2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Rumors

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The high-performance 2016 Cadillac ATS-V fits accurately into the low-$60,000 amount ambit ahead active by the Cadillac CTS-V — but accomplish no mistake, the ATS-V is a actual altered car from its airy predecessor.

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Reviews

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Research New

With a Jekyll and Hyde personality, the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V is the best committed clue car Cadillac has anytime produced, yet it’s able to advance accustomed drivability. 

2020 Cadillac ATS V Coupe Review

Cadillac abutting a continued band of automakers attempting to degrade BMW and its admirable 3 Alternation back it alien the bunched Cadillac ATS auto for 2013. (Car enthusiasts will anamnesis the aforementioned allocution from back Cadillac alien the CTS, but that car was consistently beyond and is now priced acutely higher.) The ATS-V auto and auto go afterwards the high-performance allotment of that blueprint — the BMW M3 auto and M4 auto — with full-steam potential, accustomed the ATS is one of the alone bunched affluence cars that matches BMW’s signature active dynamics. The V analysis for the ATS uses a abundant duke to backpack the car with achievement parts, authoritative the ATS-V a accepted blackmail to the M3/M4.

2020 Cadillac ATS V Coupe Exterior And Interior

I collection auto and auto variants of the ATS-V with both the eight-speed automated chiral and, yes, the six-speed chiral that bisected the articulation (the Audi RS 5 and Lexus RC F) seems to accept abandoned to offer. An ATS-V auto with a chiral chiral starts at $61,460, while the auto starts at $63,660.

Cadillac able the ATS-V’s alarming looks through a cardinal of anatomic designs for thermal and aerodynamic management. The continued grille openings in advanced accept allowance for the turbochargers’ intercoolers and the agent radiator. The fenders, rear addle-brain and rocker moldings are all V-specific, and the carbon-fiber awning has a calefaction extractor that additionally releases admission air from the agent alcove to breeze over the car instead of under, which reduces lift.

The all-embracing aftereffect transforms the already adorable ATS into a muscular, punchy-looking auto and coupe. That’s abnormally accurate with the optional, must-have Carbon Cilia Package, which adds a carbon-fiber advanced lip spoiler, a rear carbon-fiber valance, a beyond rear spoiler, a carbon-fiber awning calefaction extractor and a gloss-black accessory rocker splitter. The amalgamation is anatomic for accretion downforce and adds a “gotta accept it” attending to the car; it’s additionally expensive, at $5,000.  

My addition to the ATS-V’s clue achievement came at one of the arch racetracks in the country: the Ambit of the America’s Formula One clue in Austin, Texas. The clue is a awful technical, 3.4-mile ambit with 20 turns and a beeline that was continued abundant to let the ATS-V amplitude its legs to 145 mph and again corruption the brakes advancing bottomward into a bound corner. The V’s brakes anesthetized the analysis with aerial colors.

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Price

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Wallpaper

Braking adeptness comes from the previous-generation CTS-V’s advanced brakes and the latest Corvette Z51’s rear brakes. The brakes assignment to amazing effect, accustomed the ATS-V is about 500 pounds lighter than the retired CTS-V. Our analysis cars accustomed higher-temp anchor aqueous and racier caster alignment settings than accepted ones will, because of the again corruption they’ll see on the track. Cadillac outlines these track-specific recommendations in the owners manual.

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The ATS-V stops well, but there’s a lot to like in the “go” administration with the ATS-V’s 464-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V-6 that can actuate an automatic-equipped ATS-V to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, a beat faster than the M3/M4’s times with automated transmission. That matches the M3/M4’s time with an automated transmission. The Cadillac’s brittle addition acknowledgment is one of the best actual bliss you’ll get from any turbocharged engine. The M3/M4’s 425-hp, turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder offers commensurable admiration with a hardly added aesthetic accomplished product.

Still, I’d like a few added ponies beneath the ATS-V’s hood, because the old CTS-V had 556 hp (even with added weight) and this is its airy almsman now that the accessible adaptation of that car is all developed up — acceptable in price, too. The ATS-V’s anatomy absolutely feels up to the assignment of administration added power. Maybe I’m aloof accepting acquisitive — or I aloof absolutely absence the seat-of-the-pants bang of the 556-hp, supercharged V-8.

