Christmas Recipe: Hash Browns with Raw Spinach and Asparagus


Save your leftover mashed or roast potatoes and make these delicious hash browns.

We love our potatoes here in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, potatoes count for one quarter of all the vegetables we Aussies consume each year. Of course our potato consumption has reduced with increasing awareness of healthy eating plans. Potato Marketing Manager Paul Graham told the ABC, “There’s a 23 per cent per capita decline in [potato] consumption.” Over the Christmas period our “tatas” will be roasted, chipped, fried or puréed. I’m sure you will have plenty of roast potato left over, so why not take your leftover mash, mould it into patties and pan-fry until golden for a tasty morsel. Paired with fresh veggies this dish can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a light meal.

Prep Time 20 mins | Cooking Time 15 mins | Serves 4


  • 300g leftover mashed potato (see writer’s notes), chilled
  • 2tbsp plain flour
  • 2tbsp sunflower oil, for frying
  • 4 handfuls baby spinach
  • 8 stems young asparagus (see writer’s notes)
  • Tomato ketchup, to serve



Make hash browns: Spread flour over the surface of a dinner plate and season with salt and pepper. Form tablespoonfuls of the potato mixture into flat oval patties approximately 1cm thick. You should get roughly 8-10 patties depending on the size. Dip patties into flour and turn to coat evenly.

Fry hash browns: Heat the sunflower oil in a cast iron frying pan over a medium heat until hot. Cook the patties in batches for 5 minutes on each side until crisped and golden brown. Be very careful when placing the patties into the oil. It’s a good idea to flick the patties away from you into the oil to avoid buying your fingers. Drain hash browns on absorbent paper as you cook the remaining batter.

Serve hash browns: with raw veggies and tomato ketchup on the side.

Writer’s notes: Young asparagus stems are so tender and juicy that they can be eaten raw, but of course you can blanch them if you like. Can’t find asparagus. Switch to blanched green beans or raw zucchini sticks. If using roast potatoes, simply mash then continue the recipe.

Happy Cooking and Keep Smiling,



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  1. sakinah30 says:

    Reblogged this on Cappuccino.


  2. These look like such a delicious addition to a breakfast meal! Yummo.


  3. Ema Jones says:

    Great veggie delight for Christmas Eve!


  4. They look great! Nice plate arrangement.


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