100th Post and My First Wedding Cake

It’s been a crazy couple of months here at Brendon The Smiling Chef filled with birthday celebrations, posting records and Wedding Cakes!

It has been an amazing September in Sydney. This month, Brendon The Smiling Chef, celebrates its second year. Coincidentally, this very post happens to be my 100th! I am very honoured to have had the opportunity to write this blog, but my sincere thanks and gratitude goes to you, kind reader, for taking the time out of your day to read my posts and follow Smiling Chef on the various social networks.

This month I had the honour of making the wedding cake for two of my very best friends, Russell and Nicole. Of course, I have made cakes in the past, but nothing to the size or scale of what we were planning for this wedding.

Early in our preparatory meetings it was clear that the bride and groom were keen to break away from the traditional white cake and attempt something fantastical and fairytale-like. In research, we came across some really beautiful log-stack cakes which were decorated with fresh succulents and flowers.

I produced a scale-version of the cake to test the shape and dimensions, which gave us a butter – hehehe, get it! – idea of how the final cake would look. Following this we tested another cake, which was roughly the dimensions we wanted. Although we had originally trialled a brown bark colour, this look wasn’t really working so we changed to grey.

After about 6 months of baking, decorating and “chocolate sampling” – purely for research purposes of course 😛 – the cake was ready to be delivered to the venue. The flowers arrived fresh on the morning of the wedding, fixed onto their wire mounts and carefully enclosed in cellophane bags. Armed with my cake decorating kit and the four layers of cake, I drove to the venue to set everything up.

But how did the final cake turn out, and what did the bride and groom have to say? Keep reading for Part 2.

Happy Cooking and Keep Smiling,

Brendon 🙂


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