Caffe Cherry Beans – Plumpton

Caffe Cherry Beans Breakfast
Caffe Cherry Beans Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs, Crispy Bacon, Sautéed Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic and Herbs.
Despite some minor hiccups The Newly opened Caffe Cherry Beans Plumpton is contributing to the Growing Cafe Scene in Western Sydney – 3 out of 5.


So I have to admit I’ve been to Caffe Cherry Beans Plumpton three times in the last two weeks and it’s not only because it’s my local cafe. The food here is pretty darn good for this neck of the woods and has been a hit with the locals in the two months since it’s opened near Big W in Plumpton Marketplace. It’s great to see more people in the Western Suburbs of Sydney being able to access the quality cafe culture once reserved for inner-city dwellers.

It’s great to see more people in the Western Suburbs of Sydney being able to access the quality cafe culture once reserved for inner-city dwellers.

Let me tell you about my first visit. I wander past on my way to Woolworths at 5pm on the way to pick up ingredients to cook this simple Ratatouille for dinner. I notice that Miller’s Fashion Club seems to have disappeared from sight and in its place is Caffe Cherry Beans, which I immediately recognise having visited the franchise at Birkenhead Point. They’ve gone for a seamless pinewood interior with matching furniture and decor. The use of pine in the furnishings and decor emanates cosiness but the cafe is well-lit with perfectly positioned down-lights and fixtures which, to the benefit of a food blogger like myself, fosters a great environment for food photography. They seem to have just closed so I add it to my list of places to visit.

Green Matcha Latte
Green Matcha Latte

I return two days later on Thursday 6 August with breakfast in mind. Today I’m feeling like something a little sweet and the description of the French Toast ($12.90) from their website sounded perfect. While I wait I sip a Green Matcha Latte ($4.00) for the first time. I’m new to the strong flavour of matcha powder, which is quite grassy to my unacquainted taste buds. The latte is sweet, creamy and a delightful lime green in colour and most importantly delicious.

French Toast
French Toast – Served with Maple Syrup and Raspberry Compote.

A while later two generous pieces of French Toast arrive on a plate. They are drizzled with maple syrup and served with a raspberry compote. To be completely honest I’m not really a fan of this particular compote because it has been made with frozen berries. Some raspberry jam would have worked much better. The French toast is golden but the brioche slices could have been soaked in the custard for a little longer to make the bread tender. None-the-less, I am not one to complain especially with all things sweet and happily finish the dish.

I return a week later with a friend for a quick coffee and order a velvety Belgian milk chocolate mocha ($5.50). Delicious.

Big Breakfast for One
Big Breakfast for One – Fried Eggs, Bacon, Chorizo, Grilled Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Asparagus, Hash Browns and White Toast.

The next day, the same friend and I are back for brunch and we are both starving. Do you ever find it difficult to choose what to eat on an empty stomach? I am officially the worst at making decisions about my food and struggle to choose from the Smoked Salmon Sandwich or the Eggs Benedict. In the end I (quite randomly…I told you I was undecided) select the Cherry Beans Breakfast while my friend chooses the Big Breakfast for One. The former is a take on scrambled eggs, spiked with crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, garlic and herbs. It is served with sourdough toast, butter and a peppery chilli oil on the side. It looks a little messy but is perfectly seasoned and the chilli oil adds a great kick! The first thing I notice with the Big Breakfast is how golden the yolks on the fried eggs are. Having raised backyard hens for many years I know that this is a sign that they are super-fresh. They are served with bacon, fried chorizo, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, grilled asparagus, white toast and of course a hash brown. Beautiful plating and great value for money too.

I’m really excited about Caffe Cherry Bean’s potential in Pumpton. The staff are friendly and polite, and despite a few mishaps, the cafe is spacious, well-lit and cozy and the food delicious. The locals seem to love it and I know I’ll be back to try the Smoked Salmon Sandwich next…or should I try the Eggs Benedict!

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