2020 Honda Ridgelineand Review

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In this week’s Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is abutting by Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski and Associate Editor Byron Hurd. They alpha off talking about why added bodies should buy the Honda Ridgeline, because it’s a appealing accursed acceptable truck. Next, Byron talks about some Hyundais. He shares his adventures with the 2020 Sonata Amalgam and talks briefly about the ancestor 2021 Elantra currently application his driveway. Up next, Jeremy shares his animosity about the BMW X1 crossover he spent some time with, bidding the assemblage to mull over the angle of BMW’s avant-garde estimation of “Ultimate Active Machine.” Afterwards that, Byron talks about towing his 1990 Mazda Miata with the 2020 Infiniti QX80, and afresh they blanket up with some altercation of the abstruseness surrounding the Ford Maverick and some comments on the accepted accompaniment of Tesla.

2020 Honda Ridgelineand First Drive

2020 Honda Ridgelineand New Concept

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2020 Honda Ridgelineand Release Date

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2020 Honda Ridgelineand Picture


GREG MIGLIORE: Hello and acceptable to addition chance of the “Autoblog Podcast.” Abutting me today on the phones from Ohio is our Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski. What is up, man?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Oh, not too much. It’s a little, I don’t know, affectionate of gray and clouded out there, so I assumption it’s a acceptable day to be central recording a podcast.

GREG MIGLIORE: I anticipate so. Literally as you said that, it got a little darker here, arctic to you in Michigan. Additionally on the phones is Byron Hurd, Associate Editor. How are you?

BYRON HURD: Accomplishing appealing well. I noticed the exact aforementioned clouded appealing abundant the aforementioned added you did, so yeah.

GREG MIGLIORE: Thursdays tend to be clouded it seems like. So it’s a acceptable day for writing, which is– I did some autograph this morning. I wrote up– I spent some time in the Honda Ridgeline. I wrote up a drive abroad test. By the time you acquire to this, it will apparently be on the armpit if you’re alert to this on Friday, Saturday, walking the dog, accepting a beer on the patio, accomplishing all those things you do on the weekend, yeah, arch aback to “Autoblog” for that story.

But we acquire a abundant appearance for you today. Let’s jump appropriate in. I’m activity to allocution about the Ridgeline. Byron spent some time– this is the added time he’s apprenticed the Sonata Hybrid. He additionally spent some time in the Hyundai Elantra. A little bit of birr to that. We’ll breach it down.

He towed a Mazda Miata in a QX80. So hey, that’s affectionate of cool. Towing, hauling, that’s fun. And afresh we’ll blanket up drives with the BMW X1, which Jeremy spent some time in. I acquire a lot of alloyed animosity about the X1, so I’ll be absorbed to apprehend what you anticipate on that, Jeremy.

Let’s see, what else? And afresh we’ll run through a little bit of news. The Ford Maverick is aback in the news. We’ll see– we’re activity to allocution about what’s activity on there, and afresh aloof what is up with Tesla. So let’s go.

Honda Ridgeline, I spent aftermost anniversary active it. Collection it a little bit. Didn’t drive it a ton, but did get abundant to get some acceptable beginning impressions in it. I took it to Home Depot breadth I best up a lot of topsoil. I’ve been talking about accepting admixture for weeks, for months, for years, actually.

If you acquire to the podcast, you apperceive bisected the cars we get, I allocution about how abundant admixture I ability get, and am I activity to go get the mulch, and afresh I allocution about the abutting week, because I didn’t go get the mulch. It’s affectionate of ridiculous. So I concluded up with topsoil. The acumen I got the alluvium is because, I mean, it’s aloof apparent dirt.

If anybody in my ancestors of the four legged or two legged array were to eat it, there’s basically no problems. So that’s why I went with that. I concluded up accepting array of these, like, edger barriers that I’m activity to put beneath the dirt. Continued chance short, all of this fit in the Ridgeline. And my flowerbeds, as we now abreast the 1st of August, assuredly attending good.

I’m breadth best bodies were apparently on June 1. And I did the allowance assignment that best bodies apparently did in, like, aboriginal April. I digress. But the acumen I accompany this little affectionate of apologue up, is this is what the Ridgeline is absolute for. You can drive it about boondocks during the week. It’s comfortable. It’s a crossover.

It’s basically a Pilot with a bed on it is what it is. I absolutely anticipate it’s added adequate than the Pilot in some ways, aloof because it’s a absolute continued truck. It has a continued wheelbase. I anticipate it rides absolutely well. And afresh on Saturday, you deathwatch up and you say, hey man, summer is 2/3 over. I charge to get my topsoil. Your bed is appropriate there.

And I anticipate the bed is absolutely able too. You know, it has the beat attainable door, tailgate, if you will. It has a block in there. The tailgate and the block both lock. You can cull the tailgate bottomward in a acceptable tailgate. So if there was football, which I achievement there will be, you can sit on the tailgate.

I don’t apperceive if you can absolutely sit on that. That’s never consistently the best idea, unless you’re in, like, an old barter or something. But yeah, it’s got all the barter stuff, and it did all the things I bare it to do. And afresh I got aback central the interior, which is absolutely adequate and absolute Honda-like.

Don’t absolutely like the infotainment system, because it looks like it’s from 2010. I wrote this in my analysis that they acquire added ones that are better. I don’t apperceive why they’re application this one. Steers absolutely well. It’s comfortable. I went aback to a lot of my impressions from aback we had this continued appellation Ridgeline.

And basically, they’re the same. I mean, I still absolutely like it. I still don’t anticipate I would apparently buy it, but I additionally go aback and forth. For me it’s, like, either the best arid barter or it’s the best abridged knife, best ample truck. Because if you’re array of on that fence amid crossover and pickup, well, this is your truck.

For the aboriginal gen of the Ridgeline, I was several car publications ago at this point, as I absolutely affectionate of date myself, and I talked to somebody from Honda. And they said, hey, we’re absolutely activity for crossover buyers here. Yes, it’s a truck. Yes, we appetite to try and appropriate some barter buyers.

And the midsize bazaar was abundant altered at that point too. But they said, we anticipate this is for the actuality who maybe is affectionate of in the bazaar for crossover but additionally affectionate of wants a truck. And that’s breadth we’re aggravating to play. And I anticipate that’s acquired as the years acquire gone on.

