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Kris Goetz The Ultimate Xmas Menu

Check out Brendon The Smiling Chef in ‘The Ultimate Xmas Menu’ ebook and support Lentil As Anything this Christmas!



Food Loving Sydneysider Kris Goetz launched her brand new Christmas recipe e-book, The Ultimate Xmas Menu. The cookbook features 28 delicious gluten-free and vegan recipes from 15 Australian health & wellness bloggers, including Casey-Lee from Live Love Nourish, Macha & Michael from The Minimalist Vegan and yours truly with my delicious Vegan Christmas BBQ’d Pumpkin. Not only are the recipes and their accompanying images simply stunning, but Kris has promised that all profits of the book sale will be donated to Lentil As Anything – an Australian non for profit pay-as-you-feel restaurant chain that provides nourishing meals in a caring environment to people in need. Kris took the time to tell us more about the project.

Why The Ultimate Xmas Menu?

Kris: Being originally from Germany, Christmas is the time I miss my family most. For us, Christmas is rather big. Traditionally the celebration starts on Christmas Eve with a big family dinner at my parents’ place where everything is decorated beautifully with a massive Christmas tree.  Afterwards we start rolling the dice to decide who may unwrap the next present…Pretty traditional and a bit kitschy, I guess.

When my dad sent me a photo from a Christmas market in late November, I realised that Christmas is getting closer. I thought that most of us will spend this time with family, friends and work mates, sharing dinners and celebrating the festive season. For some people, this time is not as easy [especially those with food intolerances]. They are challenged and need our help!

Hence, I thought I’d do something about it and collaborated with 15 of Australia’s elite health & wellness bloggers. Together we compiled 28 delicious Christmas recipes. After voting publicly, 3 winning recipes were selected and featured in The Ultimate Christmas Menu. The initial idea was to publish only the winning recipes but when I saw the quality of recipes that were donated I decided to publish two books – The Ultimate Xmas Menu and The Ultimate Xmas Cookbook (which features all 28 recipes). Both beautiful cookbooks are now available for sale at my online store. All profits will go directly to Lentil As Anything to support people in need with a nourishing meal in a friendly environment.

About Lentil As Anything

Kris: Lentil As Anything is an Australian non for profit Charity. They have restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney. The unique thing about this concept is that it operates on a pay-as-you-feel basis. So people can pay as much as they like (or can afford) for their meal.

I first heard about them when I changed my diet to a plant-based (aka vegan) diet. Watching my fellow TEDx speaker, Shanaka Fernando (Lentil As Anything’s founder) sharing his story and vision how he wants to make this world a more just and fair place fascinated me straight away.

Today my husband and I have dinner there about once a month. The restaurant is located in the heart of Newtown and is run mostly by volunteers. I really love the down to earth, alternative and happy vibe and it’s actually quite packed in the evenings.

I was on a market in October selling my Mini Dinner Parties. As it was the first time I had a food stall, I ended up with quite some left-overs: roughly 100 portions of vegan and gluten-free Quiche Lorraine, beetroot and almond dips as well as my special low sugar rocky road. So I called Lentil As Anything and donated everything. It was such a pleasure to see how happy they were about the support.

Creating this cookbook is such a great way to support them even more.

How can others help?

Kris That is easily done. Simply visit my  online shop and support this great project by purchasing the winning 3 course menu for $4.99 only or spend $9.99 and get the full-blown cookbook featuring all 28 recipes. Either way, all profits will be donated to Lentil As Anything.

What are you eating this Christmas? Share your recipes and food photos by tagging #brendonthesmilingchef and #whatsbrendoncooking on Instagram or Tweeting to @bthesmilingchef or leave me a comment below.

Happy cooking and keep smiling,
Brendon 🙂
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