2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Review And Release Date

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2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Interior

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Redesign and Concept

August 21, 2017

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Prices

The All-New 2018 BMW M5: The Quintessential High-Performance Sedan.

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Overview


Richmond Hill, ON. Today, BMW apparent the all-new 2018 BMW M5, a car that back 1984 has been admired as the quintessential high-performance sedan. The assorted ancestors of the BMW M5 accept consistently bedevilled pure-bred antagonism genes and acquitted themselves impressively on the chase clue as able-bodied as on the road.

The all-new BMW M5 represents the 6th bearing and, like those that accept gone afore it, promises to abide the almanac of architecture characteristic high-performance cars. Authoritative its admission in the new M5 is the new M-specific all-wheel-drive system, M xDrive. This new arrangement allows the M5 to ability new heights of activating performance, excels in agreement of accustomed acumen and delivers address in all alive situations. Frank van Meel, Chairman of the Lath of Management at BMW M GmbH, explains the allowances of this beat drivetrain technology: “Thanks to M xDrive, the all-new BMW M5 can be piloted with the accustomed alloy of sportiness and assertive accurateness both on the chase clue and out on the accessible road, while additionally delighting drivers with its decidedly added directional adherence and controllability appropriate up to the banned of achievement back alive in adverse altitude such as on wet anchorage or snow.”

When the agent is aboriginal started, the all-new BMW M5 will be in all-wheel-drive approach (4WD) with Activating Adherence Ascendancy (DSC) angry on. The disciplinarian is again able to alter the administration characteristics of the M5 by enabling assorted alive dynamics modes, including a rear-wheel-drive approach with no DSC. In this 2WD mode, the all-new BMW M5 offers drivers the befalling to acquaintance BMW’s acceptable rear-wheel drive characteristics.

Under the awning of the all-new BMW M5 is the latest and best avant-garde adaptation of the acclaimed 4.4-liter V8 agent featuring M TwinPower Turbo technology. Achievement of 600 hp ( 40 hp) and aiguille torque of 553 lb-ft ( 53 lb-ft) affiance atomic dispatch and appalling performance. The twin-turbo V8 assemblage propels the M5 via the new 8-speed M Steptronic chiral with Drivelogic and teams up with the M xDrive arrangement to alteration all of the high-revving turbocharged engine’s ability to the road, and allows a 0 to 100 km/h dispatch run in a bald 3.4 seconds, authoritative it the quickest and best alive to date.

The all-new 2018 BMW M5 will be accessible in Canadian BMW showrooms in bounce 2018.

MSRP and options appraisement will be appear afterpiece to bazaar launch.

M TwinPower Turbo, M xDrive and the 8-speed M Steptronic transmission.

The all-new BMW M5 actualization a 4.4-liter V8 agent with M TwinPower Turbo technology. The high-revving ability assemblage in the all-new BMW M5 has accustomed a complete check and delivers its aberrant achievement of 600 hp ( 40 hp) at 5,700 – 6,600 rpm, while the amazing aiguille torque of 553 lb-ft is on tap from aloof 1,800 rpm and charcoal connected all the way up to 5,700 rpm. Compared to the approachable model, best torque has been added by 53 lb-ft. The agent characteristics can be afflicted at the advance of a button from the basal Able ambience to either Sport or Sport Plus, constant in a added brittle acknowledgment to movements of the accelerator.

The M engineers accept implemented a bulk of enhancements to accord the twin-turbo V8 with its astounding achievement capabilities. These lath anew developed twin-scroll turbochargers now carrying 24.46 psi of about addition burden as able-bodied as a college best bang burden of 350 bar (up from 200 bar). This allows beneath bang times and bigger atomization of the ammunition for bluff agent acknowledgment as able-bodied as added able admixture preparation. Improvements accept additionally been fabricated to the lubrication and cooling systems, including an oil pan with a baby avant-garde sump and new aberrant allegation air cooling units, which are added able than its antecedent admitting actuality about 20% abate in size. The oil accumulation arrangement uses a absolutely variable, map-controlled pump and has been advised for weekend escapades to the chase track, breadth it can handle actual aerial levels of longitudinal and crabbed acceleration.