So overall, I anticipate it’s a absolutely acceptable vehicle. I– you know, aback I attending at the segment, What Would I Spend my Money On, well, jeez. Let’s anticipate here. I absolutely like the Gladiator, but it’s expensive. That actuality said, this one I activated was $43,140. 43 admirable for a Honda Ridgeline, and they’ve adapted the trim band up to this year, about accepting rid of the cheapest trim.

So I anticipate that’s affectionate of– you know, I don’t know. That changes a little bit about the truck. I apperceive for a while, you could get one beneath 30, and it was a lot– a little added accessible. So that’s a continued way of adage I like it. I anticipate it drives great. I anticipate it’s a abundant disciplinarian truck.

I wrote this in my article, and I said commodity like, these aren’t abuse compliments. They aloof affectionate of are, you know? Like, I abhorrence the cliche, it is what it is. But it’s, like, yeah. I mean, I wasn’t as accursed up to drive this as a TRD Taco or, like, a ZR2 Colorado, or, like I said earlier, any Jeep Gladiator, or Wrangler, for that matter.

But this doesn’t absolutely attempt adjoin that truck, you know? I bandy the Ranger in there too, although I do anticipate the Ranger is bound accepting continued in the tooth. We’re already hearing, like, affectionate of rumblings about aback that brace will be coming.

I anticipate it’s cogent that this is one of the best continued termers we’ve anytime had. It got a ton of use. I took it to the UP. I took it on vacation. But it’s additionally one that, aback it came time to criterion the top four trucks, we didn’t alike accommodate it, partially because our analysis at the time skewed a little added off road.

But, I mean, we were, like, yeah, I don’t anticipate we’re activity to bandy this in there, you know? The Frontier, which is affectionate of actuality reborn, wasn’t accessible at that point. So yeah. I mean, overall, I accord it a B, aloof because it does a lot of acceptable altered things for altered people.

It’s not the A added of, like, some of the amazing things you could do with a Jeep. It’s appealing expensive, so I array of get a little affronted with that. Although everything’s big-ticket these days. It’s a abundant barter to acquire in the summer. It’s a abundant barter to aloof acquire fun with. It’s not the best fun you can have. That’s breadth I would leave it.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Yeah. No, I anticipate you’re affecting on something– I’ll absolutely get aback to this aforementioned anticipation aback I allocution about the BMW X1. But there’s, like, two blazon of auto buyers. One is attractive for aloof the appropriate choice, the agent that apparel their needs the absolute best.

And afresh there’s, like, apparently the majority of bodies who apprehend “Autoblog” and are alert to this podcast are abundant added acceptable to let affect appear in on their affairs choices. It’s the rational client that the Ridgeline is absolute for. It absolutely is a bigger barter for the all-inclusive majority of buyers if they’re accommodating to discount the actuality that it’s not the acceptable anatomy on anatomy truck.

That it’s based on a belvedere that, you know, it’s a minivan or a crossover belvedere as adjoin to a anatomy on anatomy truck. But it’s acutely useful. It does ride better. It is– the NVH is better. The active dynamics are superior. The council is better.

Like, appealing abundant aggregate about it. The ability is bigger than a acceptable truck. Appealing abundant aggregate about it, on paper, is superior. I acquire two above complaints about it. One is, aback the activity absolutely gets tough, it does not feel like a abundant assignment machine. Like, if you’re the affectionate of actuality who has a little bit of automated accord like I do, I feel like I’ve got to babyish it a little bit aback I’m towing commodity abutting to its maximum, which is, what, is it 5,000? Is that the best tow?

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah. 5,000, yeah.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Yeah. So that’s not– that’s added than the all-inclusive majority of bodies will tow. But I’ve got a Lexus SUV, a GX rear caster drive, and it’s a anatomy on frame, V8 engine, acceptable layout. And it tows more. And I don’t– like, I feel like I don’t absolutely acquire to babyish it aback I angle 5,000 pounds up to it.

Whereas with the Ridgeline, I’m consistently afraid that I’m activity to, like, bake a manual out, or that I’m killing clutches, or commodity like that. Because it absolutely isn’t fabricated for that. Like, it’s able of accomplishing it, abnormally because how infrequently owners will absolutely do that. But– so I authority that adjoin it.

And administration wise, boy, does it not attending like a truck. Abnormally aback you see it from the advanced 3/4, acutely it’s got a bed, and a tailgate, and all that. But it’s aloof so streamlined. It affectionate of– I don’t know, like, aback I attending at it, it does not apprehend auto barter to me. And I anticipate that apparently hurts it aback it comes to sales.

The aboriginal Ridgeline was a little bit truckier, but awe-inspiring trucky. And it had those captain panels on it that absolutely affectionate of ate into its utility. But I anticipate Honda went too far in the car-like administration with the redesign, authoritative it to affectionate of, like, a crossover with a auto barter bed, as adjoin to an absolute auto truck.

So those are my two complaints about it. I consistently will acclaim it to people, though. Well, what are you activity to do with your truck? Oh, you’re activity to occasionally booty admixture and alluvium like Greg, you’re activity to occasionally cull some jet skis or put clay bikes in the back. Well, the Ridgeline probably– you’re activity to adulation your activity a lot added active the Ridgeline than you are a Colorado ZR2, or a TRD Pro, or commodity like that, or a Gladiator.

Oh, you’re activity to go off road? Oh, you’re consistently activity to angle up a trailer, and tow a camper, and that affectionate of thing? All right. Well, let’s allocution about the absolute anatomy on anatomy trucks, then. Like, that’s affectionate of my angle on it.

GREG MIGLIORE: Able-bodied put. And I anticipate too, the interior, I think, is far nicer than– I mean, the Jeep looks absolutely acceptable in there, because Jeep has, I think, appealing acceptable interiors, abnormally aback you alpha to blueprint them out. But aloof a abject Colorado and abject Ranger, those interiors are absolutely annihilation special.

There’s, like, acreage of adamantine plastics and added abstracts like that. Annihilation too flashy. Honda’s autogenous is appealing nice. I mean, you get in there. This one was affectionate of– I anticipate it had a adumbration of chrism about activity on in there. Seats are appealing comfy.

You know, you attainable that aback window and, hey, you’re in a truck. You get that vibe going. You’re aloof not in a very, like, aerial up truck. And I will answer your thoughts there, Jeremy, that I anticipate it’s a handsome attractive vehicle. Like, abnormally this one, the RTL-E trim, if you will. Had, like, array of chrome-like aperture handles, smooth, apple-pie lines. Looks appealing good.

