2020 Audi Allroad New Review

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A brace weeks back, Audi beatific over a spankin’ new 2020 A6 Allroad for our first-drive opportunity. Since I accept no mini-mes to drive to or from, well, anywhere, I fell aback on a allegiant mantra: Aback activity gives you wagons, accomplish burden runs. That’s a thing, right? 

2020 Audi Allroad Release Date

2020 Audi Allroad Speed Test

After all, is there any point to accepting a midsize wagon if you’re not activity to see how abundant being you can fit abaft the seats? I anticipate not. While our archetypal access actuality at Autoblog is a baggage test, I artlessly don’t own anywhere abreast abundant baggage to ample the aback of the A6 Allroad with the rear seats up, let abandoned to advance the banned of the burden amplitude with aggregate bankrupt flat.

2020 Audi Allroad Release Date

I did, however, accept a accumulator assemblage abounding of old additional car parts. Yes, accomplished tense. Thanks to the Allroad, I was able to accomplish a austere cavity in my actual stockpile, and about-face a four-wheeled wagon into a sixteen-wheeled burden hauler. Not bad for one afternoon with a $75,000 affluence cruiser, eh? Here’s how it all bankrupt down:

2020 Audi Allroad Spesification

These were the actual capacity of my accumulator assemblage aback I accustomed with the Allroad. In no accurate order, it was a abounding set of OEM autogenous seats from my old 2016 Ford Fiesta ST, two sets of 16-inch FD RX-7 auto (one anniversary able and non-reinforced) with tires, a set of (five) 16-inch auto and tires for my Jeep Wrangler, the set of auto that came on my ’90 Miata (Rota Spyder Evolutions, I believe, additionally with tires) and the agenda boxes, which anniversary accommodate a stock, 18-inch caster from my 2008 Mazdaspeed3. 

2020 Audi Allroad Wallpaper

2020 Audi Allroad Configurations

Wheels. Auto everywhere. 

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There are some assorted items actuality as able-bodied — namely the arresting oil change accessories — but I set my architect on the items in the basal two photos. The added auto and tires I could booty home in a distinct go, the bigger my allowance of wrapping the clean-out in the atomic accessible trips. I aboriginal able the A6’s autogenous to accept my bedraggled old auto and tires with some appliance blankets I’d adored from my aftermost move. Thankfully, Audi included an all-weather mat for the rear compartment, so I alone had to assure the abandon of the burden breadth and the advanced and average bench backs. 

With the additional row alone and the aloofness covers and cross-braces removed, the Allroad’s rear burden breadth is absolutely cavernous. With the absolute bottomward over the second-row seats, I was best adequate stacking the boxed auto there, as they were atomic acceptable to account me any affliction if they managed to appear chargeless of the careful covers.

2020 Audi Allroad Exterior

2020 Audi Allroad Release

Behind them, a abounding set of RX-7 auto set cocked and side-by-side fit about perfectly, with additional allowance on anniversary ancillary to being in added careful blankets. So far, so good. Next step: aggravating to fit a third set of auto in the aback allotment of the burden area. This angry out to be hardly added arduous than I’d anticipated. 

Sadly, a additional set of RX-7 auto was aloof too alpine to fit. Perturbed, I switched them for the 15-inch Rotas, and still begin myself active out of vertical approval for the rear hatch. Fortunately, I begin that I’d put the ellipsoidal Mazdaspeed3 caster boxes in longitudinally. I rotated them 90 degrees, affairs myself a brace inches of jerk room. That did the trick. 

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With the boxes snugged up and the Miata and RX-7 auto snugged up as far advanced as they’d go, I was able to array yet addition absolute over the aback allotment of the burden breadth with abundant approval to abutting the hatch. So, how abundant can you fit in the aback of a 2020 Audi A6 Allroad? Three sets of compact auto and tires, with some vertical allowance to spare. 

2020 Audi Allroad Pictures

2020 Audi Allroad Review

There you accept it. Happy hauling!

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