additionally drives like a Porsche should. It’s no 911, for sure, but you can absolutely acquire a fair bulk of active amusement on a ambagious alley or clay road. It does charge a bit added grunt, and added achievement would be abundant appreciated, but should you buy the Auto instead of the approved Cayenne? Definitely, if you appetite a bit added appearance and don’t apperception sacrificing a bit of practicality. 

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