Hunter Valley Day One – Cessnock and the Butchery

There are a lot of things that are ironic about Cessnock, NSW. Driving north from Rutherford along Wine Country Drive we pass Calvary: a Catholic aged-care facility. Run by The Little Company of Mary Health Care the facility provides compassionate care for each resident.

Whilst Calvary provides a nurturing environment for the members of its community naming the home after the hill which on which Jesus was crucified and died seems a joke. The Cessnock Cemetery, located about 450 metres ahead, makes one question the intent of the town planners. Perhaps they missed the somberness of the layout.

The mocking tone from the town seemed to influence the radio and my iPod. Mum and dad were listening to Eurythmics’ Here Comes The Rain Agin while a the Glee version of Céline Dion’s Taking Chances was filling my headphones. The words, ‘Talk to me like lovers do,’ overlapping each other in the chorus and bridge of both songs.

Today marked our first day in the Hunter Valley and it began with a stop at Carr’s Traditional Butchery.

Carr's Traditional Butchery Cessnock by Brendon D'Souza

Located on Wollombi Road, the butchery stocked a range of local cuts with Beef from Singleton and Lamb and Pork from around the Hunter.

Shop Display at Carr's Traditional Butchery, Cessnock by Brendon D'Souza

In the end we decided that pork was the winner and chose bacon and some of the juiciest pork chops I’d ever seen. The flesh was deep pink and it was no doubt of a high quality and freshness.

Keep reading for my Pork Chops with Garden Salad and Pan-Fried Potatoes.

Keep Smiling and Happy Cooking!

Brendon The Smiling Chef 🙂


I love to read your comments as much as I love cheesecake. Leave me a message below so we can continue the foodie discussion.

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