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But afresh I attending at it, I’m, like, oh, that’s not absolutely like a truck. You know, not like you airing out and you see a Tacoma with, like, those tires and the grill. And you’re, like, you get accursed up. So–


GREG MIGLIORE: Fender flares, yes. Yeah. Snorkel, you know?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: One affair that I’ll say absolutely acceptable about the Ridgeline, it’s the aftermost thing. And we talked about the Ridgeline absolutely a bit. But I was absolutely on the antecedent aboriginal drive for the latest Ridgeline, and I can acquaint you that Honda’s torque vectoring all caster drive arrangement is epically good.

2020 Honda Ridgelineand Redesign

2020 Honda Ridgelineand Wallpaper

It drives so able-bodied on glace surfaces that you affectionate of feel like a able assemblage disciplinarian in the thing. Like, I was bombing bottomward amount eight grass courses at top speed, and the barter does all the assignment for you. It’s a absolutely aerial tech, well-designed torque vectoring all caster drive arrangement that owners apparently will never drive it that way. But if they do, they’re activity to acquire a lot of fun with it.

GREG MIGLIORE: Absolute cool. And that sounds like a fun affair I would about like to do with my array of, like, off roading things. I’m not a big bedrock crawler. I’m more, like, accord me the clay and maybe a little bit of the water, that affectionate of thing. So– and the grass.

Cool. So analysis out that story. This is actually, I think, our aboriginal aftertaste of the upgraded 2020 Honda Ridgeline. My chance focused on the bed, but the alone affair that absolutely afflicted was the transmission, which is now upgraded to a nine speed. And again, that lower akin trim disappears. So analysis it out. I got a video there with my topsoil, and abroad we go.

Let’s allocution Hyundai. Byron, you did a added aboriginal drive or addition added drive. We’ll aloof alarm it a analysis of the Sonata Hybrid. What did you think?

BYRON HURD: So I had this one aftermost anniversary aback I took the time off for my birthday, and I cruised about in it a bit. I’m actually– this is added applicative to the absolute Sonata line, I think, than it is the Hybrid. But this is a absolutely absurd car to drive on the highway, acquire it or not.

And it’s– newer sedans, especially, I assume to acquisition a lot of them acquire that council that is just– if you attending abroad for bisected a second, you feel like you’ve drifted center beyond a lane. And that affectionate of abridgement of predictability, the abridgement of acknowledgment can be absolutely arresting in some of the newer cars.

And the Sonata advance so beautifully, and predictably, and aloof inspires a ton of confidence. For a car that’s not enthusiast aptitude or annihilation like that, I was absolutely absolutely afflicted by aloof how abundant aplomb it inspires aback you’re cruising. And it’s affectionate of a attenuate thing, so I capital to alarm it out for that.

Fuel economy-wise, I didn’t absolutely get a adventitious to comedy with it a accomplished lot and get any absolutely good, accurate numbers. Aback I aboriginal collection it a brace months ago at this point I anticipate it was, I anticipate my boilerplate for the absolute accommodation aeon was in the low, mid 40s, which is, I mean, it’s solid.

It’s not absolutely what you would apprehend from, like, absolutely blame it for breadth in agreement of the EPA ratings, but it was still appealing impressive. And it’s contrarily aloof a absolute adequate car. There’s a lot of customization to the tech, which I consistently like.

My alone absolute gripes, and these are activity to administer to every new Hyundai accepting the upgraded disciplinarian assists, they acquire a affection congenital into the cruise ascendancy that absolutely advisedly slows the car bottomward on artery curves. And we’re talking curves breadth you don’t absolutely charge to apathetic down.

The blazon of ambit or you’re abaft somebody and they are accomplishing 75, and aback the alley aeroembolism slightly, and they’re accomplishing 68, and you’re afraid your council caster because you’re like, why are you slowing down? It’s a two amount turn. What are you doing?

And the Hyundai will absolutely automatically do that. Now, you can attenuate the feature, which I begin absolute bound and anon did. But it’s activity to be enabled by absence for anybody who buys one of these things. And I apperceive if I collection off the lot not alive it was activity to do that, it would drive me absolutely crazy as anon as I got on the freeway and accustomed to use the cruise control.

So honestly, if that’s my bigger ache with the car, afresh I anticipate that says a lot about it positive-wise. Like, if it’s commodity that can be angry off, forth with all the added disciplinarian abetment features. You can adapt it appealing extensively. So if things like that bother you, you acquire the befalling to attenuate them, at atomic for now.

Who knows what that will attending like in a brace of years as these systems become alike added complex. But added than that, it’s aloof a– it’s a abundant car. It’s comfortable, it’s predictable, it’s, alike for a hybrid, quiet. And it has abundant bite for freeway merges and actuality like that. I was afflicted the aboriginal time I collection it, and that was able aback I had it aftermost week.

GREG MIGLIORE: Absolute cool. I anticipate the new Sonata looks great. I saw the Sonata and the Amalgam were– I anticipate the Amalgam itself fabricated some anatomy of admission at the Chicago Auto Show, which was the aftermost auto appearance I abounding and may anytime appear for– it may be the aftermost auto appearance there anytime is.

I anticipation it looked great. I adulation those headlights. I adulation the way the ambit affectionate of breeze back. I just– I absolutely like what they’re accomplishing with the Sonata. I anticipate Hyundai is activity aback to demography risks. I anticipate the aftermost array of archetypal got a little too conservative. They went abroad from that abounding carve architectonics that fabricated the Sonata– I acquire it won car and barter of the year eight, nine, 10 years ago, whenever that bearing launched.

And it absolutely was a groundbreaking auto that I anticipate array of agitated the adjustment of things. Architectonics was a huge allotment of it, as able-bodied as affection and value. So I’m aflame to see them acknowledgment to this. They threw some affectionate of awe-inspiring colors in there too, abnormally with the Amalgam models. Yours wasn’t the adhesive blooming one, was it?

BYRON HURD: No. It was actually– the one that I originally collection was red, which was fine. This was a very, like, a carbon gray.

GREG MIGLIORE: Oh, that’s sweet, actually.

BYRON HURD: Yeah. It looks absolutely good. In fact, with the solar roof, it absolutely gives it affectionate of a monochromatic look. Because the solar roof is aloof about black, but not absolutely because of all the console dust in it, and the bottle accomplishment on it gives it affectionate of a altered look. But the abysmal gray and the solar roof is absolutely a appealing nice attending for that car.

GREG MIGLIORE: Do you anticipate they’re activity to– would you get the solar roof if accustomed the choice?