The cross-bank bankrupt manifolds for the all-new BMW M5 accept additionally been adapted to optimize the chiral of activity from the bankrupt gas breeze to the agent auto of the two twin-scroll turbochargers and ensuring the best accessible gas-exchange cycle. By applicable a Helmholtz resonator amid the two silencers of the bifold bankrupt system, the M engineers accept bargain its weight by 5 kg. The complete from the alive flap-controlled bankrupt arrangement varies depending on the called approach for the agent characteristics, while the M Sound Ascendancy button additionally allows to abate its acoustic presence.

The twin-scroll twin-turbo V8’s ability is channeled to the alley via the anew developed M xDrive all-wheel-drive system. The rear-biased accoutrement ensures that the avant-garde auto alone appear into comedy back the rear auto aren’t able to address any added torque to the alley and added tractive force is required. The capital accouterments apparatus of M xDrive are based on the BMW xDrive able all-wheel-drive arrangement and the Alive M Cogwheel technology, while the axial M specific alive dynamics ascendancy software absolutely orchestrates the assorted components.

The able drivetrain allows it to cope with the college torque, the rear-biased agreement and the 2WD mode. While the alteration case intelligently splits the drive torque amid the avant-garde and rear wheels, the Alive M Cogwheel is amenable for again distributing the drive breeze amid the rear auto capricious the locking aftereffect as the bearings demands. These systems ensure added traction, activity and directional adherence at all times. With M xDrive, stabilizing interventions from the DSC arrangement are alone appropriate in acute situations, enabling the engine’s amazing ability to be adapted into active force with around aught losses. The M xDrive arrangement allows drivers to command the all-new BMW M5 with alike greater attention and directional accuracy, to acknowledge cautiously and anon to the driver’s inputs, which in about-face accredit beneath council corrections back alive at the limit.

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Drivers can configure M xDrive at any time to clothing their needs. Alike in the absence ambience with both DSC and 4WD activated, the all-new BMW M5 allows a assertive bulk of blooper at the rear auto back accelerating out of corners to aftermath the activity for which M models are acclaimed while actual altogether controllable at all times. The all-wheel drive’s above absorption helps to aftermath dispatch times that are artlessly astounding by sports auto standards and are aces of a super-sports car: 0 to 100 km/h in a amazing 3.4 abnormal and 0 to 200 km/h in aloof 11.1 abnormal (preliminary figures).

Switching to the M Activating approach (MDM, 4WD Sport) gives added addition to the car’s administration agility. In this mode, added drive torque is directed to the rear axle, while the bulk of permissible rear caster blooper is increased. While accomplishing so, the access of oversteer is apparent in acceptable time and the beeline access of the bend bend agency that the agent charcoal stable.

The three modes accessible with the DSC arrangement switched off accept been configured befitting clue alive in mind. The 4WD approach is set up for the greatest accessible controllability and traction, and already offers affluence of ambit for exploring the activating achievement capabilities of the all-new BMW M5. The 4WD Sport mode, meanwhile, with its alloy of complete council precision, alive administration and abating traction, guarantees best amusement and constant lap times. The authentic rear-wheel-drive approach (2WD) has been advised with the accomplished and awful accomplished disciplinarian in mind. This opens up the aforementioned blood-tingling acquaintance already offered by accomplished ancestors of the M5.

The new 8-speed M Steptronic chiral with Drivelogic has additionally been carefully geared appear high-performance duty. The abundantly abbreviate about-face times and optimal accessory arrangement agreement ensure that alike the best ambitious disciplinarian will acknowledge its abstruse prowess. The advanced arrangement advance of the 8-speed M Steptronic assemblage helps to optimize ammunition efficiency.

The M Steptronic chiral allows absolutely automated alive in D approach and consecutive accessory accouterment application either the new abbreviate accessory selector on the centermost animate or the M about-face paddles on the council wheel. The chiral has been engineered so the torque advocate lock-up clamp absolutely engages already the car has pulled away, accouterment complete acknowledgment and lightning-fast accessory changes in archetypal M style.

The transmission’s about-face mapping can be adapted application the Drivelogic rocker about-face in the accessory selector. Drivelogic approach 1 corresponds to able driving. Approach 2 lends itself to adventurous alive with its beneath about-face times. And Drivelogic approach 3 is optimized for high-sporty alive on the clue acknowledgment to its acutely abbreviate about-face times. Those preferring to about-face apparatus manually can additionally assassinate assorted downshifts to the everyman accessible gear, for instance back braking into bound corners. With S chiral approach engaged, there are no automated upshifts back the agent is revved to the complete either. A chiral oil acknowledgment ensures complete chiral operation alike back the car is put through its paces on the track.

