Regiment – Sydney CBD

Five Senses coffee, decadent pastries and delightful breakfasts at gorgeous new Sydney CBD cafe!

A brand new job meant that I was on the hunt for my new local cafe and thankfully I didn’t have far to look. The cafe I found was not only right under my doorstep, it just happened to be one of the hottest new venues to hit the CBD.

Named “A Coffee Palace” by Broadsheet Sydney, Regiment could be one of the CBD’s most beautifully decorated and styled cafes. After signing the lease for the cafe, owner Zach Hiotis was encouraged by landlords and the local council to develop a space that would reinvigorate Regimental Square, located on the corner of Wynyard Ln and George St.

Countless hours of planning and development resulted in a bright, minimalistic interior fitted with blonde timber, copper and marble. Despite being such a small space the cafe makes use of every single inch especially when it comes to its dine-in seating. A curved wooden bench runs along the interior and exterior of the curved glass window, with built-in tabletops the perfect size for 2 diners. That’s how the cafe can easily and comfortably seat it’s patrons while still ensuring enough room for foot traffic. You can even enjoy the outdoors on a chilly winter morning as you’ll always find a gas heater by the doorway to warm you up.



Regiment pumps out a constant supply of five senses coffee and the friendly Zach, Jess, Regan, Simone and Yianni serve it with a smile from behind the Synesso Hydra Espresso Machines. There are three different blends to suit various styles of coffee (priced from $4). Try the Dark Horse blend with its herby, chocolatey notes and is suited for white coffee. For long-black lovers there’s the Colombia Popayan Cincuenta with tropical fruit notes while the Ethiopia Ardi, with berry and citrus notes works best for filter coffee. Like all good cafes one can expect to a range of teas (from $4) including English Breakfast, Gunpowder Green and Peppermint Liquorice and Fennel, as well as Cold Pressed Juice ($7), Mörk Hot Chocolate ($4), Turmeric Lattes ($4) and even Berry Kombucha ($5) served on tap. These guys know their coffee and more and I’m sure they’ll be able to recommend the perfect blend to kick-start your day.

Minted Peas and Crispy Pork Belly with Eggs Sunny Side Up.


On one particular occasion I ordered breakfast with my friends Georgia, August and Zach. Regiment’s menu is eclectic and pretty good value with breakfast priced from $10-16 a head. Try their delightful take on Avocado Toast ($8) topped with dukkah, a Smoking Gun Bagel with Smoked Salmon and Beetroot Relish, a wicked take on a bacon and egg roll with Crispy Smoked Pork Belly and Eggs Sunny Side Up on Baguette ($12) and my personal favourite the Minted Peas ($14) – minted pea puree and hummus on Bread and Butter Project dark rye bread

Minted Peas.
Avocado Toast.
Smoking Gun Bagel with Smoked Salmon and Beetroot Relish.

I’ve been to regiment on a few occasions for coffee, brekkie, or even a quick sweet treat in the form of a Short Stop Matcha Doughnut or two. Each time I’ve experienced no less but impeccable service, care and attention to detail from this wonderful, passionate team. On my list is a visit during lunch to try their beautiful afternoon delights.

The Deets


Address: 333 George Street, Sydney


Instagram: @regimentcbd

How cute are these muffins!


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