BYRON HURD: Accustomed a choice, no. It’s a vanity feature. It’s– I anticipate the– you can accretion commodity like a mile and a bisected of ambit a day or commodity like that if it’s consistently brilliant outside. Like, it’s just– as anon as you airing in the garage, you’re adverse all the allowances you’re accepting from that thing, or if you alive anywhere breadth there’s anytime a cloud, like in Michigan on Thursdays, so.

GREG MIGLIORE: There you go. Absolute cool. Absolute cool. Well, let’s allocution about this Elantra that you collection but can’t say you drove. We’re accepting about a analysis of the Elantra, aloof let us get accustomed with it. And we were able to do some things with it aloof to get a feel of it.

So every now and then, we get this array of sample, if you will, these, like, aboriginal prototypes, which is great. I anticipate it’s a acceptable way to get a feel of the car. But acquaint us, I mean, I assumption what you did with this car in your driveway, Byron, if you will.

BYRON HURD: Yeah. I’ve absolutely aloof affectionate of been arena about with the tech. It’s– accepting appear out of the Sonata Amalgam aftermost anniversary jumping into this, a lot of it’s absolute similar. The cockpit architectonics is absolutely cool, though, I acquire to say. The– we don’t absolutely apperceive what exact anatomy this is, but I’m bold it’s a bound with everything. It apparently has the exceptional added or whatever it is that goes on top of the bound package.

And so it’s appealing loaded up. The autogenous is absolutely nice. The abounding amplitude affectation that they acquire activity on, you acquire about a awning activity from the far larboard ancillary of your birr all the way through the apparatus cluster, and afresh into the aeronautics system, the infotainment stack. So it’s not absolutely a distinct piece, but it gives that impression. It’s assorted screens.

But it’s a absolutely air-conditioned look. It’s laid out nicely, and I anticipate it absolutely flows with the exoteric design, which we were aloof talking about Hyundai accepting aback to actuality added avant garde with their styling. And the Elantra is alike added beginning and adventuresome than the Sonata is in that regard.

And that’s absolutely the accomplished point of accepting this is for us to get a adventitious to attending at it, and affectionate of booty in the design, and see how the autogenous and aggregate comes together. So that’s absolutely all I’ve had the befalling to do, and so far, I’m impressed. So I anticipate already they absolutely acquire it absolutely buttoned up and accessible for prime time, it’s activity to be a appealing absorbing access for the bunched class.

GREG MIGLIORE: I anticipate with the abridgement actuality so up and down, I anticipate it’s astute to acquire acceptable sedans and abate cars appropriate now. I aloof anticipate some of the companies that are still advance in those products, they could see gains. Definitely baby doesn’t beggarly bargain anymore, but baby value? That can work, you know?

And I anticipate Hyundai is– their vehicles, I think, are amazing values. Every time I get into one– and to go aback to aback I started in the industry, had a continued appellation Sonata. I was at “Autoweek.” And I had absolutely been there a few years. But frankly, the adolescent guy didn’t get to drive the greatest of cars, at atomic not regularly.

So I was spending a lot of time at that point in the Sonata. And it had all these things on it. I was like, this is great, you know? It’s got, like, acrimonious seats. It’s got all kinds of accessory radio, the seats are leather, and it’s $27,000, you know? And so that array of seared into me aloof how acceptable the amount of Hyundai’s and Kias absolutely are, you know?

I anticipate that’s a abundant proposition. Their business has been sometimes clever, sometimes not as far as accretion the reach. But every time I’ve apprenticed one, I’ve about been impressed. And I feel like if they could get that bulletin out there, it’ll really, absolutely advice them out.

Prototype cars are fun, though. I’m abiding you guys acquire both apprenticed a few of those. Aloof absolute quick, Jeremy. What’s the best accidental ancestor you’ve apprenticed in your continued career in the industry?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: The best accidental prototype? Probably– well, OK, I’m activity to about-face it up. The electric Ural motorcycle. The ancillary car.

GREG MIGLIORE: Wow. Able-bodied played.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: I aloof did this maybe two years ago. Ural got in blow with Zero Motorcycles out of California and adopted a array backpack and electric motor into their vehicle. And they absolutely capital to accord it to a brace associates of the press. I anticipate I was one of only, I don’t know, a scattering of bodies to ride it. But they basically capital to barometer chump acknowledgment to see if this is commodity that they should go down. So apparently that.

GREG MIGLIORE: Absolute cool. How about you, Byron? Was it this Elantra? Apparently not.

BYRON HURD: Actually, it apparently is. I can’t actually– I’ve apprenticed a few preproduction vehicles, like, pre, pre, preproduction cartage before. But never abundantly abundant to absolutely say I accomplished them. So I anticipate this is apparently top of the list.

GREG MIGLIORE: Cool. Yeah, I anticipate my best memorable one was I drove, in 2008, I collection the Camaro aback it returned, if you will. And it was a pre pro car, and it was air-conditioned raw. That was awesome. I got to drive it about Milford on the alley course, about the GM Proving Grounds, so that was air-conditioned memorable. I did get to drive a agent Julio one time.


GREG MIGLIORE: That was cool. That car was additionally adequately rough, though. It had, like, band and actuality accoutrement up altered things. Yeah. It was kilometers, so you had to affectionate of adapt how fast you were going. That’s–

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Do you guys bethink the Local Motor– you bethink Local Motors, right? Out in Arizona?


JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Yeah. They had that Assemblage Fighter. It was affectionate of, like, one of their aboriginal vehicles. They had congenital one for a Discovery Channel documentary that they were doing, and I lived in Phoenix at the time, and they arrive me out to appear drive that car. That was interesting, because it was put calm as allotment of a documentary thing.

So it was appealing able-bodied done and put together. But I aloof bethink walking about it and pointing out, like, huh. Like, I don’t bethink if I’m accepting these right. But, oh, the council cavalcade is from a Ford truck. Oh, those appendage lights are from a Honda Civic. Oh, these aperture handles are from this. The steering– like, it’s got a Mercedes Benz gas tank, but we’re absolutely activity to about-face to a BMW gas catchbasin soon.

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Like, that was apparently the wildest, adduce unquote, like, “prototype.” But I alternate to alarm it a prototype, because appealing abundant all of them that they’ve congenital were prototypes of some sort, you know? Because you had to– and the acumen they had to do that is because anniversary and every allotment had to be DOT approved.

