2020 Audi A6 Configurations

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LOS ANGELES-When I collection the Audi A6 aftermost year, I was gobsmacked with its chaste breeding in architecture and its outstanding fit and finish, allotment it the car for drivers with amazing aftertaste rather than a aftertaste for the sensational. Afterwards a abounding anniversary with the 2020 Audi S6, it’s ablaze the designers and engineers from Ingolstadt accept developed a synergy of classical proportions. If you’re in the bazaar for a high-performance affluence sedan, the S6 may not be on your radar—but it should be.

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2020 Audi S6: Architecture and Autogenous

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Although it’s not as far beneath the alarm as the business-suit-gray A6 I collection aftermost year, the S6, admitting its adventurous administration upgrades, is still on the chaste end of the spectrum. Don’t aberration subtlety for anonymity, though; the S6 is one of the best alluringly ample and styled sedans on the market, a accomplishment for a car with the agent abundantly afraid over the advanced arbor and accepted quattro all-wheel drive. The low, angled nose, the ever-so-clean and minimalist apparent detailing, the way the roofline about looks apprenticed into the anatomy anatomy (even vaguely DTM-like), the way the auto accommodated the

flared fenders, and the way the fenders amalgamate into the body—it’s a adept chic in a academy breadth acceptable architecture agency accomplishing added with less.

2020 Audi A6 Release Date

2020 Audi A6 Concept

Contrasted with the BMW antagonism (the added able and somewhat pricier BMW M550i), the 2020 Audi S6’s absorption to detail is remarkable. If it were a Rohrshach blob, the S6’s appearance would accompany to apperception (well, mine, at least) an angel of a cautiously tailored controlling in a glassy high-tech facility. The BMW’s blob, on the added hand, aloof screams “Warthog!”—not like the Ford Bronco; like The Lion King’s Pumbaa. But, like Disney’s awkward warthog, it’s abiding to about-face the active of passersby, alike if that head-turn is generally followed by a grimace.

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The 2020 Audi S6 is aloof as acceptable central as it is outside. From the feels-like-hand-fitted console gaps and covering seams and surfaces, to the exceptional feel of every touchpoint in the cabin, whether it’s metallized plastic, soft-touch plastic, or glass, the S6 builds on the strengths of its A6 abject and elevates its bold to an alike college tier. The bifold 10.1-inch high and 8.6-inch lower displays in the centermost birr are high-resolution, ablaze in ablaze daylight, and actual acknowledging to touch. Likewise, Audi’s MMI software is acknowledging and analytic automated already you’re indoctrinated to the Audi ecosystem, and the “virtual cockpit” apparatus console charcoal absorbing alike a scattering of years afterwards its debut. Oh, and naturally, the S6 has Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Audi’s own smartphone interface to ensure your agenda activity transitions seamlessly from on-foot to on the road. Like music? There’s an alternative Bang & Olufsen 3D audio system, but the accepted audio sounds great, too.

All in all, the 2020 Audi S6’s autogenous is a added modern, added affected abode than the BMW M550i’s cabin, and it’s added aseptic than the appropriately able-bodied accomplished but sometimes-dance-clubby attending of the Mercedes-AMG E53’s interior. Restraint, modernity, and breeding aren’t for everyone, so if you like the BMW or the Mercedes better, added ability to you. But the S6’s architecture is the one I’d appetite to alive with for the abutting 10 years.

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2020 Audi A6 Pictures

2020 Audi A6 Overview

2020 Audi S6: Achievement and Administration

Why accept I larboard the S6’s belly to simmer on the aback burner while I burst over its gorgeous, cautiously congenital autogenous and cautiously accomplished exterior? Because I alive in the greater Los Angeles area, and that agency traffic. And added traffic. And—hey, aren’t you all declared to be at home? There’s a communicable on, you know—more traffic. Which, ultimately, is a fate no one will escape until our artificially able saviors come, if they anytime do. So, the berth and its supportive, bolstered seats, sculpted council wheel, and tuned-just-right noise/isolation antithesis are key achievement information.

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I’m alone half-joking; the earlier I get, the added I acknowledge a car that can go fast, handle well, and not exhausted me up back I accept to drive it for six hours straight. The 2020 Audi S6 does all of these things beautifully. Sure, if you try to maximum-attack your bounded acceptable anchorage (or better, your bounded track), you’ll betrayal flaws and weaknesses in the S6’s achievement repertoire. But get real: You don’t buy a affluence auto to go exhausted it up on the clue every weekend. You buy it because you could do that. In theory.

The approach holds up appealing well, with the affliction of the S6’s achievement deficits actuality a addiction against understeer back advancing the limit, which is an absolutely adapted affection for a alley car. If you’re absolutely apprenticed to booty the mail with the S6, accede it an exercise in honing your accomplishment to acclimate to the car, rather than assured the barefoot active acquaintance you’d get in a (much added compromised) higher-performance sedan. Apathetic in, fast out, bland hands, bland feet.

2020 Audi A6 Price and Review

2020 Audi A6 Configurations

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That said, the 2.9-liter, twin-turbo V-6 agent is a accessible and accommodating companion, able to use the absoluteness of its 444 application and 443 lb-ft of torque to abounding effect—so well, in fact, that admitting the car’s 4,486-pound barrier weight, the 2020 Audi S6 trips the lights in the 0-60-mph birr in aloof 4.4 seconds. Also allowance to addition dispatch while active turbo lag is a new 48-volt arrangement that admiral an electric supercharger able of 250-millisecond acknowledgment times and up to 70,000 boost-stuffing revolutions per minute. Best of all, the arrangement is absolutely cellophane to the driver—all you apprehension is the near-instantaneous torque.

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The eight-speed Tiptronic automated manual is affluence acute back larboard in automated mode, alike back you charge to accomplish a quick pass, but don’t bother with the about-face paddles—they’re laggy, and downshifts are bendable and slow.

2020 Audi S6: Value and Verdict

2020 Audi A6 Wallpaper

2020 Audi A6 Redesign

No amount whether you’re a semi-pro racer or a semi-racer professional, the S6 makes a case for your hard-earned money as the best looking, best avant-garde architecture in its class, and backs it up with always-on-tap power, assured handling, and absurd long-haul comfort. For best people, alike if you anticipate you appetite a full-bore achievement agent like the Audi RS6, the BMW M5, or the Mercedes-AMG E63, the car you absolutely want, afterwards you’ve apprenticed all of those, is the 2020 Audi S6.

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2020 Audi A6 Wallpaper

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