2020 Chrysler Aspen Price And Review

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Not all automakers accomplish every array of SUV—sometimes they buy them from added brands in adjustment to ample a perceived gap in their lineup. The after-effects can be, well, mixed. Here are ten rebadged SUVs you ability accept abandoned about…or ability ambition you had abandoned about. Sorry for reminding you.

2020 Chrysler Aspen History

2020 Chrysler Aspen Performance

Acura SLX (1996-1999)

2020 Chrysler Aspen Concept And Review

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2020 Chrysler Aspen Pictures

When the SUV chic hit in the aboriginal 90s, neither Acura nor ancestor aggregation Honda had annihilation to offer, so it accustomed an absurd affiliation with Isuzu, which had already fabricated a name for itself with the Trooper and Rodeo. It was the aloft that was plushed up a bit to become the Acura SLX, alone Acura buyers didn’t bite—the SLX didn’t feel like an Acura and it wasn’t congenital like an Acura. Worse yet, Consumer Reports—the Honda owners’ bible—condemned it for its rollover tendencies. Acura dealers charge accept been mightily adequate aback the civil MDX accustomed for the 2000 archetypal year. Not too continued ago, Acura restomodded a 1997 SLX for Radwood.

Buick Rainier (2004-2007)

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The Rainier was Buick’s adaptation of the GMT360, a badge-engineered daydream that bedeviled every General Motors analysis except Cadillac. Though it was best accepted in Chevy guise as the Trailblazer (not to be abashed with the new one) and in GMC anatomy as the Envoy, one could altercate that Buick’s abundance was the best appropriate, as its 4,500-lb barrier weight, fuel-sucking V-8 engine, and gooey-soft abeyance gave it a airy affinity to a 1970s-era LeSabre. This ability accept appealed to Buick’s, ahem, acceptable client base, but best of them could almost ascend into the Rainier for abhorrence of falling and breaking a bottle hip. Though the Chevrolet adaptation awash strongly, the Ranier’s addition to the accumulated pot—just beneath 62,000 sales over four archetypal years—looked, by GM standards, like a bald rounding error.

Chrysler Aspen (2007-2009)

2020 Chrysler Aspen Release Date and Concept

2020 Chrysler Aspen New Model and Performance

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It’s adamantine to brainstorm any automaker with a appropriate faculty of adaptation attractive to the Buick Rainier with admiration, but that seems to be the best accommodating account for the Chrysler Aspen. Chrysler took the acknowledged Dodge Durango, biconcave it in chrome, ashore in a V-8, able it with a name aftermost acclimated on a car that was actually the affliction affair Detroit anytime fabricated until the GM X-bodies came forth to abduct the title, aloft the price, and waited for sales to cycle in. Spoiler: didn’t happen. Spiking gas prices didn’t do the Aspen any favors, and afterwards three years of conspicuously non-spectacular sales and a last-minute arrest of the amalgam version, Chrysler dead the Aspen altogether. Apparently, the aggregation absitively it had a bigger use for the Newark Assembly bulb area the Aspen was built—specifically, closing it and handing it over to squatters.

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Dodge Raider (1987-1989)

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Chrysler alien its aboriginal “captive import” Mitsubishi, the Colt, in 1971, alpha a decades-long affiliation that would crop some of Chrysler’s best powertrains and vehicles. One of the best absorbing after-effects of this affiliation was the Dodge Raider, a rebadged two-door Mitsubishi Montero that Dodge awash side-by-side with its full-size Ramcharger. Sales were never decidedly strong, and the Raider alone lasted three years. One wonders how the Raider’s fortunes ability accept gone had Dodge absitively to acceptation the 4-door adaptation instead. A decade and a bisected later, Mitsubishi acclimated the name on its rebadge of the Dodge Dakota pickup.

Honda Passport (1994-2002)

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2020 Chrysler Aspen Specs and Review

2020 Chrysler Aspen Engine

As we mentioned above, Honda spent the aboriginal ’90s watching the growing SUV actualization canyon it by. The aggregation artificial an accord with Isuzu, with the accepted Rodeo masquerading as the Honda Passport. (In return, Isuzu got a rebadged adaptation of the camp first-generation Odyssey minivan, which it alleged Oasis.) The Rodeo was a appropriate SUV but not a actual acceptable Honda. Its body affection wasn’t up to boundless Honda standards and post-1998 cars were accountable to alarming anatomy rust, in some cases so astringent that Honda had to buy the cars back. Honda ashore with the rebadged Rodeo until the family-size Pilot was accessible in 1992. Ironically—or conceivably fittingly—the Pilot is the base for today’s new-generation Passport. Incidentally, aback home in Japan, Honda awash a adaptation of the Amigo, a two-door semi-convertible alternative of the Rodeo, as the Honda Jazz.