They didn’t acquire to be, like, all calm accustomed as one agent if all the alone genitalia had already been pre-approved. So– and you can’t accomplish your own headlights and appendage lights afterwards accepting them approved. But if you aloof cull them off of added cars that acquire already been approved, afresh they’re like, well, OK.

2020 Honda Ridgelineand Review

2020 Honda Ridgelineand Redesign and Review

So that was crazy. That was a fun agent too. I bethink I got, like, I jumped that thing, like, a dozen times in a day. They had a little alley course. That was a fun affectionate of awe-inspiring ancestor drive.


GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah. It’s absolutely affectionate of fun to get a blink abaft the blind and see, like, hey, we apperceive this car is coming. Actuality it is in absolute life, alike admitting all the little things are not formed out yet. So that’s fun. That’s cool. But what additionally is air-conditioned is how about the BMW X1 there, Jeremy?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Absorbing segue, because it’s not that cool. That’s the affair about it, is, like, I’m activity to be autograph commodity up. But I assumption anyone listening, you ability apprehend this afore annihilation absolutely goes live, because I’ve aloof started put my thoughts down. So breach acquainted for that.

But BMW has two crossovers on their own brand, the X1 and X2, that they absorb the aforementioned space. They’re congenital on the aforementioned platform. They acquire agnate drive trains. Like, the X2 is the decidedly beneath applied model, but the one that you’re added emotionally fatigued to.

It’s got added able agent options, it’s a acknowledgment style, and it’s acquainted sportier. Like added like what you’d anticipate a BMW would drive like. The X1 is like the, OK, you’re a little bit added pragmatic. You go into your BMW dealership and you’re like, well, why would I buy the X2? The X1 has added burden space, it’s beneath expensive, it’s easier to drive, it rides better, blah, blah, blah.

So we mentioned this earlier. Like, there’s differences amid authoritative a absolutely rational car affairs accommodation and absolution your affections appear into play. And here’s the really, like, the ambit ball, is that BMW additionally owns Mini. Mini makes the Countryman. To Countryman additionally rides on the aforementioned basal audacity as the X1 and X2, and it’s beneath big-ticket than both.

It’s got a hardly beneath powerful– I anticipate it’s, like, 189 application adjoin 228 application adaptation of the two liter turbo 4. Acceptable luck activity the aberration in accustomed driving. I mean, it’s all, like, the aftermost 10% of the ability van, breadth best drivers aren’t active anyway.

The X2 has the added able 300 commodity horsepower. It had, like, 301, maybe, even. But that’s additionally offered in the Countryman John Cooper Works. So it’s aloof affectionate of a awe-inspiring abode to be in the auto exceptional crossover segment.

There’s basically three altered offerings from BMW carve Mini, all with a hardly altered booty on the exact aforementioned formula. So yeah, the X1 is the atomic absorbing of all of them, but apparently the appropriate best for added buyers. And, I mean, BMW purists get absolute angled out of appearance aback you allocution about a BMW crossover.

And, oh my goodness, it’s absolutely a advanced caster drive BMW crossover? I mean, all caster drive, sure. But it’s advanced caster drive bias, axle army engine. But in the absolute world, best buyers aloof don’t– they don’t know. They can’t tell.

And if anyone’s spent some time in the aboriginal X1, which was a advanced engine, rear caster drive able vehicle, that agent was so compromised in so abounding ways. The new one is, with the advanced drive architecture, is a decidedly bigger agent in appealing abundant every way, except maybe if you’re active it 10/10 on a racetrack, which no one is activity to do.

So that’s a awe-inspiring ambagious way of adage it absolutely is a appealing acceptable vehicle. But it’s funny in the way that they’re marketed and offered as abeyant options to buyers.

GREG MIGLIORE: I like the X1, but it’s– I would accede with your sentiments there, Jeremy. It’s aloof not– I don’t know. I anticipate it’s array of– it looks OK. I consistently affectionate of catechism why BMW alike went into this segment. And afresh obviously, everybody has.

But it’s a boxy place, I think, to accomplish commodity that’s absolutely acute aback you’re this acclaimed German affluence brand, you know? So yeah. I mean, it’s interesting. Did you booty annihilation with it?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Aloof people. You know, the funny thing, BMW can’t absolutely alarm themselves the ultimate active apparatus anymore, because they’ve entered into all these awe-inspiring segments that bodies affairs X1s aren’t anxious about accepting the ultimate active auto affluence crossover.

Like, that’s aloof not the point. So the accomplished abstraction of what BMW acclimated to be, alone an enthusiast brand, they aloof can’t abide business themselves that way and stay, like, a activity concern. And to your point, Greg, crossovers, they acquire to.

Like, they can’t– and here’s my bifold negatives of the day. They can’t not action crossovers. They acquire to advertise crossovers. And they can accomplish absolutely crazy fast M branded ones, you know, X5-M, X6-M. That aloof doesn’t assignment in the acreage that the X1 plays with.

I mean, obviously, BMW would achievement that an X1 client would like it abundant that they’d appear aback to a BMW dealership abutting time and get an X3, or an X5, or commodity like that. And they acquire to action it. And at atomic it’s a nice car. Like, I don’t know. I mean, you guys acquire apparently apprenticed the aboriginal Mercedes JLA, which was, like, a riff on the Infiniti QX30 or something.

Like, that just– it really– like, you got into it and you’re like, wow, this isn’t a Mercedes. The X1 is not absolutely that egregious. Like, you get in it and, you know, the surfaces are nice. It’s got all the nice touches that you’d apprehend out of a BMW.

So it’s not a bad vehicle. It’s just, like, you acquire to afflicted your cast ageism and say OK, this isn’t the ultimate active auto exceptional crossover, you know? It’s a acceptable auto exceptional crossover that offers a lot of things to -to-be buyers, and BMW has to accomplish these. And let’s aloof acquire that that’s a accuracy and get on with it.

GREG MIGLIORE: Cool. And speaking of Infiniti, I absolutely skipped over Byron’s towing chance there in the QX80 breadth you went to get a Miata, so that’s appealing awesome. Why don’t you acquaint me a little bit about the QX80, but additionally the Miata is affectionate of cool.

BYRON HURD: Yeah. So the QX80, I mean, it’s a absolute big-ticket Nissan Armada. And I acquire a lot of agitation answer the added cost. The QX80 is an absorbing allotment of machinery, but so is the Nissan. And what you’re accepting is an autogenous that’s actually, to be honest, not all that abundant added impressive.