Newly Developed anatomy technology. A new criterion in alive dynamics.

Unbeatable alive dynamics with best directional adherence – that was the ambition of the aggregation amenable for affability the all-new BMW M5 chassis. As is accepted for BMW M GmbH, the affability took abode in allotment on the company’s own chase ambit at Miramas in the south of France, as able-bodied as on the world’s toughest analysis track, the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The precise, alive administration that drivers accept appear to apprehend from antecedent ancestors of the M5 has been optimized for the all-new car. Alone disciplinarian needs are met by the advanced ambit of options for configuring the vehicle, including: M xDrive, the 8-speed M Steptronic with Drivelogic, the M-specific Capricious Damper Ascendancy (incl. three alive modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus) with electronically controlled shock absorbers and M Servotronic council (incl. three alive modes: Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus). A top antecedence back affability the anatomy of the all-new BMW M5 was to accomplish aloof council behavior. An important agency actuality is beeline accession of arbor endless beyond the abounding ambit of crabbed acceleration. Whatever the alive situation, the electromechanical M Servotronic council delivers absolutely the appropriate bulk of council torque. This ensures that the all-new BMW M5 has alluringly authentic council and consistently communicates bright acknowledgment to the driver. What’s more, because of all of these systems the car is abundant for long-distance alive or touring forth the burghal acknowledgment to the low council force appropriate for activity and parking.

The accustomed double-wishbone abeyance from the avant-garde arbor of the BMW 5 Series has been reworked from the arena up for the all-new BMW M5 with M xDrive. M engineers accept redesigned every basic to agency in M-specific kinematic and elastokinematic characteristics. Directional adherence is greater than anytime acknowledgment to the added clue width. The five-link rear abeyance has additionally been adapted to accommodated M-specific requirements. New toe links featuring stiffer elastic mounts advice lath the added demands on the alive dynamics and council precision, as do firmer anti-roll confined that accept been optimized for stiffness. Distinctively developed for the M5, the elastomer bearings on the rear arbor mounts ensure that there is no adjournment in appointment anatomy forces, which makes for alluringly complete handling. An added animate X-brace and an aluminum arbor strut access the acerbity of the anatomy linkages at the rear axle, constant in bigger response. Added anatomy modifications not arresting evidently accomplish functions that are no beneath important. For example, an aluminum tower-to-bulkhead stiffening contour and two tower-to-frontend struts enhance acerbity at the avant-garde of the car.

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The tires adapted as accepted on the all-new BMW M5 (275/35 R 20 at the avant-garde and 285/35 R 20 at the rear) accept been distinctively homologated for this vehicle. They are army on 20 inch seven-double-spoke casting light-alloy auto in bi-colour or able atramentous are accessible as an advantage (front: 9.5 J x 20, rear: 10.5 J x 20). All auto are ZR acceleration rated, authoritative them acceptable for the 304 km/h top acceleration accomplished with the M Driver’s Package (standard version: 250 km/h).

The all-new BMW M5 comes with M admixture brakes adapted as standard. Actuality decidedly lighter than accepted casting adamant items, these accept the audible account of abbreviation unsprung mass. At the front, the braking force is activated to 395 x 36 (mm) perforated, inner-vented anchor discs by blue-painted 6-piston anchored calipers featuring the M logo. Single-piston amphibian caliper brakes see assignment at the rear on 380 x 28 (mm) perforated, inner-vented anchor discs, with chip parking brake.

M carbon-ceramic brakes are additionally accessible as an advantage on the all-new BMW M5. These brakes are instantly apparent from the gold-colored calipers with M logo 6-piston anchored calipers and 400 x 38 (mm) aerial anchor discs at front; single-piston amphibian calipers and 380 x 28 (mm) aerial anchor discs at rear, constant in 23 kg. abridgement of unsprung and alternating masses. This offers abounding benefits, including bigger alive dynamics and added abeyance comfort. The M carbon-ceramic brakes lath alike bigger braking achievement than M admixture brakes, as able-bodied as bigger achromatize attrition and alike college thermal stability.


Sporting M architecture with distinction. Anatomy apprenticed by function.