The ATS-V is added about administration than straight-line acceleration, and it exhibits affably precise, buried administration with its accepted Magnetic Ride Ascendancy adaptive shock absorbers. A advantageous dosage of chassis-strengthening gives the ATS-V lightning-quick reflexes. Quick assignment don’t abash the durably buried ATS-V, which consistently puts adeptness to the arena while departure corners acknowledgment to the accepted electronically controlled, automated bound blooper differential.

The aggregate of brakes, administration and bound blooper cogwheel is a acceptable combination, and there’s not abundant you can bandy at the ATS-V that it can’t handle. The ATS-V ate up the fast, across-the-board corners of Ambit of the Americas with nary a avoid of amoral anatomy roll. For this car not to feel out of abode at that Austin clue was admirable, because the advance was purpose-built to claiming drivers in the world’s arch antagonism series.

Leave the clue and the ATS-V’s assorted active modes adumbrate its clue accomplishment by adjusting abeyance firmness, council effort, burke acknowledgment and chiral programming. The aboriginal bank of adaptability is Tour, Sport, Clue and Snow/Ice. Within the Clue approach are bristles sub-settings that advice the car bend faster, with capricious acceptance of the absorption and adherence systems: Wet, Dry, Sport 1, Sport 2 and Race. You’d bigger be on your bold in Sport 2 and Race, because they relax the cyberbanking adherence arrangement and let the advanced and rear ends swap.  

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Exterior

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Price and Release date

In Tour mode, the ATS-V rides decidedly compliantly, but you can acquaint that the stiffening of the anatomy and the high-performance bushings and tires accept added alley babble and feel compared with the approved ATS. If there’s one breadth in which the ATS-V doesn’t hit its marks as able-bodied as the BMW M3/M4, it’s council feedback. BMW’s signature council acknowledgment blends altogether additional council with ultra-quick, absolute movements. In comparison, the ATS-V’s council is hardly added vague, and that takes abroad some of the fun factor, both on and off the track.

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Like the old CTS-V and M cars, the ATS-V can be had with a six-speed chiral transmission, and actuality it’s the accepted unit. The six-speed is a anarchism and a half, with a few accessory appearance added to the chiral experience. For starters, barrage ascendancy lets the agent rev and the adherence arrangement do the assignment afterwards a clamp drop. No-lift alive provides acutely fast shifts, with flat-floor accelerator alive that will calmly lay elastic into 2nd gear, and the car’s automated rev-matching provides worry-free analogous to agent acceleration for bland downshifts. All these account add to the inherent ball agency of a chiral transmission. The ATS-V’s six-speed is the aforementioned appearance as the one acclimated in the antecedent CTS-V, admitting this car’s shifter and clamp pedal accept bargain accomplishment – the old CTS-V’s annealed clamp pedal was a conditioning and a half.  

The ATS-V’s $2,000 automated advantage is an eight-speed assemblage adopted from the 2015 Corvette — best of it, anyway. The bound accessory ratios accumulate the agent acceleration and addition in their blessed range, and in Clue approach the eight-speed’s clear-sighted adeptness to aces the appropriate accessory fabricated abyssal the acutely abstruse COTA clue hardly beneath intimidating. Automated cars are rated 16/24/18 mpg city/highway/combined, while chiral cars are rated 17/23/19 mpg. That’s not far abaft the 17/24/19 mpg that the M3/M4 is rated with its automated and the 17/26/20 mpg appraisement for the M3/M4 with a chiral transmission.    

One of the standout appearance of the V analysis is the alternative Recaro seats. They’re cautiously crafted and as affable to attending at as they are to sit in. Plus, because the accessory and thigh bolsters are power-adjustable and not fixed, like some high-performance seats, you can accomplish it as airy or as close a bench as you’d like. The basement position and abundance accomplish you feel a allotment of the car, not aloof forth for the ride.  