And I’ve been a fan of Infiniti’s interiors for appealing abundant as continued as they’ve been aggravating to accomplish a nice interior. So with the added bearing of the G sedan, and coupe, and the M cars of that generation. Like, they were aggravating with all the apparent poor Japanese copse and all that affectionate of stuff. They fabricated some absolutely attractive interiors there for a while.

But they assume to aloof be falling added and added abaft the ambit at this point. And I mean, sitting in that thing, aloof attractive about central of it, annihilation about it said to me that it was a $93,000 car, which is what the sticker amount on it was. And that was finer loaded. It didn’t absolutely acquire any options, I don’t believe. It was aloof all the broiled in branch accessories for that trim level.

But that’s still– that’s a lot of money. And because you can get an Armada that can do all the aforementioned things for $25,000 beneath and maybe alike more, I acquisition it absolutely adamantine to absolve the QX. That said, it did a abundant job towing. It’s rated I anticipate for 8,500 pounds, which is stout.

I mean, it’s anatomy on anatomy SUV, so that’s what it should do. And I busy a U-Haul trailer, so it was aluminum auto transport. Didn’t do the dolly. I went for the absolute deal. And took it out to Cleveland. I’m actuality in the Detroit busline area, like a lot of the agents members.

I had to absolutely booty the bivouac from a U-Haul actuality in the Detroit breadth out to Cleveland, amount up the car and accompany it back, because they didn’t acquire any trailers accessible out there to rent. And towing the bivouac afterwards annihilation on it was trivial. And afresh towing it with the Miata loaded up was still appealing trivial.

I mean, granted, it’s a 1990 Miata. It’s the accomplished 1.6 that weighs apparently 2,200 pounds. So the absolute bivouac weight was apparently beneath 5,000 by a acceptable bit. So compared to its max capability, it wasn’t a decidedly catchy load. But it was not effortless, but appealing abutting to it.

I was absolutely afflicted by how abiding it was, abnormally aback it doesn’t absolutely acquire a accomplished lot in the way of towing goodies. Like, it has an chip hitch, which I used. I went advanced and aloof purchased a bargain block accept from U-Haul and their little four pin adapter. And, I mean, we were anchored up and accessible to cycle in minutes.

It was effortless. It was comfortable. It got the job done. But for my money, I’d rather aloof acquire the Armada. Aforementioned engine, aforementioned powertrain, aforementioned aggregate but the interior. And frankly, I don’t anticipate it’s account it.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Does the QX that you had, does it acquire an adjustable abeyance so it, like, levels out aback you’ve got a amount in back?

BYRON HURD: I acquire it does, yeah. I’d acquire to bifold check, but I’m adequately assertive it does acquire a amount leveling suspension, which I anticipate you could absolutely get on the Armada too if I’m not mistaken.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: You ability be able to, yeah. I’d acquire to attending it up too. That’s the– because I busy the aforementioned aluminum U-Haul car carriage bivouac to tow my camper van from Seattle to Columbus, Ohio. I pulled it with my Lexus GX.

And the cardinal one affair that I was missing for towing that affectionate of amount was the amount leveling suspension. And I got the animate springs on purpose because I was affairs used, and I capital to advance reliability, and I aloof didn’t appetite to anguish about it. I regretted that for the drive, because I had headlights that were pointing able-bodied over cars’ roofs, because I aloof I couldn’t akin out the– I pushed the van as far aback in the bivouac as I could and I still had too abundant argot weight.

So it absolutely afflicted the attitude of the vehicle. I was blame it on that, so yeah. I mean, that’s the one thing. If bodies are actively because what commodity can technically tow adjoin what you’re adequate towing, you acquire to attending at the advantage bedding for things like that. Bivouac brake, controllers, amount leveling suspensions, that affectionate of thing.

They’re important to acquire on an SUV that– it’s not absolutely as important on a auto truck, because they’ve got those rear abeyance systems that are advised for appropriate off the bat. But commodity on, like, a QX or commodity like that, that really, absolutely increases your abundance akin aback towing endless like what you’re talking about.

BYRON HURD: Yeah, I agree. And I’d acquire to bifold check, but I’m adequately assertive it did. Because the council behavior and aggregate on the highway, alike at speed, granted, I wasn’t blame it absolute hard, was still excellent, alike with the trailer. And granted, again, it’s a Miata. It’s not like it weighs a accomplished lot. It’s aloof not throwing a ton of argot weight at it. Alike with it army in abode at the advanced end of the trailer, it was fine. So.

GREG MIGLIORE: All right. And the Miata is home, safe and secure?


GREG MIGLIORE: All right. That sounds good. Let’s allocution about the Maverick. And no, I’m not talking about a car from 40 years ago, a bunched Ford. We’re audition some rumblings, a brace of stories, we’ve been afterward this, that this may be array of like a baby bunched auto truck, conceivably unibody.

A little bit added maybe like a abate Ridgeline or something, if you will. There’s a lot of altered things amphibian around. We’ve acquaint a brace of stories. There was a leaked account of backyard from about a anniversary ago, and we’ve apparent a agglomeration of spy shots.

For a while, there were absolutely some rumors that the Maverick ability be the Babyish Bronco, or what we now apperceive as the Bronco Sport. That hasn’t appear to pass. So all of this is aloof affectionate of prologue to say, what you guys think? This would be the third Ford truck, fourth if you absolutely accede the abundant duties as array of like a abstracted F-150.

You could maybe alike say fifth if Ford anytime did do, like, a Gladiator angry adaptation of the Bronco, if you will, with a bed. We don’t apperceive annihilation about that Bronco. That’s aloof commodity we’ve anticipation they could do. So I don’t know. I mean, do you guys anticipate there’s a atom for a baby auto barter if it’s alleged the Maverick or not? Go ahead, Byron.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: I anticipate so. Yeah, go ahead, Byron.

BYRON HURD: I’m of the assessment that it’s never a bad affair to acquire added choices. Whether it ultimately works out for Ford or not financially is a accomplished altered question, but I adulation the abstraction of added baby commonsensical pickups actuality offered, alike if they aren’t activity to be anatomy on frame. I don’t anticipate that’s a necessity, abnormally aloof activity aback to the Ridgeline chat we were accepting earlier.

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Trucks don’t acquire to be acceptable to be good. And I would like to see added baby trucks. Honestly, I anticipate maybe one of the best appearance that not abounding bodies allocution about aback it comes to the Gladiator is the actuality that it does acquire such a baby footprint, alike compared to the added mid-sized trucks.

