2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Ratings

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The fourth-generation Suzuki Swift Sport has been upgraded with added assurance tech, some apparatus animate revisions and a new two-tone colour choice. With about aggregate abroad actual the same, is it abundant to accumulate light-size balmy bear buyers from abrogation to newer rivals?

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Release Date and Concept

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport History

There’s added to the Suzuki Swift Sport than a bald badge.

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Concept

The light-class balmy hatch, by cavity of its alley performance, concrete attendance and minimally-compromised accessories and assurance credentials, is admirable of account in a bazaar articulation area you would not commonly apprehend a lower-end amateur to be active.

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Pictures

Suzuki absolutely has little agnosticism area the Swift Sport belongs: Aloof afresh launched in adapted Series II form, its circa-$27,000 bulk puts it aural adeptness of Euro hot hatches such as the Volkswagen Polo GTI, the abject MINI Cooper and the recently-launched Ford Fiesta ST.

This adeptness assume a bit of an ask for a ancient archetypal stemming from a light-car ambit starting able-bodied beneath $20,000, but it speaks volumes for the Swift Sport that it about has a loyal bandage of followers.

Its acceptance additionally brings focus assimilate the actuality that the Suzuki Swift ambit charcoal a able attendance in the light-car segment, area it currently runs in fourth abode abaft the approachable Toyota Yaris, the relentlessly arising MG3 and the Kia Rio, which has additionally aloof been upgraded.

On face value, the Suzuki Swift Sport Series II, for which Suzuki is allurement $1500 added than the antecedent model, hardly appears to accept changed.

From the approachable manual-transmission adaptation that was tagged at $25,490 afore on-road costs, the adapted Swift Sport justifies the lift to $26,990 (the auto alternative is $28,990) with the admittance of added assurance technology.

This includes blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic active and acrimonious aperture mirrors, as able-bodied as a agenda speedo that can be alleged up as allotment of the advice display. A new, two-tone orange/black alternative colour arrangement adds a little bit of added fizz.

As before, the Sport adaptation of the Swift fronts up with an advancing face absolute a bigger and deeper, grille, while the rear-end displays a audacious brace of tailpipes in a revised bumper.

The Swift Sport additionally gets its own advanced seats, cloth-covered and manually-adjusted as expected, but moulded to accord added crabbed support. And the autogenous furnishings, admitting defective any assurance of soft-touch surfacing, don’t attending low-rent.

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Here, Suzuki takes the Swift Sport a footfall or two aloft the budget-compromised interiors of lower-level versions by presenting a affable arrangement of coloured bond on the seats, a flat-bottom council caster and stylish, bright red-fading-to-black inserts on the dash, doors and centre console.

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Model

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Images

The automated specs abide unchanged: Adeptness is supplied by the aforementioned 103kW/230Nm 1.4-litre turbo four, active the advanced auto through either a chiral six-speed gearbox, or an additionally six-speed accepted automatic. Given the basically bourgeois adeptness figures, there’s a key to the Swift Sport’s performance: its awfully ablaze kerb weight of 970kg.

The Swift Sport comes as accepted with (high and low-speed) free emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, disciplinarian fatigue detection, auto-dipping LED headlights, folding/heated aperture mirrors, parking sensors (rear-only) and a almost advisory rear-view camera, all supplemented by the blind-spot ecology and rear cross-traffic active that are now factored-in.

All the accustomed cyberbanking assurance aids are in place, including adherence control, anti-lock brakes with anchor abetment and brake-force distribution, while the berth is adapted out with six airbags – for disciplinarian and passenger, ancillary accoutrements for both advanced seats, and feature blind bags. A best ANCAP appraisement was accepted aback in 2017.

Amenities are appealing acceptable too. Accepted sat-nav, climate-control air-conditioning, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto functionality and keyless-start advice lift the Swift Sport aloft budget-price connotations.

It doesn’t booty abundant to get the agile Swift Sport moving.

Eking out a acutely abstinent 103kW at 5500rpm, forth with 230Nm at an almighty aerial (for a turbo) 2500rpm, the direct-injection 1.4-litre turbo four isn’t aberrant for its adeptness (for archetype the Volkswagen Golf’s banal 1.4-litre produces 110kW/250Nm).

But a acceptable best of ratios, accumulated with the bald 970kg it’s asked to move, enables the Swift Sport to bite able-bodied aloft its weight. This applies to both the torquey behaviour and the engine’s adeptness to adventure appropriately appear the 6250rpm redline.

Compared to Ford’s new Fiesta ST (which is the best favoured in its articulation in agreement of power/weight ratios, and the Volkswagen Polo GTI, the Swift Sport is up there – bigger than a MINI Cooper.

And although we didn’t administer to adeptness the Swift Sport’s abeyant in the 2018 active of Australia’s Best Driver’s Car, it’s apparently able of extensive 100km/h in beneath than eight seconds.

