Guest Blog ft. Kristina Lechner – #FoodNotFood Pizza

Pizza Final
You’ll be salivating over Guest Blogger Kristina Lechner’s tasty recipe for a #foodnotfood pizza. Photos By Kristina Lechner.



Hello! My name is Kristina Lechner, a graphic designer from the United States (Kalamazoo, MI). I am passionate about all things design, and am constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow artistically.

I recently started a series called Food Not Food where I use common household items to create food look-alike dishes. Initially, the series was just an exercise to stretch my creativity, but it ended up being so much fun I kept going! I have never been able to cook (I burn everything), but I’ve always appreciated beautifully prepared dishes and I see food as an art form.

Using household items to create these fake food dishes pushes me to see objects in a new light – I love taking an ordinary item and making it into something unique and beautiful. Because my materials are all common items that I use frequently, inspiration is all around me! I don’t just see ordinary household items anymore, I see what they could be.

Below is a “recipe” for a pizza I recently created. I’ve included the step-by-step photos so you can see a little bit of the process and try it at home if you want!


For the pizza base
  •  1 Paper plate
  • 5 Paper bags
For the toppings
  • 18 Cotton Balls
  • 1 Red dish towel
  • 1 Soap bar (orange)
  • 1 Soap bar (white)
  • 1 Brown dish rag
  • 4 10AMP fuses
  • 2 Green crayons
  • 4 Zip ties
  • 1 Handful of hex nuts
  • 1 Bottle of black nail polish

What The Food? 10AMP fuses are small strips of wire used in electricity circuits. They are designed to melt and/or break an electrical circuit  if the current exceeds a safe level. Find them in all good hardware stores.

Step 1


Make the base. Glue cotton balls on the edge of your paper plate to create the crust.

Step 2

 Wrap the plate and cotton balls with strips of paper bag. Crinkle each strip to create texture.

Step 3

Add the “sauce.” Apply the red dish towel as your sauce. Create more of a texture and sauce-like look by cutting the towel into strips before applying.Use a cheese grater to grate the white soap first, and create a base layer of white soap. Grate the orange cheese next, and apply a smaller layer of orange soap.

Step 4

Add the “cheese.” Cut up the second bar of the white soap into squares. In a small bowl, add roughly a half of a cup of water and melt in the microwave. The soap should melt quickly, stir every 15 seconds and add water if needed until mixture is liquified. Pour over pizza base.

Step 5

Prepare the “veggies.” Cut up green crayons into chunks and cut zip ties into 1.5” strips.

Step 6

Cut fuses in half.

Step 7

Paint the hex nuts with black nail polish and let dry.

Step 8

Cut small pieces of brown dish rag, and ball up into pieces.

Step 9 - Final Pizza

Top the pizza. Sprinkle these toppings onto your fake pizza!

Want more #foodnotfood? Check out Kristina’s Instagram @kristinalechner. Some of her other work can be found at

Recipe Copyright © 2015 | Kristina Lechner

What do you think of Kristina’s recipe? Leave your answer in the comments section by clicking on the speech bubble in the bottom right-hand corner.

Happy Cooking and Keep Smiling,

Brendon 🙂
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  1. Bonnie M. says:

    I think THIS woman is AMAZING!


    1. Hi Bonnie, thanks for your comment. I definitely agree. Hope you like the post!


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