Black Tea Creme Caramel and Clemantines

Black Tea Creme Caramel and Clemantines_Brendon D'Souza_Brendon The Smiling Chef_9

To all the Mum’s out there I hope you had a very Happy Mother’s Day yesterday. We had a really nice morning tea catchup after Mass where everyone from our parish was invited to bring a plate of delicious cakes and goodies to share. My favourite was a lovely moist carrot cake with a simple whipped cream topping. As usual, we were involved with selling roses, with the collected funds going towards our annual Youth Group Outreach, that we host each year, to encourage the young people of the parish community to gain a wider understanding of their faith and how they can apply it in the real world.

We then spent the rest of the day spoiling mum and I whipped up something a little crazy. For a while now I’ve wanted to try spiking the unctuous creme in creme caramel with black tea to deliver a level of smoky bitterness to the classic dessert. Paired with fresh clementine segments and chocolate ice cream, here’s my spin on the humble custard cream.

Black Tea Creme Caramel and Clemantines_Brendon D'Souza_Brendon The Smiling Chef_8

Prep Time 20 mins | Cooking Time 1 hour | Cooling Time 3 hours + | Makes 6


  • 150g castor sugar
  • 600mL full-cream milk
  • 2 tbsp loose leaf black tea (Earl Grey would work very well here)
  • 6 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 100g light muscovado sugar (I use Billington’s Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar)
  • Clemantine segments and Chocolate Ice Cream to serve


Heat the castor sugar and ¼ water in a small saucepan over a medium heat. Bring to the boil and allow to caramelise, swirling the pan to aid. When the mixture is a dark toffee colour, turn off the heat and divide amongst 6x150mL ovenproof ramekins. Swirl to coat the base and sides of the dishes. Place the ramekins into a large baking dish.

Prepare the cream. Heat the milk and tea in a saucepan over a medium flame until the milk reaches 60ºC. Turn off the heat and allow the tea to infuse for 5 minutes more.

Beat the eggs and muscovado sugar in a large heatproof bowl, preferably glass, until the mixture is creamy. Strain the cooled milk mixture into the egg mix and whisk carefully to combine. Divide amongst the prepared ramekins.

Bake. Cover each ramekin tightly with foil. Add enough boiling water to reach halfway up the sides of the dishes. Pop them into a hot oven, heated at 180ºC, and bake for 50 minutes to an hour, or until the custards are set with a slight wobble in the centre. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before refrigerating for 3 hours, or overnight.

Plate up. Run a sharep knife around the edge of the custards to loosen them from the dish and carefully invert onto a plate. Serve with the clementine segments and chocolate ice cream for a wicked dessert.

Happy Cooking and Keep Smiling,

Brendon 🙂




2 Comments Add yours

  1. What a fabulous crème caramel.
    Have a wonderful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo


    1. Thanks very much Mandy for the lovely comment. Hope you have a great day too 🙂


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