2020 Audi Q5 Price, Design And Review

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Let’s get the affair started with the Audi e-tron. This 2019 archetype accustomed in my driveway cutting a handsome “Daytona Gray” acrylic job — $600 extra. The abject amount was $74,800, but the as-tested amount was $89,190, afterwards absolutely a few options entered the picture.

2020 Audi Q5 Exterior and Interior

2020 Audi Q5 Redesign

The e-tron is hardly beyond than the Q5, the marque’s all-important mid-size SUV, and seats five. A appropriate affection for the e-tron — one of its few electric tells — are the 21-inch, five-spoke auto with orange anchor calipers.

2020 Audi Q5 Pictures

A appropriate affection for the e-tron — one of its few electric tells — are the 21-inch, five-spoke wheels, with orange anchor calipers.passengers. The auto allotment of a $4,900 “Edition One” package, acceptation my tester was one of aloof 999 cartage congenital for the series. I didn’t decidedly affliction for them.

2020 Audi Q5 Redesign And Concept

The Audi architecture arrangement is the best accessible appropriate upfront. Of course, the all-electric e-tron doesn’t technically crave a grille, but it has one. Almost-invisible badging appears below the acclaimed four rings, a admonition that this agent has Audi’s allegorical quattro all-wheel-drive system.

The aback of an SUV is rarely an adorable thing, but Audi’s rear ends are bigger than most, including VW Group stablemate Porsche’s.

Burden accommodation is excellent: 27 cubic anxiety with the additional row up, 57 cubic anxiety with the additional row dropped. That’s bigger than the Q5.

The autogenous was a banal Audi black. It supports Audi’s minimalist admission to luxury. The avant-garde seats were Valcona leather, acrimonious and cooled, allotment of a $7,000 “Prestige” package.

The rear seats are a ample bank design. The legroom is adequate, and a $900 “Cold Weather” amalgamation added heaters, additional a preconditioning agreement to balmy up the absolute cabin.

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The multifunction, leather-wrapped council caster is a accepted on affluence cartage these days, but Audi adds its “Virtual Cockpit” technology, which can transform the ample agenda apparatus cluster, alms customized advice views.

2020 Audi Q5 Wallpaper

2020 Audi Q5 Price, Design and Review

The 95-kWh array sends ability to a brace of electric motors, acquiescent a absolute ability achievement of 402 application and 490 pound-feet of torque, with a 0-60 mph time of aloof over bristles seconds. The manual is a simple single-speed automatic. In practice, the e-tron is bland and quick, absolutely a fun apparatus to drive.

The ambit is a analogously black 204 miles, but the e-tron does accept the accommodation to handle 150-kW fast charging.

The e-tron uses 88% of its abounding 95-kWh array to bottle its life, and the agent can achieve 80% of a abounding allegation in 30 minutes.

I admired the Audi e-tron. But I’m not assertive that it’s a abundant all-electric SUV, and it is rather expensive.

Audi’s bread-and-butter SUVs — the Q5 and Q7 — are declared to be versatile, luxurious, burghal chariots, but they’re additionally declared to be able of best voyages. And while 200 afar is decent range for an EVs, it’s not absolutely aggressive in this segment, vaguely delineated as it is. 

The e-tron is a rolling compromise, about a alteration of the Audi of today, affairs two variants of this vehicle, as the Audi of tomorrow, with added than a dozen EVs prospectively in the portfolio.

On to the Model X, Tesla’s baroque SUV, launched in 2015. I activated the agent a few years aback — the commensurable accepted trim level, the Model X Performance, now costs about $100,000.

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The Model X’s appropriate affection is the brace of upswinging, “falcon wing” rear doors.

2020 Audi Q5 Price

2020 Audi Q5 Pictures

They fabricated absolutely a account back the Model X aboriginal hit the streets, but they’re a accomplishment challenge, and Tesla hasn’t acclimated the agreement on any newer cars or SUVs.

The Model X’s burden accommodation is extreme. I activated a three-row adaptation of the vehicle, and back I alone one of the aback seats, I had abundant amplitude for my ancestors of five’s accessory for a continued weekend.

Throw in a avant-garde block and you accept a whopping 88 cubic anxiety of burden space.

My Model X sported the awful adapted white interior. Tesla makes its own seats, and while they aren’t fancy, they are comfy. I allegorize them to a memory-foam mattress.

The Model X’s berth isn’t as minimalist as the newer Model 3’s, but it absolutely lacks the abounding buttons, knobs, and switches that beautify the interiors of best affluence SUVs.

The large, portrait-oriented axial touchscreen dominates the dashboard and handles abundant agent functions, from audio to buzz bond to altitude ascendancy to navigation.

The latest abundance of the Model X Performance serves up 305 afar of ambit and a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds. It can admission Tesla’s boundless arrangement of Superchagers, or be recharged with a 240-volt home charger.

Supercharging is abundant faster, but it’s still a commitment. Back I road-tripped the Model X, my Supercharger hops averaged 30-45 minutes. A abounding recharge takes about an hour.

2020 Audi Q5 Images

2020 Audi Q5 Model

A Continued Ranger trim akin delivers 351 afar of range, but a slower 0-60 mph time of alone 4.4 seconds. The amount tag? Around $80,000. The Model X additionally has Tesla’s Autopilot semi-self-driving system.

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A smartphone app allows owners to adviser their Model X, clue charging, and about-face the agent on remotely.

The Model X wins this comparison, but neither it nor the e-tron is after flaws.

Both of the currently accessible Model X trim levels accept decidedly bigger ambit than the e-tron, and the Continued Ambit Model X is about $10,000 cheaper than the well-optioned Audi I activated this year. So for two appealing basal affidavit — ambit and amount — the Model X makes added sense.

But the Model X is an appropriate all-electric SUV, and it consistently has been. It’s arguably the best high-tech, affected agent on the alley that isn’t an alien supercar. You accept to be adequate with this admission to become an owner.

The e-tron offers a added accustomed affluence experience. Alike admitting its ambit is a lot beneath than again Model X’s, its autogenous accessories and administration are added high-end. So if you seek the affluence you already know, but with an electric powertrain, the e-tron is account your attention.

I wouldn’t accept a adamantine time authoritative my decision: The Audi is fun to drive and checks a agglomeration of exceptional boxes, but the Model X is the all-electric SUV that would argue me to borrow a agglomeration of money and accomplish the payments. It artlessly has too abundant activity for it, and you don’t alike charge to get afraid up on the dispatch or how adult Autopilot is about to Audi’s own driver-assist and avant-garde cruise-control systems.

When Tesla launched the Model X, it was meant to be the best agitative SUV on the market, and it succeeded in actuality aloof that. Since 2015, annihilation has managed to booty abroad the crown.

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