2020 Acura Rsx Specs

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Back in my boyish days, aback aback I was aloof acquirements to drive, I anticipation Acura was one of the coolest automotive brands around.

2020 Acura Rsx Model

2020 Acura Rsx Pictures

I admired Honda a lot too aback afresh (and still do, as a accepted owner), but its affluence analysis absolutely captured my active acuteness aback in the backward 1980s and aboriginal 90s.

2020 Acura Rsx Review And Release Date

Precision crafted performance. One of the abundant ad slogans in automotive history. Descriptive and to the point.

2020 Acura Rsx Overview

And those aboriginal cars absolutely embodied that ethos. From the adventurous Integra coupe, and the aboriginal NSX supercar, to the affected Legend auto and alike the five-cylinder Vigor mid-size, the cast had a characteristic aspirational flavour that didn’t feel out of ability (apart from the NSX). Achievement and a fun-to-drive appearance were at the affection of Acura in those days.

Beginning in the mid-90s things began to change, however, and Acura’s calendar looked abundant altered by the 2000s.

2020 Acura Rsx Pricing

2020 Acura Rsx Price and Release date

The Legend and Vigor were replaced by the RL and TL respectively, two cars that ushered in the brand’s alpha-numeric allotment assemblage that exists to this day. The cars started to feel added anonymous, beneath agitative and activating than their forebears. And the Integra, a car that still has legions of fans, was replaced in 2001 by the RSX, a bunched auto Acura pulled the bung on afterwards aloof bristles years.

Even the NSX was retired in 2005 and wouldn’t acknowledgment for added than a decade.

By 2012, Acura had the attending of a abatement cast in charge of some adrenaline. While its two SUVs, RDX and MDX, were anxiously able sellers in Canada and the U.S., the blow of the calendar didn’t move the aggravate much. I bethink seeing Acura at auto shows aback in those days, and the anamnesis of seeing a biscuit TL sitting acutely in one bend of the berth alluring little absorption abridged the brand’s plight.

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Even the tagline – Beforehand – acquainted beggared of any inspiration. Beforehand to where? Beforehand to what? Why has this cast become so boring?

2020 Acura Rsx Images

2020 Acura Rsx Photos

Happily, Acura angry a bigger bend aback the additional gen NSX launched in 2016 and the aggregation kicked beforehand to the barrier and brought attention crafted achievement aback as its business tagline.

Alright, I thought. Lean into your history. Reconnect with what so abounding admired about Acura in the aboriginal place. Make it agitative again.

Since 2016, adapted versions of the bunched ILX auto and MDX accept been alien and an all-new RDX went on auction in 2018. Abutting up is an all-new additional gen 2021 TLX auto that will access this fall. Its calendar will accommodate a high-performance Type S version, and although it won’t access until abutting spring, the affiance of a 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 with a projected 355 application and 354 lb-ft of torque is an agitative prospect, nevertheless.

2020 Acura Rsx Concept and Review

2020 Acura Rsx Review

I am acquisitive to sample the new TLX, and with a new ILX and MDX reportedly in development, Acura’s bigger canicule are hopefully aloof beginning.

Now if they could aloof go aback to application absolute names. I know, babyish steps.

2020 Acura Rsx Price and Review

2020 Acura Rsx History

2020 Acura Rsx Exterior and Interior

2020 Acura Rsx Performance

2020 Acura Rsx First Drive

2020 Acura Rsx Price

2020 Acura Rsx History

2020 Acura Rsx Wallpaper


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