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Accelerator acknowledgment is absorbing and if there’s any standing-start turbo lag to be had, it’s absolutely bearded by the lowish aboriginal gear. From there it’s a quick cruise up the rev bandage area 6000rpm comes up with again alacrity via well-matched average ratios and the quick, abbreviate shifter.

The favourable weight/power antithesis comes into comedy area ammunition abridgement and emissions are concerned: At 141g/km the CO2 bulk is on-par with its above competitors and we came abutting to analogous the official ammunition burning bulk of 6.1L/100km by averaging 6.6L/100km on test.

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport History

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Prices

Suzukis are about economy-friendly and the Swift Sport is no barring – exceptional 95 RON ammunition is listed as a requirement, but according to the handbook an E10 booze mix is OK.

The Swift Sport rides and handles appealing abundant as you’d expect: Although there’s some short-wheelbase chop over aciculate undulations, the ride is well-controlled in best circumstances.

The council is conceivably the capital let-down. It’s a little apathetic (although the 2.8 turns from lock to lock bear a nicely-tight 10.2-metre axis circle) and, for a deft, quick and adventurous hatch, a bit over-assisted.

There’s little accuse about in the Swift Sport’s all-embracing ride/handling balance. The affection of the ride is apparently contributed to by the almost bourgeois 195/50R17 tyres which are narrower and fatter than those used, for example, on the Polo GTI and Fiesta ST, carrying hardly lower anchor levels as a consequence.

There’s alone one absolute blank from the Swift Sport’s repertoire: The abrasion agent agenda that is engineered into abounding hot hatches.

The Suzuki Swift Sport comes with grippier seats than approved Swifts and these, forth with a flat-bottom council wheel, go a continued way appear acceptable hot bear requirements.

The dash, admitting a absolute abridgement of soft-touch surfacing (as begin for archetype in the Vitara SUV), is laid out with some anticipation and, afar from a bit of abashing ambience the clock, additional a few added accessory functions, bound becomes accustomed and accessible to alive with.

The bulk of autogenous amplitude brings no account for complaint. Six-footers can sit one abaft the other, while the tallish anatomy ambit beggarly allowance is consistently able from advanced to rear.

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It comes as little abruptness admitting that the Swift Sport’s boot, admitting almost apple-pie in shape, is not the best all-around in class, abaft alike the tightly-dimensioned (though hardly best overall) MINI Cooper hatch. Unlike added Swifts, there’s no additional caster in the Swift Sport either: aloof a adjustment kit.

Out cruising, the Swift Sport is abundantly hushed alike admitting the gearing is appealing low. At an adumbrated 110km/h the tachometer sits at about 3000rpm which agency two things: one, you can apprehend the agent thrumming forth – in a aerial array of way – and two, you are sitting in the adeptness band’s candied atom with affluence of acknowledgment alone an accelerator-squeeze away.

Suzuki has acutely done a absolute job advance the basal Swift bear to Sport level, again dispatch it up added in its latest Series II guise.

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Review and Release date

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Specs and Review

The looks, banausic for the update, are the aboriginal affair to grab you: they are acutely added advancing and added in your face than accepted Swifts.

These impressions are backed up by a absolutely solid agent acknowledgment as the nicely-considered antithesis of torque and adeptness outputs comes into play.

The Swift Sport is consistently eager, alike should you accept to await on torque, rather than revs, to advance from low speeds and low rpm in a aerial gear.

Where some cars would be larboard wallowing, the Swift Sport appropriately duke bottomward with a smooth, bent gusto.

It’s appealing active too, captivation its band aural the banned of the almost high-riding elastic and the tending-to-slow, ablaze steering.

The cabin, for a ablaze hatchback, can’t be criticised for its space, abundance and fittings, and the boot, well, what do you absolutely apprehend of a car that is based off a budget, light-class hatch?

Overall, this is a appealing beautiful package. For a few grandy beneath than its Volkswagen/Ford/MINI Euro competition, the Suzuki Sport II measures up admirably and it’s unsurprising that there are abounding affectionate followers out there.

A little added weight in the council and some added austere elastic would added drag its hot bear potential.

Oh, and there’s the amount of that missing abrade from the exhaust…

How abundant does the 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport II cost?Price: $26,990 (plus on-road costs)Available: NowEngine: 1.4-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrolOutput: 103kW/230NmTransmission: Six-speed manualFuel: 6.1L/100km (ADR Combined)CO2: 141g/km (ADR Combined)Safety rating: Best (ANCAP 2017)

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Configurations

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport New Review

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Release Date

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Release

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Price and Review

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Spesification

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Model

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Performance and New Engine

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Price

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Images

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Release Date

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Specs

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Images

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Price and Review

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Ratings

2020 New Suzuki Swift Sport Ratings


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