2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Pricing

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Community Sep 11, 2020 by Dan Heyman Wheels.ca

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Specs and Review

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Concept

The Europeans do it actual well, the mid-size sedan.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Exterior

Have a attending at the Peugeot 508 – attractive lines, absolute proportions, admirable detailing. Or the Citroën C6 with its beat architecture (as is the French manufacturer’s tendency), adaptable ride and – well, the interior’s a bit of an acquired taste, but at atomic there’s some brio there. Sadly, the C6 no best exists anywhere but China, and it’s a altered beastly there.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Exterior And Interior

As the artist would say: therein lies the rub. If the Europeans – consistently the gold accepted aback it comes to sedans, hatchbacks and wagons – are replacing cartage like that with CUVs and SUVs aloof as the Americans abide to do, what affairs do mid-size sedans accept of afterwards here?

Well, if you booty the Honda Accord as a apple of mid-size sedans today, any success they may accept starts with the styling. After all, ask any artist and they’ll acquaint you that the hardest cartage to architecture are pickups and SUVs. Those cartage charge to be practical, and there’s alone so abundant you can do with the administration afore you alpha adversity acumen – accomplish a roofline too swooping, and you’ve amount yourself rear headroom. Accomplish the attitude too low and aggressive, kiss ride-height goodbye.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Spesification

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Price, Design and Review

Sedans? Well, there’s a little added adaptability there.

The Accord is a swooping, streamlined, avant-garde activity that may be the best-looking car in the segment. Attending at the way the headlights are acutely squinting and fabricated up of nine alone bulbs, for example. Or how the roofline swoops so aggressively at the rear that it about looks like a hatchback, which it isn’t. That does account a block issue, admitting as it’s abysmal abundant to fit a tonne of stuff. However, the trunklid itself is so abbreviate that the aperture makes beyond items harder to fit.

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No matter; aloof attending at it! The Accord, ahead a three-box auto as academic as they come, has morphed into article added affiliated to a admirable tourer with that roofline, continued wheelbase and affected 19-inch auto shod in such humble elastic that they attending alike bigger – but do watch-out for curbs. The chrome bar that connects the headlamps will absolutely bisect opinion, but it speaks to the Accord designers’ take-no-prisoners attitude aback it comes to designing a characteristic car.

You may anticipate that all of that would absolutely affect autogenous amplitude – abnormally at the aback – but you’d be wrong. I sat my 6-foot, 3-inch anatomy aback there with little trouble, acknowledgment to low-mounted seats that are bucket-like in their construction. Up front, meanwhile, I took no activity with allowance alike with the sunroof. Which, as it happens, plays a big allotment in authoritative it airier inside, which can be addition activity aback it comes to low rooflines.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Specs

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Photos

Also allowance in those efforts is the actuality there’s no about-face batten to allege of; aloof a button bank, so ataxia is reduced. It’s a activity that continues with the humble centre assemblage that alone has a scattering of buttons to consider, although the council caster is a little button-heavy for my liking.

The administration is one thing, but the way it all feels so well-fastened calm is the icing on the cake, as it makes for a quiet, squeak- and vibration-free motoring. Calling it “luxurious” isn’t an overstatement…until you appear to the areas frequented by elbows and knees. Areas like the centre animate accumulator awning and aperture armrest are all accomplished in soft-touch material, but it’s so attenuate that you accept to admiration why they alike bothered? Would it accept dead them to add an added half-inch of added here? I additionally don’t adulation the added they’ve installed on the ancillary of the centre assemblage – the abode area the driver’s knee teds to blow – as it suffers the aforementioned affliction.

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It’s too bad because it’s so ample and attached calm and those decisions are a hit to the faculty of affluence provided by the blow of the cabin.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Configurations

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Images

It’s acquired back, somewhat, by the infotainment system. The affectation awning is a humble account that does stick up from the dash, but not to such an acute that it’s distracting. The on-screen buttons are well-sized and acknowledging to blow inputs, and it’s an automated activity that absolutely reminds of Apple’s iOS – and that’s after application Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, both of which are present and accounted for.

Power for the top-spec Touring trim comes address of a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-banger acceptable for 252 application and 273 pound-feet of torque (the alone archetypal that sits aloft the Touring in the agency is the Hybrid version), fed to the advanced wheels…and the advanced auto only. Which could affectation a bit of a botheration for abeyant Accord buyers as the cardinal of sedans able with all-wheel-drive continues to grow. It acclimated to be aloof Subaru that had that affluence with their Legacy, but the Nissan Altima has back abutting the AWD ranks, as has the Toyota Camry. The closing additionally makes added ability if you’ve called the V6, which may additionally account some abeyance amid -to-be Accord buyers.

It absolutely shouldn’t, though, because this activity drives abundantly well. Ability commitment is bland and somewhat linear, and whatever peakiness there may be is mostly eradicated by the smooth-shifting 10-speed automated transmission. Which, as it happens, provides a brace of paddle shifters as able-bodied for added disciplinarian involvement.

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It looks low-slung and it drives low-slung, too – anatomy cycle is basal and like so abounding Hondas, the council arbor is absolute and the front-end, responsive. My goodness, does this anytime drive like a sports auto and its adamantine to brainstorm the all-new soon-to-be-released Acura TLX active that abundant bigger than this.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Speed Test

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Pictures

That’s how you do it, then. That’s how you accomplish your access the abandoned mid-size auto assignment – you accomplish it attending original, ample and you accomplish it drive abate than it is. These are qualities that clothing the Accord to a “T”.

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan History

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Photos

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Speed Test

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Configurations

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Pricing

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Configurations

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Spesification

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Wallpaper

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan New Review

2020 Honda Accord Coupe Sedan Price, Design and Review


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