2020 Honda Ridgelineand Price and Review

2020 Honda Ridgelineand Spy Shoot

And you don’t necessarily see it on paper, because the ambit are about the same. But aback you attending at the absolute admeasurement of the anatomy adjoin the amplitude of the fenders and the mirrors, and all the things that stick off the bend of a Jeep, it’s absolutely a absolute narrow, baby barter in the absolute world.

And I was cogent my neighbors, it’s the affectionate of barter that I can get out of on the ancillary of my driveway that’s up adjoin the house. Any added agent I esplanade in my driveway, I can’t attainable the doors on the ancillary up adjoin the house. There’s aloof not abundant room. But with the Gladiator, with my Wrangler, I can. And annihilation like that that aids in acumen that still offers the account you charge is a win as far as I’m concerned. So alike if they end up bearing commodity that looks like a new Subaru Baja, I’m on board.

GREG MIGLIORE: That’s cool. What do you think, Jeremy?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Well, I mean, anticipate about what has commonly happened with appealing abundant every articulation over the aftermost several decades. An Accord acclimated to be midsize. Now it’s abounding size. The Civic acclimated to be compact, and now it’s the aforementioned admeasurement as what acclimated to be the midsize Accord.

That’s additionally happened with trucks. If you esplanade a mid to backward ’80s Ford Ranger abutting to the accepted Ford Ranger, you’ll be abashed at the admeasurement difference. So what the abstraction actuality is, activity bottomward a admeasurement akin and alms a barter to all of those bodies that the aboriginal Ranger formed altogether for.

And accomplishing so not with a acceptable anatomy on anatomy blade bounce rear end, but accomplishing it with commodity unibody. I anticipate it’s the C2 belvedere that’s the aforementioned one as the Bronco Sport and the Escape. You know, the funny– what I acquire to admiration is, would they be able to appear out with commodity with four doors and a accessible aback bench and still acquire abundant accessible amplitude for a barter bed?

Because, I mean, attending around. Customers acquire absitively that trucks are four aperture cartage now. So it’ll be absorbing to see how they access it. Will they appear out with commodity absolutely bargain with alone two doors and a accessible bed? Will they appear out with commodity that’s not absolutely as inexpensive, but still undercuts the amount of a Ranger and is appropriate sized for a lot of bodies with four doors and a abate bed?

It just– I mean, there’s aloof so abundant that we don’t apperceive about the abstraction that I don’t apperceive how I anticipate how I feel about it. But let me aloof alarm it feasible. I anticipate it’s achievable that they could appear out with a white amplitude agent sized bottomward that would address to bodies who appetite a circadian apprenticed barter with acceptable ammunition efficiency.

GREG MIGLIORE: Ditto. I mean, aloof in the absorption of time, I’ll accomplish my comments brief. I accede with you, Jeremy. And I absolutely accede absolutely with what you said appropriate off the top of the segment, Byron, and that’s that, yeah, added is better. I like it aback car companies– like, we don’t affliction about their business cases. Yeah, accord us addition affair to test, and address about, and review, and accomplish videos of. It’s all good.

I anticipate it could work. I do anticipate there is something– like, the Ridgeline is absolutely is still a adequately big truck. So commodity that maybe was a little bit smaller, had that almost– I assumption I’ll use the chat El Camino, like, car-like Subaru Baja affectionate of vibe. Yeah. I mean, that could work. I anticipate it ability be a appearance play.

I mean, the Bronco Sport is, I believe, a subcompact, as far as its size, and footprint, and how they’re activity to position it. So accepting maybe a auto barter alternative would aloof accomplish the Ford lineup, I think, alike that abundant added exciting, because there’s added choices. The added affair too is, like, Ford hasn’t absolved aback its affiance to get rid of all of its cars except the Mustang.

And so, I mean, they charge to advertise something. I mean, if that agency beefcake on a bed as adjoin to selling, like, a Focus, OK, sure, you know? I mean, yeah. I don’t know. Maverick name– go ahead, Jeremy.

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Admitting I should bound point out too that they’re talking about– or rumor has it they’re additionally talking about a abounding sized Bronco barter that would admeasurement up with commodity like the Gladiator, breadth we’re talking about the Bronco Sport, the abate unibody version.

So just– for anyone listening, that’s the differentiator. Like, there’s the Bronco Sport, the little crossover one that’s Escape-sized, afresh there’s the abounding sized Bronco, which is like a Wrangler analog. They’re talking about authoritative barter versions of both of those.

GREG MIGLIORE: Yeah. Yeah, acceptable point. Yeah. Analysis it all out on “Autoblog.” One added affair you should analysis out, and I came beyond this aback I was aggravating to acquisition our coverage, is Byron did a feature, aloof affectionate of a quick bargain post, on a ’74 Maverick in December. And yeah. I mean, if you affectionate of are apprehensive breadth is the Maverick name advancing from, that’s breadth it’s advancing from.

If you’re one of our adolescent listeners, or readers, or users, I anticipate best of us bethink what a Ford Maverick was. But if you don’t, that’s the car. I can’t acquire that. That was such a crazy archetype that I anticipate it was– breadth was it? It was one of those online for auction sites. I anticipate it was on Accompany a Trailer. ’74 Mustang, 66 miles. It was, like, mustard. Man, I don’t know. That was a appealing agrarian affair to acquisition for auction with aloof such few afar on the odometer.


GREG MIGLIORE: All right, so that’s the Ford Maverick, maybe. Let’s aloof allocution absolute bound Tesla. They fabricated money for the fourth beeline quarter, which is affectionate of, like, it’s aloof acceptable the new accustomed for them. I mean, it seems like there was a lot of altercation earlier, I would say, in, like, the pandemic, if you will. I assumption if we’re activity to alpha application that as a aeon of time.

When Elon musk was like, yeah, we’re activity to breach open. And California’s like, yeah, no, you’re not. And he’s affectionate of like, yeah, yeah, we are. And afresh they affectionate of ironed it out, and so it goes. But, I mean, this is interesting, if you will. I mean, this is about like General Motors a few years, maybe 20, 30 years ago.

They were aloof profitable. They were talking about abutting the S&P 500. Musk is talking about adorning the calendar with added affordable cars. I’ve apparent all sorts of crazy projections for their banal price. But, I mean, aloof absolute quick, accompaniment of Tesla, what do you guys think?

BYRON HURD: Jeremy, do you appetite to alpha with this one?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: Yeah. Tesla is– I mean, there’s so abundant to allocution about with Tesla. The actuality that they are still authoritative money is awesome. You guys apparently saw the address afresh that they did get some loans to advice them awning things, admitting the actuality that Musk has been absolute articulate about, we shouldn’t be bailing bodies out, and, like, I don’t know.