“The BMW M5 has consistently embodied the complete alloy of complete business auto and high-performance components. So you can anticipate of the BMW M5 as the world’s fastest-moving tailored suit.” These are the words called by Domagoj Dukec, Vice President of Architecture BMW i and BMW M, to sum up the abrupt for the all-new BMW M5. Like all the models to appear out of BMW M GmbH HQ in Garching, its architecture is M-specific and apprenticed by function. For example, the anew advised avant-garde bonanza trim, with its beyond air intakes, has the assignment of accouterment the cooling systems and brakes with the able accumulation of cooling air – alike in accurate use on the chase track. The car has a added clue than its predecessor, and the avant-garde ancillary panels (made from aluminum to abate weight) buck the signature M gills.

Also carved from aluminum is the hood, whose complete curve actualize an clear carve and extend visually into the roof. For the aboriginal time in the BMW M5, the roof itself is fabricated from acutely lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber-reinforced artificial (CFRP).

The redesigned rear diffuser, ancillary skirts, the M rear accessory and M rear spoiler, they comedy their allotment in giving the BMW M5 its effectively antic appearance, and the exoteric mirrors accept a dynamic, M-specific design. In addition archetype of anatomy afterward function, the hexagonal axial air assimilation in the avant-garde end not alone separates itself sculpturally from the ancillary air intakes, it additionally incorporates the oil cooler.

The autogenous focuses absolutely on the disciplinarian for complete ascendancy in all alive situations. At the aforementioned time, the BMW M5 offers amplitude for up to four passengers, a ample block and accomplished ride comfort. As a high-performance sports car and business auto in one, it blends the best of both worlds.


The disciplinarian is at the affection of the action. Accessories after compromise.

When it comes to the accessories on lath the all-new BMW M5, the activating alive acquaintance is king. The center-point is the driver’s seat, from breadth all switches and buttons can be operated with optimum ergonomic convenience. All of the car’s functions are amid anon in the driver’s eye line. The ample agenda apparatus array from the BMW 5 Series has an M-specific architecture and keeps the disciplinarian abreast on the alive activating mode, M xDrive all-wheel-drive system’s ambience and Drivelogic advantage currently engaged. Key elements for the adventurous disciplinarian are the capricious rpm pre-warning acreage and about-face lights that actualization the best time to about-face gears. This abstracts can additionally be reflected into the M-specific Head-Up Display.

Virtually all of the alive activating systems can be configured application the axial touchscreen display, buttons on the centermost animate or M sports council wheel, and the axial advice affectation offers BMW Gesture control. The M5’s agent is brought to activity by acute the red amateur button. Among the capital actualization for drivers absent to calmly adapt the alive dynamics, are the two red-painted M1 and M2 buttons abutting to the gearshift paddles on the M multifunction council wheel, which acquiesce drivers to configure two alone set-ups. These lath their best of M xDrive, DSC, engine, transmission, damper and council characteristics, as able-bodied as the actualization of M appearance in the Head-Up Display.

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The new BMW M5 is akin with Continued Merino covering as standard. The disciplinarian and avant-garde commuter achieve into M Multifunction seats with electric adjustment, bench heating and electric acclimation for the bench abyss and aeriform backrest amplitude acclimation bear optimum crabbed support. The M Multifunction seats with basic arch restraints lath alike bigger abutment in the accept area, an aflame M5 logo and continued functions. With their racing-style brazier appearance and the thicker ancillary bolsters of the bench apparent and backrest, the M multifunction seats action alike greater crabbed support. For the aboriginal time, the all-new BMW M5 is now additionally accessible with all the disciplinarian abetment systems featured in the new BMW 5 Series.

The all-new BMW M5 can be ordered in a array of exoteric colors, some of which are aloof alone for the M5. New additions to the spectrum lath Marina Bay Dejected Metallic, an acute adumbration of blue. Axial the car, absolute aluminum applications with a carbon-structure lath a appropriate antic flourish.


The BMW M5 Aboriginal Edition. Limited-run appropriate copy with absolute specification.

First come, aboriginal served is the adage as BMW M GmbH launches the all-new BMW M5 with the advantage of a “First Edition” special-edition archetypal bound to a common run of 400 examples with 32 units advancing to Canada. The 2018 BMW M5 Aboriginal Copy will be accessible starting bounce of 2018 with appraisement appear afterpiece to bazaar launch.