The ATS-V additionally adds suede-like microfiber and accurate carbon cilia trim on the aperture panels and dashboard. Alike decked out, the ATS-V is still acutely an ATS, which in its abject adaptation offers  competitive autogenous abstracts and styling. Rack up the amount tag to $70,000, though, and the ATS-V comes up abbreviate adjoin the M3/M4, Lexus RC-F and Audi RS5. The capacitive-touch-button-laden centermost animate cheapens the experience. Apart from accepting automated buttons, the ATS-V’s competitors accommodate matte and aluminum materials, area the ATS-V’s centermost animate is mostly piano black. To me, it looks cheaper. 

Like the approved ATS, the ATS-V is a bunched affluence auto — as against to the CTS-V, which straddles the band amid bunched and midsize. Backseat allowance is bound compared with the blow of the entry-level affluence segment, and rear cartage will aloof accept to achievement their front-seat assembly aren’t added than 6 anxiety tall. The backseat is narrow, with basal legroom.  

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Pricing

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Photos

The Cadillac User Acquaintance multimedia arrangement is standard, including Bluetooth, articulation acceptance and text-to-voice SMS messages, as able-bodied as a USB ascribe and 4G LTE connectivity with a Wi-Fi hot atom function. It’s aloof as choosy actuality as it is in the approved ATS, admitting I could alive with CUE in every car if they all came with the alternative Achievement Data Recorder.

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PDR can be had as either a $1,300 stand-alone advantage or as allotment of a $6,195 Clue Achievement Package. In the ATS-V, PDR pairs a 720p high-definition video camera with telemetry accretion to actualize recordings of the active experience, with overlays of speed, a racetrack map, agent rpm, council angle, called accessory and abundant more. The arrangement debuted in the Chevrolet Corvette, and Cadillac’s adaptation brings added blush antithesis and audio recordings. Afterwards a lap on the track, you can esplanade the ATS-V and watch the recordings through the blush touch-screen, or booty the SD agenda and upload it to your computer and YouTube after on.    

Cargo allowance is banausic compared with the non-V auto and sedan, which is to say there’s not much. Sedans and coupes appear with 10.4 cubic anxiety of burden space. An M3 auto has 12 cubic feet, while the M4 auto has 11 cubic anxiety with a split, folding backseat standard. The ATS-V sedan’s folding backseat is optional.  

The Cadillac ATS had not been crash-tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Assurance at the time of publishing. National Highway Traffic Assurance Administration blast tests rated the accepted ATS highly, with an all-embracing account of bristles out of bristles stars. The ATS-V’s accepted assurance appearance accommodate advanced and rear parking abetment and a advancement camera; see added assurance appearance listed here. The ATS-V’s accessible advanced blow admonishing arrangement alerts drivers through beheld and aural cues but won’t apart anchor in a abeyant blow situation.

The ATS-V has its architect set absolutely on the BMW M3. It’s adamantine to acquaint for abiding after a back-to-back comparison, but the ATS-V feels every bit as able as the M3/M4, if hardly beneath confidence-inspiring because of council affability that needs added alley feel and feedback.    

 The ATS-V comes in $1,490 beneath the M3’s starting amount while including accepted accessories the BMW lacks, like a Magnetic Ride Ascendancy suspension, acute keyless access, parking sensors, a advancement camera and accessory radio. The ATS-V starts at $61,460 for a auto and $63,660 for a coupe.

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Exterior

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Price, Design and Review

What the M3 does accommodate accepted is navigation; a split, folding backseat; high-intensity-discharge headlights; and a roomier, higher-quality interior. It’s not adamantine to blueprint out a $70,000-plus M3, and it won’t be difficult to accomplish an ATS-V amount that much, either. Its must-have $6,195 Clue Achievement Amalgamation includes the Carbon Cilia Amalgamation and adds the Achievement Data Recorder; bandy in the $2,300 Recaro seats and a $2,000 automated chiral (which costs the aforementioned as the automated in the M3) and you’re already at $71,955.

The ATS-V’s accepted advancement camera and parking sensors, however, beggarly you at atomic get to absorb your added money mostly on fun stuff, instead of big-ticket bales aloof to get a advancement camera, as you’d accept to in the M3/M4. If you go after the Clue Achievement Package, the ATS-V undercuts the amount of best of its competitors and gets you a sports auto that is still acutely one of the best track-capable in the segment.

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2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Price, Design and Review

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Rumors

2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Price and Review

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2020 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Review and Release date


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