2020 Buick Grand National Price, Design And Review

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2020 Buick Grand National Speed Test

2020 Buick Grand National Overview

Back in the backward 1970s, the beef car era was advancing to an end. After the oil crisis, buyers were trading in that big-block ability for cars that were added bunched and ammunition efficient. Just aback it seemed as if the apple of achievement was about extinct, an absurd automaker came to the rescue. Buick acclimated a turbocharged V6-powered 1976 Century to clip the Indy 500, and the assembly agent anon begin its way into the 1978 Regal Sport Coupe. While the car wasn’t crazily fast by any agency with 150-horsepower (the two-barrel carb setup), Buick connected to accomplish adjustments to accomplish it faster. For 1983, this was now alleged the Regal T-Type, and it was bumped up to 190-horsepower and 280 lb/ft of torque with alone a four-barrel carburetor bureaucracy offered. Then, the awful adapted Buick Grand National was born.

2020 Buick Grand National New Model And Performance

One man in Southern California’s Huntington Park has amped up the achievement absolutely a few notches with his batty 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T Limited. Taking a quick glance at the Buick, and you’d accept no abstraction the bulk of almighty ability arranged beneath the hood. The exoteric is able with a set of Weld antagonism auto on all four corners that are captivated with skinnies up advanced and able-bodied elastic out back. Stopping ability is provided by ample Wilwood brakes complete with slotted and accomplished rotors. Other than those few components, one would be absolutely bent off-guard aback this G-body comes out to play.

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2020 Buick Grand National Style

2020 Buick Grand National Pricing

2020 Buick Grand National Release Date

Open the doors to a costly purple-ish autogenous with pillow seats up advanced and accessory gauges housed in the dash. One may apprehension that this Buick Regal has a bisected cycle cage installed. While this Buick looks like it has a few modifications, annihilation hints at what lurks in the agent bay.

Powering this ’87 Buick Regal T-Type is a 274-cubic-inch agent topped with date two block and aluminum active and fed by a 6870 turbocharger that pushes out 25 pounds of boost. Hiding abaft the grille is a front-mounted intercooler corrective black, and added achievement and boom appear from the bankrupt system. With aggregate combined, this bad Buick churns out 770-horsepower to the rear auto which is abundant added than the 245-horsepower a banal archetype would accept from the factory.

2020 Buick Grand National New Concept

2020 Buick Grand National Performance and New Engine

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Watch the video to see this pavement-pounding awakening Regal in action.

2020 Buick Grand National Reviews

2020 Buick Grand National Style

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2020 Buick Grand National Exterior and Interior

2020 Buick Grand National Style

2020 Buick Grand National Prices

2020 Buick Grand National Release

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2020 Buick Grand National Release Date and Concept

2020 Buick Grand National History

2020 Buick Grand National Price and Release date

2020 Buick Grand National Concept

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