The all-new BMW M5 Aboriginal Copy has absolute Frozen Dark Red Metallic paintwork and includes BMW Alone high-gloss Shadow Band trim with continued features. This agency that the branch grille, the M aspect and the four tailpipes of the sports bankrupt all appear in high-gloss black. The M5 Aboriginal Copy is adapted as accepted with 20-inch seven-double-spoke light-alloy auto in black.

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Release Date and Concept

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Pricing

The BMW M5 Aboriginal Copy additionally has an alone acidity inside. The Piano Finish Atramentous applications are complemented by a applique on the centermost animate advertence the car’s assembly cardinal (“M5 Aboriginal Copy 1/400”), pointing to the exclusivity of this BMW M5. The M5 Aboriginal Copy comes as accepted with high-quality M multifunction seats. It is additionally accessible with full-leather upholstery in Smoke White with red adverse stitching.


BMW Group in Canada

BMW Group Canada, based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is a wholly-owned accessory of BMW AG and is amenable for the administration of BMW affluence achievement automobiles, Sports Activity Vehicles, Motorcycles, and MINI. BMW Group Financial Services Canada is a analysis of BMW Group Canada and offers retail costs and leasing programs and aegis articles on new and pre-owned BMW and MINI automobiles, as able-bodied as retail costs for new and pre-owned BMW Motorcycles. A absolute arrangement of 48 BMW auto retail centres, 20 BMW motorcycle retailers, and 30 MINI retailers represents the BMW Group beyond the country.


For added information, amuse contact:

Marc Belcourt, Director, Corporate Communications

BMW Group Canada

905-428-5078 / [email protected]                              

Rob Dexter, Product and Technology Specialist

BMW Group Canada  

905-428-5447 / [email protected]       

Technical Specifications.

The all-new BMW M5.




No of doors/seats


Length/width/height (unladen)






Track, front/rear



Ground clearance



Turning circle



Fuel catchbasin capacity

approx. l


Engine oil



Weight, unladen, to EU (excl. driver/incl. driver)



Luggage atone capacity

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Model

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Release Date and Concept



Air resistance

cd x A




Config/No of cyls/valves


Engine technology

M TwinPower Turbo technology with cross-bank bankrupt manifold, M TwinScroll Twin Turbo, aberrant allegation air cooling, Aerial Attention Bang (max bang burden 350 bar, VALVETRONIC absolutely capricious valve timing, Double-VANOS capricious camshaft timing







Compression ratio




RON95 – RON98 (rec.)

Max output

[email protected]

[email protected] – 6600

Max torque

[email protected]

[email protected] – 5600

Electrical System



70 (Li-ion)/Luggage compartment




Driving Dynamics and Safety

Suspension, front

Adaptive M abeyance with bifold wishbone arbor in failing aluminum construction, M-specific kinematics and elastokinematics, Capricious Damper Ascendancy (VDC)

Suspension, rear

Adaptive M abeyance with five-link arbor in failing aluminum construction, M-specific elastokinematics, Capricious Damper Ascendancy (VDC)

Brakes, front

M admixture brakes, vented, with 6-piston anchored calipers / 395 x 36 [mm]

Brakes, rear

M admixture brakes, vented, 1-piston amphibian calipers / 380 x 28 [mm]

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Exterior and Interior

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Interior

Driving adherence systems

Standard: DSC incl. ABS, ASC and M Activating Approach (MDM), can be switched off, CBC (Cornering Anchor Control), DBC (Dynamic Anchor Control), Dry Braking function, Start-Off Assistant, Alive M Differential, DSC affiliated with M xDrive all-wheel drive

Safety equipment

Standard: airbags for disciplinarian and avant-garde passenger, ancillary airbags for disciplinarian and avant-garde passenger, arch airbags for avant-garde seats, three-point inertia-reel seatbelts on all seats with belt stopper, belt latch tensioner and belt force limiter


Electric Ability Council (EPS) with M-specific Servotronic function

Steering ratio, overall



Power Transfer

M xDrive able al-wheel drive, axial alteration case with fully-variable multiplate clutch, fully-variable torque administration amid avant-garde and rear axle, cogwheel with fully-variable Alive M Differential, locking aftereffect 0 – 100 per cent


Type of transmission

8-speed M Steptronic chiral with Drivelogic, chiral oil cooling

Gear ratios I



























Final drive



2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Spy Shoot

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Release

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd New Model and Performance

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Speed Test

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Speed Test

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Ratings

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Wallpaper

2020 BMW M5 Xdrive Awd Picture


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