I anticipate it rubs bodies the amiss way. Here’s our story, comes from “Reuters.” Tesla says it took government amount allowances which account coronavirus shutdowns. But afterwards demography those, Elon Musk tweets that added accommodation programs are not in the absorption of the people.

So, I mean, there’s– I don’t know. What do you say about Tesla and Musk? And, there’s so much– I like Tesla. I appetite them to succeed. I appetite them to be profitable. I appetite them to abide authoritative absolutely air-conditioned electric vehicles. I appetite them to spiral them bigger together, spiral them calm better.

Interesting ancillary note. They were absolutely aftermost in JD Power’s antecedent affection study, but aboriginal in the APEAL Study. So admitting the actuality that owners say they acquire all kinds of problems with Teslas, they additionally say, but I adulation it. So I aberrate from that.

I anticipate the actuality that they are award success, no amount how it is that they acquisition it, is good. I anticipate if they able for government loans and they got them, great. If that helped them acquire a accumulation in the fourth quarter, alike beneath the coronavirus shutdown, I anticipate that’s great.

But man. Like, if Musk would aloof stop talking, wouldn’t we all aloof feel bigger about our lives? Like, he’s aloof such a difficult actuality to chase on a day in, day out basis. Like, his Twitter feed, and interviews, and stuff. But yeah. I assumption I’ll just– I’ll end it by saying, acclaim to Tesla for continuing to accomplish money, whether it’s by affairs cars, whether it’s by affairs emissions credits, whether it’s by demography money for amount loans.

Whatever it is, they’ve managed to accomplish it assignment admitting a ton of headwinds. And I achievement that they abide accomplishing so. I achievement that their banal amount comes aback adjoin reality, because it’s antic appropriate now. But aloof acceptable for them. We charge these electric cars, so I’ll move on.

GREG MIGLIORE: Byron, what’s your discourse actuality on Tesla?

BYRON HURD: I accede with Jeremy for the best part. I candidly aloof anticipate that there were a lot of bodies who, alike aloof a year ago, maybe two, were adage that there was no way Tesla was activity to survive addition six months. And afore that, it was, well, there’s no way they’re activity to survive the abutting six.

Like, it’s been this connected aloof beachcomber of negativity adjoin the company. And I can accept why. It’s accessible to be bleak aback you’re ambidextrous with what’s finer a startup aggravating to breach into a amplitude that’s commonly absolute difficult to breach into.

But we’re at a point– we’ve been at a point breadth Tesla is actuality to stay, whether it was activity to be in the apotheosis we see now, or if it was activity to end up accepting acquired by somebody and bankrupt into a beyond company, like GM, or Stellantis, or whatever. So we anesthetized that point of authoritativeness apparently two or three years ago, behindhand of whether bodies were accommodating to accept it.

So Tesla is now allotment of the automotive landscape, whether we like it or not. And I anticipate it’s bigger to accept to like it. Because again, choice, opportunity, competition, these are all important. Alike if we’re partisans, alike if– it’s the aforementioned affair you run into with the Bronco, Wrangler thing.

Like, you’ve got all the Wrangler die hards, like, oh, no, the Bronco is activity to be applesauce because it doesn’t acquire a– you know, it’s choice. And best is good, and antagonism is better. Because antagonism agency maybe we don’t get the aforementioned 3.6 liter V6 in the Wrangler for the abutting 15 years.

Maybe they’re absolutely activity to try and do some added artistic actuality with their ability trains with this 392. Maybe that happens. Maybe it doesn’t. Frankly, as a 392 buyer and a Wrangler owner, I don’t accord a applesauce about that 392 Wrangler concept. It doesn’t– it’s a vanity play.

But we ability absolutely get bigger Wranglers because Ford is architecture Broncos. And we’re activity to get added acceptable EVs from added automakers because Tesla is architecture Teslas. That’s the basal line, and that’s acceptable for everybody. And I don’t see how you can absolutely abatement on any added ancillary of that argument, personally.

There’s aloof no downside for consumers, or enthusiasts, frankly. Because Tesla is finer an enthusiast brand. Alike if we don’t allotment that cast of enthusiasm, we acquire to account the actuality that cars with applesauce affection that are admired by their owners, congratulations, that’s an enthusiast car. Because we’ve all admired a abominable car. If you haven’t, there’s commodity amiss with you as a car enthusiast. So that’s my take.

GREG MIGLIORE: OK, we’ll leave it there. I anticipate you guys bankrupt it bottomward appealing well. What absolutely affronted my absorption in this was a agenda from Morgan Stanley analysis analyst Adam Jonas, which demography this in a altered administration of enthusiasm.

He modeled out this astronomic calendar of, like, 10, 11 cars, with the Roadster advancing aback in a new form, that multipurpose agent that we saw on the aback of the Cybertruck. You know, Archetypal S, Archetypal X, Archetypal 3, Archetypal Y, some array of bunched thing. The Semi. I mean, it’s a appealing big company. And their banal is about $1,500 a allotment appropriate now, which is appealing surreal.


GREG MIGLIORE: All right. Well, no Spend my Money this week. Please accelerate us your Spend my Moneys. We’d adulation to get those on the air. Acknowledgment for everybody for writing. Those in the past, if you will, acknowledgment for listening, of course. Guys, it’s been fun. This has been a abundant show. Any big affairs for the weekend?

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: No, not really. My aftermost several weekends acquire been abounding of backyard work, and gardening, and all that. So this one hopefully will not be abounding of that, and I’ll leave it there.

GREG MIGLIORE: That sounds good. I did a lot of backyard assignment in the last, say, 10 days. Four of the aftermost 10 canicule I’ve done backyard work. Thank you Honda Ridgeline, because I was able to get that dirt, and now my abandoned spotlight flowerbed looks appealing good. I don’t apperceive what I’m activity to do this weekend, but apparently not as abundant backyard work. How about you, Byron?

BYRON HURD: I’m absolutely cerebration about demography a alley cruise in my Challenger, because I’m absolute actively because affairs it. And I’d like to get in one aftermost little cruise with it afore I accelerate it on its way.

GREG MIGLIORE: Sounds good. And with that, we’ll accelerate everybody abroad on their way. Acknowledgment for listening. You’ve aloof heard the “Autoblog Podcast.” Acquire a abundant weekend.


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