Dinner made easy with Chef’s Palate


Chef’s Palate takes all the hard work out of dinner time so you can spend more time doing what you love!

*Although I was treated to two delicious samples of the Chef’s Palate meal kits, my thoughts and opinions remain my own. DISCOUNT ALERT: Keep reading to find out how you could save 50% off your first order with Chef’s Palate.

Ever since I started my new job I have to admit I’ve found I need to be even more organised when it comes to staying on top of meal times. This is where a meal kit like Chef’s Palate comes to the rescue.

You can choose from Chef’s Palate’s delicious, nutritionally balanced meals, such as Seared Tofu with Broccoli Steak, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomato, Spinach and Chimichurri Sauce and a #nomnom Bacon Cheeseburger with Rosemary Fries. Each meal kit is prepared with love, by Chef Alex James and his team.


My order arrived to my workplace in a large cardboard box. Each kit was packed in individual paper bags and the ingredients were individually packed and portioned in vacuum-sealed bags. This prevents oxidation and ensures the ingredients stay fresher for longer. The perishable items – burger patties, tofu etc. – were wrapped in insulated material and an ice pack was included to ensure it remained fresh.

Prepping the ingredients for the Pan-seared Tofu, Mushrooms & Broccoli Steaks dish.
The finished dish.


Cooking the meals as easy as following the simple, step-by-step recipe cards included with the kits. These feature Chef Alex’s handy hints for food prep, such as notes on how to de-seed chillies, as well as Food Stylist and Photographer (and my friend) Sophie Benbow’s mouth-watering photography which illustrates how to serve each of the meals. The cards also detail the time it will take for hands on prep, cooking time and total kitchen time and there’s even a nutritional guide for each meal. Sure, there’s a little slicing, dicing, stirring and frying involved, but it means that you can say you cooked the dish from start to finish, from scratch.

Prepping the ingredients for the burger.
You can’t have a cheeseburger without the pickle.
Order up.

The Verdict.

I was thoroughly satisfied with the results. In my vegetarian option, the tofu browned up really nicely and was a great base for a herby Chimichurri sauce. I loved the idea of slicing broccoli into “steaks”, or thin slices, and pan-frying them until golden and crispy.

Making the cheeseburger was a breeze. By frying the bacon first I could use the residual pan-juices to cook the patties and onions before assembling the burger.

Although you’ll most-likely use your Chef’s Palate meal on the day your order is delivered, there may be instances where you store your kit for a couple of days before use. This was the case for me as I tested the kits out a few days after they were delivered. The ingredients were still in very good condition. The potatoes however, included in the kit for the burger, became too sweet after storing them in the fridge. It’s probably a good idea to keep any root vegetables at room temperature until you are ready to use them to prevent the starches from developing a sweet, sugary flavour.

Besides this small hitch, I was very impressed by the quality of the ingredients. Vegetables were crisp and tender and proteins were of a very high quality. I was able to quickly throw together the meals in about 25 minutes on average which is no doubt super helpful to anyone leading a busier lifestyle. The kits take the guess-work out of weekday cooking meaning that you can spend more time cooking and enjoying a delicious meal with you family and friends.

Order now + Chef’s Palate Special Offer.

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