2020 Chevy Sonic Overview

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He’s gone and done it: Rapper Slim Thug has allegedly apparent the Mercedes-Benz G-Class for accepting no allowance for alpine people, admitting actuality a adequately massive truck.

2020 Chevy Sonic Prices

2020 Chevy Sonic Concept

According to a amusing media video acquaint by the rapper aboriginal September and re-shared on Twitter by user @DidYouSayDrew, there’s added legroom in a bargain Chevy Sonic than in a last-gen G-Class.

2020 Chevy Sonic Release

Warning: The beneath blow contains clear language.

2020 Chevy Sonic Review

2020 Chevy Sonic Pricing

2020 Chevy Sonic Reviews

At a acme of 1.98 metres (6′ 5″), Slim’s a appealing big dude. But he still isn’t monstrously alpine — in fact, that’s a hardly aberrant distance these days, which makes it alike added awkward for the 2017 Benz.

To accomplish abiding it wasn’t aloof him that was the problem, Slim had his acquaintance jump in both cartage as well, and the aftereffect was the aforementioned — the baby bear had added allowance than the big truck.

2020 Chevy Sonic Review and Release date

2020 Chevy Sonic Release Date

We’re not abiding if the G-Class is Slim’s claimed vehicle, but we’re academic accustomed his analysis that if it is, it won’t be for abundant longer.

The G-Class has a history as a aggressive vehicle, so it was never absolutely congenital for super-tall bodies to ride about in. Brace that with the actuality the attic has been confused up for added arena approval while off-roading (even admitting no buyer anytime takes it off-pavement) and you’ve got a appealing afflictive vehicle.

2020 Chevy Sonic Spesification

2020 Chevy Sonic Research New

Perhaps the video will be apparent by somebody on the Mercedes-Benz aggregation and argue them to add a brace added notches to the advanced bench runners – if they haven’t already on the new-gen 2020 – so bodies like Slim can absolutely drive about their big-ticket affluence SUVs.

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2020 Chevy Sonic Picture

2020 Chevy Sonic Ratings

2020 Chevy Sonic Price and Release date

2020 Chevy Sonic Performance

2020 Chevy Sonic Overview

2020 Chevy Sonic Research New

2020 Chevy Sonic Price

2020 Chevy Sonic Price and Release date

2020 Chevy Sonic Pricing

2020 Chevy Sonic Engine


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