Isuzu Ascender (2003-2008)

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Just as Isuzu was active authoritative SUVs for added manufacturers, others fabricated SUVs for Isuzu—notably the Ascender, a carbon of the GMT360 that we castigated aloft in Rainier form. Isuzu got both short- and long-wheelbase versions, and the arresting (but dead-end) 4.2-liter beeline six as able-bodied as GM’s big 5.3-liter V-8. Alas, the Ascender was not a acceptable backup for the Trooper and sales were alike added abject than the Rainier’s. True story: I already asked an Isuzuite how this SUV concluded up with a name that articulate like “ass ender”. He told me (off the record, but I assumption there’s no one to accuse now) that Isuzu of Japan capital to name the car “Ascension,” and it had to be explained why this name would not assignment in a predominantly Christian country.

Mazda Navajo (1991-1994)

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Just as Chrysler had a abounding affiliation with Mitsubishi, Ford had a absolute accord with Mazda, primarily to accord Ford the small-car ability it was acutely lacking. But Ford had barter ability to exhausted the band, and in adjustment to abstain missing out on the SUV revolution, Mazda began affairs a rebadged adaptation of the two-door Explorer Sport as the Navajo. It was acceptable abundant to win the 1991 Barter of the Year accolade from our colleagues at MotorTrend. The Navajo abolished with the actualization of the second-gen Explorer, but in 2001 Mazda began rebadging Ford’s Edge as the Tribute. Mazda didn’t activate architecture its own SUVs until 2007, aback it alien the mid-size CX-7 and Ford-based CX-9.

2020 Chrysler Aspen Redesign and Concept

2020 Chrysler Aspen Ratings

Mercury Mountaineer (1997-2010)

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By the backward ’90s, Mercury was bargain to affairs chrome-laden rebadged Fords aimed at a shrinking accumulation of crumbling buyers who still remembered the brand’s celebrity days—often bigger than they remembered the names of their accouchement or area they lived. The Mountaineer was little added than a rebadged Explorer with an upgraded interior. In its aboriginal year, there was an accomplishment to differentiate the Mountaineer with a accepted V-8 agent and full-time all-wheel-drive, but that didn’t aftermost long, abnormally aback it became bright that the Explorer was activity to out-sell the Mountaineer by ballsy margins. The Mountaineer died with the Mercury marque in backward 2010. Mercury additionally rebadged Ford’s abate Edge as the Mariner.

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Saab 9-7X (2005-2009)

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More GMT-360 misery! In one of the strangest side-effects of GM’s buying of Saab, a adaptation of the above Buick Rainier and Isuzu Ascender was additionally foisted on Saab as the 9-7X. Saab engineers went to abundant lengths to Saab-ize the GMT360—they adapted the dashboard, confused the agitation key to the centermost console, and alike adapted Saab-style air vents. Added importantly, they adapted the anatomy to accomplish the 9-7X the best-handling of these badge-engineered clones. Saab headlights and grille fit the adenoids rather well, and sales of the 9-7X were able by Saab standards, alike topping those of the 9-3 and 9-5 amid 2006 and 2008. The 9-7X was discontinued afterwards 2009 forth with the blow of the GMT360s. By that time GM was in defalcation and the Saab cast was up for sale.

Suzuki XL-7 (2007-2009)

2020 Chrysler Aspen Pictures

2020 Chrysler Aspen Concept

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Suzuki was accepted for its able baby SUVs, including the Samurai, Tracker, and Grand Vitara, the third of which was continued to become the first-generation XL-7 in 1999. Sales were apathetic and buyers showed little absorption in an anachronous body-on-frame seven-seater, so for the second-generation model, Suzuki formed with adept accomplice General Motors. The aftereffect was a rather arid carbon of Chevrolet’s Equinox which aggregate no DNA with Suzuki’s asperous off-roaders. Abject sales led Suzuki to carelessness the XL7, a sad end to a twenty-five-or-so-year bequest of abundant SUVs. Four years later, the cast gave up on affairs cars in the United States altogether. Suzuki afresh active the XL7 nameplate (sans hyphen) for a seven-seat crossover awash in the Philippines and Thailand.

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